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Proto:Nickelodeon Party Blast/nGames PC-PS2 11-January-2002

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Nickelodeon Party Blast.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

A build of Nickelodeon Party Blast from January 11th, 2002.It runs natively on PC and can be played with pptemplate\data\nGames_R.exe, although it crashes when trying to enter a minigame.

General Differences

Most changes are most noticeable when compared to the build from October 8th, 2001.

Main Menu

Oct 8, 2001 Jan 11, 2002
NPB Oct8 Menu.png NBP nGames R oxc7tzjNYH.png

The "hub" option has since been renamed to "test hub".

Model Viewer

Oct 8, 2001 Jan 11, 2002
NPB Oct8 ModelViewer.png NPB ModelViewer.png

The cut model viewer, in addition to a UI makeover, no longer crashes since the October 8th build and works properly.

Test Hub

The hub from the October 8th build is no longer player controlled, and instead functions more like a menu. You can choose between each option represented by a crude sketch. To enter a level, you need to plug in a USB controller. Selecting a mode will take you to a unique screen with an animated set from each show, save for Rugrats. These scenes are not in the final game, and only appear in 2D renders on the menu.