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Proto:Pizza Tower/Boss

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The Boss Build is a build that focuses on adding a boss to the game. The build has 6 levels, being Entrance, Pizzascape and Pizzascare, The Ancient Cheese, Bloodsauce Dungeon, and Strongcold. It also introduces the infamous Dragon’s Lair boss level, the main focus of this build.

A download of this build can be found here.

Pizzaface’s introduction

This build introduces the main game’s antagonist, Pizzaface. He will spawn in levels if time is not up and chase after the player. Once caught, the level is over and will have to be played again. His sprite is very different from the final game, giving him more shading and detail, plus a more vibrant colour palette.

Boss Build Final
PT-pizzafaceold.gif PT-pizzafacenew.gif

The Toppin Warriors

In Dragon’s Lair exclusively, the Toppins are replaced by the Toppin Warriors, possible parodies of the Power Rangers. Each Toppin Warrior is based off the main Toppins in the other levels, except the warriors have a unique gimmick; since the timer in Dragon’s Lair is only a minute long, Pizzaface will spawn after that time passes, and if he catches Peppino, then he won’t die, and instead gain an extra minute of time at the cost of losing a Toppin Warrior. If the player loses all of them, then the player dies normally.

Mushroom Warrior

Cheese Warrior

Tomato Warrior

Sausage Warrior

Pineapple Warrior

This warrior has quite the interesting design choice. Unlike the other warriors, it is an animal rather than a humanoid figure.