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Proto:Purble Place/Build 5219 Prototype

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To do:
  • Investigate a lock graphic located in 9Sheet25.dds.
  • Create a sub-page documenting the differences between this build's graphics and the final game's.

This is a sub-page of Proto:Purble Place.

The earliest available known Purble Place prototype, was included with Windows Vista Build 5219. It has a lot of differences compared to the final game. It doesn't work on Windows 7 and above, as clicking any of the buildings there does nothing and crashes the game. Interestingly enough, this prototype is actually compatible with Windows XP!

General Differences

Title Screen

Build 5219 Prototype Final
PurblePlaceBuild5219Title2.png Purbleplacetitle.png
  • Purble Pairs is not available yet.
  • The Red X sign was originally a yellow back arrow.
  • The "Purble Place" text is not present yet.
  • The buildings were moved more to the right in the final.
  • The smoke from the Comfy Cakes building's chimneys is absent in the final.

Comfy Cakes

  • You are unable to undo after you dispense a cake pan or batter.
  • With the Difficulty set to Advanced, the player is able to rotate cakes. This mechanic was omitted later in development.
  • The TV on the right does not count how many cakes are required/sent. Instead, the game's window counts them.


  • Since the Purbles do not have visible bodies, outfits are not available, and accessories are there in place.

Graphical Differences

Comfy Cakes

  • The machine and cake textures notably have art styles that differ from the final build.
  • Chef Purble has a different look from his final version.
Build 5219 Prototype Final
PurblePlaceBuild5219ComfyCakesBackground.png PurblePlaceFinalComfyCakesBackground.jpg
  • The background is slightly different compared to the final. The pedals were moved more to the right in the final, and there's a reflection of the buttons in the prototype. Interestingly, a Lemon Filling and an earlier smiley button texture can be seen on the reflection.

Purble Shop

  • The Purbles, and features, are different from the final.
Build 5219 Prototype Final
PurblePlaceBuild5219PurbleShopBackground.png PurblePlaceFinalPurbleShopBackground.PNG
  • The background is significantly different from the final. The floor tiles were red instead of pink, the lamps are bigger (and in a different artstyle), and the shelf is thicker on the top (and in a different artstyle, again).

Sound Differences

Comfy Cakes

Build 5219 Prototype Final
  • The sound for the conveyor belt is different, and dispensing sounds didn't exist yet.

Purble Shop

To do:
Upload them, and do comparisons.
  • The feature sounds are different.
  • A sound (which would become one of the final version's Green Mouth sounds) would play when clicking on a feature.

Other Differences

Comfy Cakes

  • The W and E key-binds for moving the cake are absent in this build.

Purble Family Oddity


Interestingly, an unseen minigame is documented in the help files, named "Purble Family". The gameplay would involve the player dragging family Purbles from the left side to their houses on the right side. Nothing for it is found in the game files, though.

Debug Menu

As with other prototypes of the pre-bundled Windows Vista builds, this build includes a debug menu.

Purble Shop

ProtoPlace BAPDebug.png

The only option that appears to work here is "Toggle Curtain", which toggles the visibility of the curtain.

Comfy Cakes

ProtoPlace CCDebug.png

None of the options shown here appear to work. Reload Variables might have been intended for what its name speaks, and Time Attack Mode would've enabled the automatically-sliding conveyor belt mechanic.

Unused Graphics

To do:
  • See if there's more to find.
  • XML files for the unused Purble Shop features exist, and can be read by the game. Try to hack them all back in.

Purble Shop


PurblePlaceBuild5219UnusedRedEyes.png PurblePlaceBuild5219UnusedPurpleEyes.png PurblePlaceBuild5219UnusedYellowEyes.png PurblePlaceBuild5219UnusedGreenMouth.png PurblePlaceBuild5219UnusedBlueNose.png PurblePlaceBuild5219UnusedPurpleMouth.png PurblePlaceBuild5219UnusedYellowMouth.png PurblePlaceBuild5219UnusedYellowNose.png PurblePlaceBuild5219UnusedYellowHat.png PurblePlaceBuild5219UnusedRedNose.png PurblePlaceBuild5219UnusedBlueHat.png PurblePlaceBuild5219UnusedGreenEye.png Build5219UnusedGreenNose.png Build5219UnusedBlueMouth.png Build5219UnusedPurpleNose.png

There are graphics for unused Purble Shop features left in the spritesheets, one of which only has a shelf graphic. They were either intended as third available feature graphics, or early features.

Shelf Features

PurblePlaceBuild5219 UnusedGreenHair.png PurblePlaceBuild5219 UnusedYellowNose.png

Earlier versions of the green hair and yellow nose features, with an artstyle that's different from what the prototype itself uses.

Leftover Yellow Hair PSD

PurblePlaceBuild5219 LeftoverYellowHairPSD.png

Leftover .psd file of one of the yellow hair graphics.

Comfy Cakes

Early Roasted Chocolate Icing

PurblePlaceProto EarlyBurntChocolateIcing.png

This appears to be an earlier version of the roasted chocolate icing, heart-shaped.

Unused String

Practice Mode

A (possibly) scrapped game mode. It's unknown what minigame does this belong to.

Early Game Name

Found in Windows Vista Build 5219's Windows\Help\Windows\en-US\gamesh1S\games_inbox_new.xml is that the term "Purble Place" is not documented, but instead, "Learning Fun" is. This suggests that "Learning Fun" could be an early name for Purble Place. This is further supported by the fact that the help file for the prototype is "games_howto_learn_IT.xml".