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Proto:Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal/August 11, 2004 build

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Internally referred to as Beta 1108, this prototype is dated August 11, 2004, three months before the final release. Download it here

General Differences

  • None of the cutscenes have music. Most of them are unfinished as well.
  • Enemies seem to deal much more damage and have much more health.


A list of game modes, one of which points to a debug menu.



To do:
Extract all of the other cutscenes.

The intro cutscene is very incomplete.



The menus are filled with placeholder graphics and leftovers from Going Commando.



Veldin doesn't have very many differences from the final, unfortunately.

RC3 BETA Novalis.jpg

Upon arrival at Veldin, the game labels the planet as Novalis, but it uses Florana's graphic.

Pcsx2 2015-12-27 18-11-01-21.png

There was a jackpot crate that was removed in the final version. The design of the crate was also changed, though the final game still uses this early design on the slot machines in Holostar Studios.


The Inferno Crate does not give Ratchet the Infernox Armor.


During the fight with Qwark, he was going to taunt you originally, throwing a variety of insults. These can be heard below.

Hah! You hit like beesting!

Catch this!

Why you... cheating little dung beaver!

Ha! Feel the pain!

Come back and fight like monkey!

You make good dinner for Steve's monkey!

Little rat man strangely familiar!

Now Steve REALLY mad!

Don't worry little dung beaver! This all be over soon!

You will wish you back in Path of Death!

That's why they call Steve 'Big Chief!'

Okay! Okay! Steve give up!

Ha! Steve had good!

You make this too easy for Steve!

Ha! Too slow!

Now you pay!

Starship Phoenix


Placeholder graphic and name for the Starship Phoenix.


The dropships for the Galactic Rangers had Qwark's logo on the back originally.

Rc3 beta phoenix gamepyramid.jpg

The Insomniac Game Pyramid seen in Going Commando makes its return as a placeholder model. Sadly, it cannot be smashed this time.


RC3 beta rangermissions.jpg

The missions for the Galactic Rangers were completely optional at one point.


An obviously unfinished cutscene lacking any animations.


Unfortunately, Daxx crashes the game upon trying to enter the level because somebody over at Insomniac forgot to put in the files for the level. All levels after Daxx are missing from the ISO as well.

Unused Text

Skidd McMarxx gets interviewed

Skid McMarxx, you are the first organic lifeform in history to be transformed into a robot,then back again. How would you characterize that experience?
It was like, whoaaa!...And then, whoaaa...
Anything you'd like to add?
Ummm, dude?
You've been a pro hoverboarder, and a secret agent. What's next for Skidd?
Uh, let's see. Oh, yeah, I just got a radical new record deal. The dudes are saying my voice is almost as good as Courtney Gears. Check this out!
I see the future.....and what do I see?.....Robots going crazy across the galaxy. Can't stand organics.They're soft and squishy.The time is now! We robots must be free!.....You're an inspiration to us all!

Originally, you could see Skidd McMarxx, as an organic lifeform, having an interview with Darla Gratch.


Leftovers from Going Commando referencing two scrapped weapons, and an unknown third one.

Removed Crate

When an Upgrader Crate is broken, Ratchet's weakest weapon is instantly upgraded to a more powerful version
You have broken an Upgrader Crate.  Your weakest weapon has been automatically upgraded one level

This was most likely removed for being too overpowered.

Upgradable Wrench

You got the .OmniWrench. V2!
You got the .OmniWrench. V3 !
You got the .OmniWrench. V4 !
You got the .OmniWrench. V5 !
You got the .OmniWrench. V6 !
You got the .OmniWrench. V7 !
You got the .OmniWrench. V8 !
Your Gadgetron Omni-Wrench has upgraded!
Congratulations, your Gadgetron Omni-Wrench has upgraded to its maximum potential!
Your Gadgetron Omni-Wrench has upgraded to the 10,000 series!

These lines suggest it was once possible to upgrade your wrench by simply using it.

It is actually possible to upgrade the wrench in Beta 1108. However, you upgrade it by using other weapons instead.

Qwark-Comic Issue 6: THIS SCENE HAS BEEN CUT

At one point, there was going to be a 6th Qwark Vid-Comic. At this point, however, it has already been scrapped.

Psst... remember the RYNO?  How could you forget, right? Well, guess what I've got for you?

Slim Cognito was going to sell the RYNO to the player at one point.

Scrapped Missions

Participate in a Turboslider Race.
It would seem that the starship went down over a Turboslider track. The prize for first place is a Nano-Pak.

Zeldrin was presumably going to host this Turboslider race. The Nano-Pak is still found on Zeldrin in the final game.

Destroy the Moon Defense Satellites.
These defense satellites are keeping you from landing your hovership. Destroy them all and you can explore the moon on foot

The Obani Moons originally had a hovership segment before landing.

Explore the wild area.The wild area has been taken over by Ape-like creatures.  If you explore the area you might find something useful

A removed mission involving "Ape-like creatures" on Daxx, likely referring to the scrapped enemies seen in the final game's Insomniac Museum. While they are fully functional (along with a swarmer enemy), they were cut due to being too complex for a pair of enemies that would only appear in one level.

Hey uh...which way to the kitchen?
Bathroom's just 'round the corner
Yuck,Er,I mean the 'other' kitchen
What's wrong? Can't handle a little 'fine dining' eh?
Actually I can. Gordon Snorpleblatz. Department of health and food services. I'm here on a tip that you and your associates may be hiding a large amount of delicious food stuffs
Blagh, not you guys again. Last time you 'inspected' our kitchen, we were out of chips for a week! We'll see about that, who's your supervisor?
He's in a meeting with Ted Price right now, and I wouldn't want to disturb them.
Okay, okay, down the hallway on your left

A Tyhrranoid conversation not used anywhere in the game. It talks about the rather... disgusting diet they once had. It also references the CEO of Insomniac Games, Ted Price.

Debug Menu

To do:
Document this.

In the pause menu, pressing Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square will allow you to access a debug menu by pressing R3 at any time.

Another debug code will unlock all missions and levels: Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle.