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Proto:Ratchet & Clank (PlayStation 2)/EB Games Demo

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Ratchet & Clank (PlayStation 2).

A demo for the retailer EB Games, with both Metropolis and Blackwater City present. This demo has a build date of June 11, 2002, and is very similar to the June 25th prototype due to their close build dates. However, this demo only contains two levels as opposed to the June 25th prototype's eight (mostly mid-development) levels.

Debugging Features

Debug Menu

An early debug menu is accessible by enabling debugging cheats (shown below) and pressing R3, or by editing the following memory addresses (using a memory editor like Cheat Engine):

Show Debug Menu
Set 20155CD8 to value 4294967295
Show Debug Menu (Alternate)
Set 20155D1C to value 1

This debug menu is missing some of the functionality of the version in the final game.

E3 Demo (April 7, 2002) EB Games Demo (June 11, 2002) Final/Retail
Ratchet 1 E3 Debug.png Ratchet 1 EBGames Debug.png Ratchet 1 debug.png

Enable Cheats

Debugging cheats can be enabled by editing the following memory address:

Enable Debug Cheats (Kerwan)
Set 201AC224 to value 1
Enable Debug Cheats (Blackwater City)
Set 201AC5A4 to value 1

Once cheats have been enabled, press L1+R1+L2+R2 to unlock all weapons and gadgets, or press R3 to toggle the debug menu.

Level Switch

In the E3 Demo, a hidden level select screen was used in place of Ratchet's ship HUD (despite being useless since the demo only contained one level). In this build, the menu is gone and triggering the level select screen just teleports the player between the two available levels.

You can activate this trigger by pausing the game and editing the following memory address:

Switch Planets
Set 201AC180 to value 17

Early Music

Planet Rilgar

The music for Planet Rilgar is slightly different than in the final. The whole track contains both the theme of Blackwater City and Rilgar's sewer escape section, and loops improperly throughout the level.