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Proto:Ratchet & Clank (PlayStation 2)/June 25, 2002 build

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Ratchet & Clank (PlayStation 2).

A leaked prototype of Ratchet and Clank, with the most notable difference to other prototypes being the radically different ship HUD. This prototype has a build date of June 25, 2002, and is very similar to the EB Games demo due to their close build dates.

General Differences

Unlike in the final game, infobot cutscenes can be skipped, but in-game cutscenes cannot.

Many mission images/screenshots contain oddities such as untextured or T-Posing characters.

Untextured Robot Lieutenant Batalia Commando in a T-Pose Batalia Deserter in a T-Pose
Ratchet 1 June25 EudoraMission.png Ratchet 1 June25 BataliaMission.png Ratchet 1 June25 BataliaMission2.png

Missing Levels

Only eight planets are available in this prototype, with Batalia being the last accessible level. The infobots for Planets Gaspar and Orxon (Levels 9 and 10) can be collected, however attempting to visit these locations causes the game to crash, as the level files are not present on the disc.

Interestingly, it seems these levels did exist at this point in development, and were simply omitted from the build. This is evidenced by mission images/screenshots being present for those two planets. Futhermore, one of the missions on Orxon is already marked as complete, despite being unable to actually visit Orxon to complete it.

Planet Gaspar Planet Orxon Planet Orxon (Completed Mission)
Ratchet 1 June25 GasparMission.png Ratchet 1 June25 OrxonMission.png Ratchet 1 June25 OrxonMission2.png

Galactic Map/Level Select

This build contains an early, unique Ship HUD/Galactic Map to change planets that is not seen in any other leaked prototype or demo. We can even move and zoom around in this version!

This prototype galactic map has a bug where some planets point to the incorrect level. For example, selecting Aridia goes to Kerwan, and vice versa; however, pressing Triangle for the local map shows the correct planet. Presumably, this has something to do with the order in which infobots are obtained.

Prototype Galactic Map Prototype Galactic Map (Video) Final Galactic Map
Ratchet 1 June25 ShipHUD.png Ratchet 1 GalacticMap.png

Debug Mode

Unlike other leaked prototypes of Ratchet and Clank, this build already has debugging cheats (Debug Mode) enabled, meaning you can access the debug menu by pressing R3 at any time during gameplay.

This debug menu is identical to the one in the EB Games Demo, and is missing some of the functionality of the version in the final game.

June 25th Prototype Final/Retail
Ratchet 1 EBGames Debug.png Ratchet 1 debug.png