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Proto:Rayman (Jaguar)/Early Version

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The earliest build of Rayman available on the Jaguar. Looking similar to footage shown in the Japanese DemoDemo Vol.3 Demo disk from October 1994 and to some Summer CES 1994 footage we have, this build is most likely a tech demo showcasing how the game would run and look, but really not how it would sound, this build of the game has no sound effects or music.

Download.png Download Rayman_(earlier_prototype)
File: Rayman_(earlier_prototype).zip (917 KB) (info)

General Differences


  • The HUD is completely different at this point of development.

RaymanJaguar Early HUDLayout.png

  • The health bar is in the middle of the screen, the player starts with 3 hit points, like in the final but can get up to 8 hit points instead of 5. As such the health bar is layed out in two rows of four dots, like so: RaymanJaguar Early HUDhealth.png
  • At the right of the HUD is an enemy kill counter that was replaced by the electoons counter seen in the DemoDemo Vol.3 build and later on by the tings counter of the final game.
  • At the bottom of the screen is a charge icon for the fist attack. The charge is indicated by a blinking arrow point at this Nova icon. Interestingly, a Golden fist variant is also present in spite of the powerup being absent in this build.


  • Rayman can throw his fist and use his helicopter hair like in the final build, but he cannot do a ledge grab or climb on vines, he also cannot throw his fist when in the air.
  • Some animations are missing, Rayman only reacts to being on the edge of a platform while facing in the direction of the ledge, not while turning his back to it.
  • Rayman can get stunned by falling off from a high place. This animation was reused in the final game in the Candy Chateau stage:RaymanJaguar Early Ray Stun.gif
  • Rayman can also do a handstand, walk and attack while doing so. The idle and walking animations are reused in the Jaguar version's Breakout minigame.


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  • The Demo level features the enemies seen in the forest level type.
  • The small livingstones will attack Rayman like in the final game while the tall livingstones will only run away when seeing him. They are solid and Rayman can hurt them.
  • The hunter is also present but only his bullets will harm Rayman.
  • The Magician is present too but Rayman cannot interact with him.
  • According to the level's map data, two checkpoints are supposed to be present, but only one of them spawns.
  • Moskito, the Dream Forest's boss is waiting for the player at the end of the level. He will play his attack animation when Rayman is around but does no damage. He has a sleeping and a waking up animation never seen in the final game.
  • There is no end sign and no way to clear the level.
  • Falling in the water crashes the game. Interestingly enough, when an (apprently) earlier version of the game was shown at Summer CES 1994, falling in the water triggered a slideshow of in-game screenshots.

Unused Stuff

Mr Stone

Mr Stone is present in the ROM and has only one unfinished animation.

I just love this sprite really.