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Proto:Shadowrun (SNES)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Shadowrun (SNES).

Two prototypes of Shadowrun exist: No-Intro lists both "Shadowrun (USA) (Beta)" and "Shadowrun (Europe) (Sample)", though it's not known what differences exist between them.

To do:
Make a list of all differences from prototypes to final.

US Prototype

A prototype with the following MD5: 8d528aa61d9cc23f945336cd0540d416


DGC Portable Phone

US Prototype Final
Shadowrun-USproto-videophone.png Shadowrun SNES portable phone missing final.png

The DGC portable phone (which lets you make calls anywhere) is present in the prototype Debug Room and marks the location of the invisible exit. It can be picked up if you can get close enough without getting booted out.

Graphical Differences


US Prototype Final
Shadowrun SNES prototype MD5 8D52etc 008C caskets.png Shadowrun SNES 008C caskets.png

The crosses were changed in the final version. There was also a subtle modification to the dimensions of the casket lids.

Europe (Sample) Prototype

An (English?) PAL prototype with the following MD5: dba53fe4c2b411afe6f28f40988ddc2d


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File under correct prototype section above.

There are occasional instances of "uncensored" dialogue which were cleaned up for the final, presumably at the behest of Nintendo.

Prototype Final
Shadowrun-uncensor1.png Shadowrun-censor1.png

"Chop shop" was changed to "morgue", and the bold font on Grinder's name (signifying a topic to ask about) was removed.

Prototype Final
Shadowrun-uncensor2.png Shadowrun-censor2.png

The only things held over from the last two lines were "a fox" and a question mark, plus a few letters to help spell "seen" and "before".