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Proto:Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (GameCube)/Review

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (GameCube).

SonicAdventureDXReview Title.png

Sonic Adventure DX: Review is a prototype of SADX that was sent to the press for review. The game is far more developed than what was seen in Preview, though still very buggy compared to the final game. It was released by Sonic Retro member drx on February 23, 2008.


  • There is no Dolby logo in the opening audio credits, nor any mention of the GBA link feature.
  • Now Loading screen before the intro movie loads has a blue background and makes use of colons (:).
  • A "Licensed by Nintendo" banner appears in place of the start button prompt before it appears on the title screen.
  • The logo on the title is higher than the final version's.
Review Final
SonicAdventureDXReview Title.png Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut (GameCube)-title.png
  • Memory Select's text is slightly different. In this version they say "SLOT-A/SLOT-B", wheras the final game says "Slot A/Slot B".
  • The Memory select cards have a small gradient that was removed in the final game.
Review Final
SonicAdventureDXReview MemoryCard.png SonicAdventureDX MemoryCard.png
  • The Japanese Main Menu background is used regardless of the language.
  • Sub Game still says Mini Game.
  • Menu sound effects are lower pitched.
  • All of the Game Gear games are unlocked from the start.
  • Character select has different lighting.
  • All credits images are from the Dreamcast version.


  • The Black Market Ring tally has no icon and is wider than it is in the final.
  • Emerald Coast has the same deep-blue ocean from Preview.
  • Icecap Act 3's lighting is incomplete, making the snow appear very dark.
  • Twinkle Park Act 1 still has the red/yellow floor design from Preview.
  • The arrows in Twinkle Park Act 2 from Preview are still present in this version.
  • Sky Deck's wing doesn't fall off in Act 2. Despite this, the cannons there still get destroyed as normal.
  • The Chaos mural in Lost World uses the same design from SADX:Preview.
  • Final Egg has different lighting.
Review Final
SonicAdventureDXReview FinalEgg.png SonicAdventureDX PortDifferences30.png
  • None of the plane models have been updated to use the DX models for Sonic and Tails yet.
  • Sky Chase Act 2 has a blue fog during the cutscene.
Review Final
SonicAdventureDXReview SkyChaseCutscene.png SonicAdventureDX PortDifferences52.png
  • Chaos 0's arena is darker than usual and the City Hall doors are missing:
Review Final
SonicAdventureDXReview Chaos0.png SonicAdventureDX PortDifferences40.png
  • Perfect Chaos' behavior has not changed from SADX:Preview - Phase 1 still dies in one hit and Phase 2 has a spawning bug.
  • The removed platform in the Perfect Chaos fight is still present.
  • The water distortion effect is used during the Perfect Chaos fight in this version.
Review Final
SonicAdventureDXReview PerfectChaos.png SonicAdventureDX PortDifferences38.png
  • The camera is not adjusted after Sonic and Tails complete Casinopolis for Cream's cameo appearance.
  • The Station Square Hotel's casino exit mistakenly uses the view of the main area instead of the casino as its background at evening and night.
  • Evening and Night fields are incomplete - they still mostly use the lighting and textures for the daytime version. The only part that does change is the skybox.
  • The elevators to Speed Highway are still black in this version.
  • The Mystic Ruins Jungle has many graphical errors, and generally looks different:
Review Final
SonicAdventureDXReview MysticRuinsJungle.png SonicAdventureDX MysticRuinsJungle1.png
  • The Egg Carrier has invisible barriers around the Chao garden warp, Chao egg and Hedgehog hammer, preventing the player from using them. However, this only happens when playing as Sonic (Who can't even get to the latter two) - they don't appear for anyone else.

Chao Gardens

SonicAdventureDXReview EggCarrierGarden.png

At this point, the Chao system from SA2B has replaced the one seen in the original game and SADX:Preview. However - the system is still far from the final product, with many of its core features still a work in progress.

  • There are no sound effects in the Chao garden or races.
  • Upon entering a Chao garden the game will fade in prematurely, letting the player see the map load.
  • The player spawns in the center of the Chao Garden with Eggs/Chao around them. In Station Square, they'll also drop a set of random animals.
  • The hint box for warp holes is difficult to read due to its positioning.
  • Chao are not positioned correctly while being held and cuddled, nor do they rotate.
  • The controls window is missing.
  • The lighting in the gardens is darker than the final game.
  • Chao seem to have some routing issues, such as trying to walk into the doors in the Station Square garden.
  • Trees are unfinished - you can shake them, but the camera does not look up while doing so and fruits simply disappear instead of dropping.
  • Fruits have incorrect textures - Tails and Shadow drawings from SA2.
  • Stat boosts have not been changed from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Giving a Chao any type of Power animal for example would give a boost to the fly stat.
  • Chao Alignment still works like it does in SA2B - their alignment is changed based on how well they are treated. In the final game, alignment can only be changed by feeding them Hero or Dark fruits.
  • The Good-bye menu is mostly unchanged from SA2B and lacks its music.
  • Both Warp Holes are enabled by default.
  • Transporters are missing in the Mystic Ruins and Egg Carrier gardens.
  • If the Egg Carrier garden was entered via the adventure field, all 3 gardens have a green fog.
  • The Black Market is opened by standing in front of it and pressing B, rather than just walking through the doors.
  • The Black Market Chao is missing, and many of the market's items (Fruits etc.) use incorrect textures.

Debug Windows

SonicAdventureDXReview ChaoDebug.png

A small debug window can be displayed by pressing L+Y. This window shows data regarding the contents of the current garden. Note that a number of items listed in this window cannot be found, such as planted trees.

  • CHAO: Chao count.
  • EGG: Egg count.
  • MINI: Animal count.
  • FRUIT: Fruit count. (Though ones attached to trees don't count).
  • TREE: (Planted) tree count.
  • GTREE: Garden tree count.
  • TOY: Garden toys.
  • SEED: Tree seeds.
  • SOUND: Possibly a Chao playing an instrument.
  • MASK: Hats

This window also shows some of the player's data, including their position and Y rotation.

SonicAdventureDXReview GBADebug.png

There is also a debug window for data related to GBA Linking that can be enabled by pressing L+R. However, this window only appears when the game is either paused or loading.


SonicAdventureDXReview ChaoRaces.png

Racing is very unfinished - all Chao in the race are newborns, most of the HUD is missing, and the race map is missing objects.

  • Beginner races are not available - the only options to choose from are Jewel and Party races.
  • The "Personal Record" box in the Chao Race course select is in the same spot it was in SA2B. However, it looks strange due to the map being removed.
  • There is no scrolling text at the bottom of the screen in the Chao Stadium.
  • The Chao that appear in the stadium's lanes for a brief second after starting a race are very small.
  • Chao that appear in the menus do not have correct lighting. This also applies to the transporter.
  • Participants in the races use incorrect sound effects.
  • Party Races cannot be started as both options on the Chao select for this mode lead back to the main entry menu.

Mission Mode

Mission mode is mostly the same as the final game.

  • Mission mode does not have an instruction menu yet.
  • The objectives are the same, but all of the missions are in a different order.
  • The mission list is slightly unfinished - it lacks English graphics, the text box is different and there are no character indicators.
Review Final
SonicAdventureDXReview MissionList.png SonicAdventureDX MissionList.png
  • A bug exists where the game must be reset in order to enter Mission mode for the first time without it crashing.
  • The "Bring the man standing outside the burger shop!" mission is found in a different spot (The grassy area). Both this mission's card and its target were moved in the final.
  • The mission number in the Start/Finish messages is off-center.