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Proto:Sonic Chaos (Sega Master System)/July 13, 1993

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The July 13, 1993 build of Sonic Chaos has many more finalized things. However, there are still a few lingering differences and assets from prior builds.

General/Technical Differences

  • There is no SEGA screen.
  • There is no introduction scene.
  • Demos do not seem to be implemented yet. Sonic will just stand and do nothing when a demo loads up.
  • Pressing Start takes you directly to the level select.
To do:
Screenshots and comparisons to the June 30 prototype.
  • You cannot access Special Stages without hacking.
  • Sonic cannot do the strike dash move.
  • The Speed Shoes powerup still does not appear to work.
  • You start the game with 3 continues, regardless of if you are Sonic or Tails.
  • Crumbling platforms are still incomplete, but work better than they did in the June 30 prototype.
  • You cannot speed up the results screen tallying by holding down a button.

Graphical Differences

  • The player select screen does not animate.
  • The ™️ text is missing from the title screen.

Audio Differences

To do:
  • The boss music is still a bit different, but closer to final.
  • The end of-level jingle is implemented here, but is different compared to final.
  • The final boss music is more polished compared to the June 30 build.
  • The Electric Egg Zone/intro music is more polished, but still sounds different compared to final.
  • A near-final version of the Electric Egg Zone music exists, but is unused.
  • Sound IDs $96 to $9A are still unimplemented.
  • Like the June 30 prototype, the 1-Up sound does not play when hitting a 1-Up monitor.
  • There is no music for the title screen.
  • Like the June 30 prototype, Speed Shoes still affect the sound engine but do not do anything to the music.

Level Differences

Turquoise Hill Zone

To do:
Check the behavior in the June 30 prototype.
  • The Emerald Hill Zone-like trail makes a strange noise when you interact with it.

Gigalopolis Zone

  • The boss introduction is different: he just suddenly drops in.