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Proto:Sonic Chaos (Sega Master System)/July 13, 1993

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic Chaos (Sega Master System).

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The July 13, 1993 build of Sonic Chaos has many more finalized things. However, there are still a few lingering differences and assets from prior builds.

General/Technical Differences

  • There is no SEGA screen.
  • There is no introduction scene.
  • Demos do not seem to be implemented yet. Sonic will just stand and do nothing when a demo loads up.
  • Pressing Start takes you directly to the level select.
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Screenshots and comparisons to the June 30 prototype.
  • Special Stages have been removed from the level select, therefore you cannot access them without hacking.
  • Sonic cannot do the strike dash move.
  • The Speed Shoes powerup still does not appear to work.
  • You start the game with 3 continues, regardless of if you are Sonic or Tails.
  • Crumbling platforms are still incomplete, but work better than they did in the June 30 prototype.
  • You cannot speed up the results screen tallying by holding down a button.

Graphical Differences

  • The player select screen does not animate.
  • The ™️ text is missing from the title screen.
  • Sonic's sprites are identical to the June 30 build, although the different sprites are unused in this build.

Audio Differences

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July 13 Proto Final Name Comments
Master Robots The boss music is still a bit different, but closer to final.
Continue The continue theme is lower in pitch compared to the June 30 prototype, but is still higher in pitch compared to the final.
300px 300px Stage Clear The end of-level jingle is implemented here, but is different compared to final.
Final Boss The final boss music is more polished compared to the June 30 build.
Invincibility The invincibility music is closer to the final, but is still higher in pitch and still endlessly loops.
Sleeping Egg Zone The Sleeping Egg Zone music is almost like the final, but isn't as polished.
Aqua Planet Zone The Aqua Planet Zone music is almost like the final, but isn't as polished.
Intro/Electric Egg Zone Act 3 The Electric Egg Zone/intro music is more polished, but still sounds different compared to final.
300px 300px Electric Egg Zone A near-final version of the Electric Egg Zone music exists, but is only used when Tails beats the final boss and collects the final Chaos Emerald.
  • Sound IDs $96 to $9A are still unimplemented.
  • Like the June 30 prototype, the 1-Up sound does not play when hitting a 1-Up monitor.
  • There is no music for the title screen.
  • Like the June 30 prototype, Speed Shoes still affect the sound engine but do not do anything to the music.

Level Differences

Turquoise Hill Zone

To do:
Check the behavior in the June 30 prototype.
  • The Emerald Hill Zone-like trail makes a strange noise when you interact with it.

Gigalopolis Zone

  • The boss introduction is different: he just suddenly drops in.

Special Stages

  • Almost identical to the June 30 prototype, except the outside palette and the big ring graphics have been finalized. Though the big rings still don't animate.