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Proto:Sonic Chaos (Sega Master System)/June 30, 1993

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Sonic Chaos (Jun 30, 1993 prototype) Title.png

The June 30, 1993 build of Sonic Chaos is considerably more fleshed-out than the May 17 Game Gear prototype, but it still has a ways to go.

General/Technical Differences

  • There is no SEGA screen.
  • The game's EPROM refers to it as "SONIC 3," which makes sense as this is the third major Sonic title for the Game Gear/Sega Master System.
  • There is no introduction sequence.
  • Demos do not seem to be implemented completely yet: the demo will load, but Sonic or Tails will just stand and do nothing.
  • Sonic cannot do the strike dash.
  • Beating the final boss and collecting the final Chaos Emerald from that boss causes the music to change based on the player's character. Playing as Sonic plays what seems to be this build's version of the Credits theme, while playing as Tails plays, presumably due to an error, a maddeningly slow and drawn-out version of the decision noise from the player select screen. However, the player never gets sent to the Credits, so they're essentially softlocked.
  • The level select includes entries for the Special Stages. There is an entry for the fifth Special Stage in the list, but it is cut off.
  • The level select misspells Turquoise Hill Zone as "Turquise Hill Zone", much like the May 17 prototype.
  • Pausing the game effectively softlocks it. You cannot unpause, which is extremely annoying.
  • The Speed Shoes powerup does not appear to do anything, nor does it change the music. The final build of the Master System version seems to not play any music as well. However, the powerup still seems to affect the sound engine in this prototype. After a few seconds, the song currently playing will restart.
  • Crumbling platforms are in a preliminary state and do not work very well.

Graphical Differences

  • Despite the May 17 prototype having a similar-looking title screen to the final Game Gear version, this build uses a preliminary title screen with plain text.
  • The player select screen does not animate.
  • Switching repeatedly between Sonic and Tails on the player select screen causes their mappings to load incorrectly for a few seconds.
  • Some bosses load incorrect graphics after death.

Audio Differences

June 30 Proto Final Name Comments
Aqua Planet Zone A much slower, mellow tune. It has a few similarities to Sky High Zone from the 8-bit versions of Sonic 2.
Master Robots The boss music is much lower in pitch and contains a different section compared to the final.
Special Stage Results The jingle is lower in pitch in this prototype.
Continue The music used for the "Continue" screen is higher in pitch.
Credits The Credits music is shorter and lower in pitch.
Game Over The death jingle is higher in pitch and has a slight "kick" at the beginning. In the final version, it ended up used as the Game Over jingle.
Electric Egg Zone A completely different version of the introduction song/Electric Egg Act 3. In this prototype, this song is assigned to every Act of Electric Egg.
Final Boss More pitch differences and rougher instrumentation. In addition, the prototype's version of the final boss music shares similarities with the boss music from Sonic 2 Game Gear.
Invincibility Endlessly loops, whereas the final version actually has an ending. (You don't hear it anyway.) Like many other tracks, it has pitch differences.
Mecha Green Hill Zone Close to the final composition, but is unpolished here.
Sleeping Egg Zone Radically different in comparison to the final. Likely a placeholder track.
Special Stage Also radically different. It feels like a much happier song overall, and definitely has a "Bonus Stage" feel.
Title Card The title card jingle has some minor differences, mainly in the ending portion.
Unused Jingle Even the unused song $8E is different, mainly just pitch variations, though the final version is slightly longer.
  • 1-Up monitors do not play the 1-Up sound, even though the sound does exist and works when getting 100 rings.
  • Hitting an end-of-level sign causes some unusual noises.

Level Differences

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Turquoise Hill Zone

  • For some strange reason, Act 2 does not load after beating Act 1.

Gigapolis Zone

  • The intro to the boss is different.
  • The boss acts and animates differently.

Sleeping Egg Zone

  • The spring badnik looks completely different.
  • Act 3 has problems with layout - the slope at the end of the level is impassible if you are on the lower level.
  • The speed booster does not animate.
To do:
Double check this.
  • The boss intro is much slower.

Mecha Green Hill Zone

  • No animated tiles are implemented at this point.
  • The palette cycle is different.
  • When Sonic gets stuck in the oil, his sprites for running on the sloped bridge are used. It is likely that the two tile types share code at this point - you sink slowly when standing on the sloped bridge.
  • When the level fades out, the palette cycle does not stop.
  • The boss arena here is different, featuring a bottomless pit instead of spikes.
  • The boss animates differently.

Aqua Planet Zone

  • The clouds in the background do not animate, and use more tiles.
  • The bird badniks use a completely different palette.
  • The "door" tiles that send the player through a tunnel do not work or animate.
  • Water is not implemented yet.
  • The bubble spout sprite is different. In addition, it never seems to spawn a large bubble.

Electric Egg Zone

  • The palette cycle is different compared to the final.
  • The palette cycle does not fade on level end.
  • Speed booster tiles are garbled.
  • The sliding platform object does not work properly. It will slide down the slope, but the player cannot interact with it.
  • The buttons that cause lasers to fire do not work.
  • The final boss' palette is different.

Special Stages

  • Every Special Stage layout is different.
  • Special Stages use similar tilesets to the final, but there are still differences and they even use tiles that still exist in the final, albeit unused.
  • None of the Special Stages use a countdown timer.
  • The "big ring" tiles look unusual and do not animate.
  • One of the Emeralds uses completely different colors.
  • In a majority of the Special Stages, the player will spawn in the air and will land on an Emerald. This was likely done for testers.
  • Emerald objects do not do anything.