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Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)/Labyrinth Zone

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis).

To do:
Document as many layout differences as possible, dump and add level maps.

Labyrinth is less complete than the previous three Zones, lacking lots of things and not even being playable normally (the game skips from Sparkling Act 1 to Star Light). As a result, Labyrinth Zone can only be played via the level select.


Proto Final
Sonic1ProtoLZBG.png Sonic1FinalLZBG.png

A completely different background is in use at this point that, strangely, changes Y position with each Act. Act 3 has no background at all!

The background doesn't seem to have logically been designed with vertical looping in mind, which may be why it was overhauled.

Proto Final
Sonic1ProtoLZ-5.png Sonic1FinalLZ-5.png
  • All three Acts completely lack any water or object layouts, including signposts. This makes them impossible to complete; even exploration is difficult without debug mode.
  • Rings, if placed via debug mode, use a glitched palette that makes them appear entirely black. The debug list also contains a Monitor and Crabmeat, a common sight for unfinished stages.
  • Due to there being no objects, water current tunnels are non-functional in this build.
  • Crystals have a different, smaller design. Interestingly, the 8-bit version uses these instead of the larger crystals seen in the final.
Proto Final
Sonic1ProtoLZ-3.png Sonic1FinalLZ-3.png

Brick wall tiles, which aren't seen in the final (but do show up in the 8-bit version's background), cover certain areas of the stage. In the final game, said areas mostly feature water bubbles and some would even require unlocking through the use of a button, which seems to suggest that they were originally meant to be air pockets before the bubble mechanic was introduced. To back up this theory, the underwater palette in the final game (missing from the proto) did not update the colors intended for these tiles, which still appear in their dry state when re-implemented. Though this does not last for long, as those palette slots are immediately replaced by color cycling for the chain system.

Sonic1 16Bit Proto LZ Chunk C UWFinalPal.png
Proto Final
Sonic1ProtoLZ-2.png Sonic1FinalLZ-2.png

Pillar decorations are absent from this build too.

Act 1

Proto Sonic1ProtoLZ1Map.png
Final Sonic1FinalLZ1Map.png

Seems to end prematurely in the prototype, with the camera scroll stopping at X coordinate 17BF, while in the final it stops at 19BF. Not that it matters much, since the lack of a signpost makes the Act impossible to complete.

Proto Final
Sonic1ProtoLZ-1.png Sonic1FinalLZ-1.png

When the stage is first loaded, a graphical error can be seen when walking down the initial path.

As seen in the embedded video, the very start of the level contains a weird vertical zipping bug that allows Sonic to stand on thin air and even outrun the camera for a few moments. This was fixed in later versions by adding a block object on top of the platform and disabling vertical looping for this Act.

Act 2

Proto Sonic1ProtoLZ2Map.png
Final Sonic1FinalLZ2Map.png

Act 3

Proto Sonic1ProtoLZ3Map.png
Final Sonic1FinalLZ3Map.png

Unused and Changed Chunks

To do:
There are unused and changed chunks in the prototype.