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Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)/Sparkling Zone

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Sparkling Zone, being an early version of Spring Yard Zone, has several differences from the final besides its name, the most notable ones being graphical.



The level background is completely different from the final, with starry skies at midnight instead of clouds in the evening. There's not much in the way of depth and scale seen in the background compared to the final, as there are no distant hills or mountains to be seen, and there are large buildings with various decorative signs a la the later Casino Night Zone.


Proto Final

The palette in the prototype has different colors for the pink shading.

Act 1

Proto Sonic1ProtoSYZ1Map.png
Final Sonic1FinalSYZ1Map.png
Proto Final
The Swing of Death. Lame bumpers...

The bumper area near the start contains a bumper object with spikes on it that's not in the final game.

Proto Final
Sonic1ProtoSZ-2.PNG Sonic1FinalSZ-2.PNG

The section that normally contains the block and the red and yellow spring is not present in the prototype.

Proto Final
Sonic1ProtoSZ-3..PNG Sonic1FinalSZ-3.PNG

The top bumper is not present in the prototype.

Proto Final
Four spike balls? Good Luck indeed. Fewer spike balls for the final game!

The second Ring Monitor in the prototype was removed, and the four spike balls were mercifully cut down to two.

Act 2

Most objects are missing, and there is one spike ball instead of two in the lower path.

Proto Sonic1ProtoSYZ2Map.png
Final Sonic1FinalSYZ2Map.png
Proto Final
Sonic1ProtoSZ2-1.PNG Sonic1FinalSZ2-1.PNG

The starting chunk with the red spring is a slope instead of a flat chunk like the final game.

Proto Final
Sonic1ProtoSZ2-2.PNG Sonic1FinalSZ2-2.PNG

This chunk was changed to be a less steep incline in the final.

Act 3

At this point, the stage lacks any objects save for a single Static Monitor (subtype 00) at X:2148 Y:0308, and hence is impossible to complete.

Proto Sonic1ProtoSYZ3Map.png
Final Sonic1FinalSYZ3Map.png

The only change that was made to the layout was that the first "spring pit" was instead a half-pipe.

Changed Chunks

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