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Proto:South Park: Chef's Luv Shack (Dreamcast)/August 29, 1999 Build

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This is a sub-page of Proto:South Park: Chef's Luv Shack (Dreamcast).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

The earliest known build of South Park: Chef's Luv Shack for Dreamcast is from August 29th, 1999, which predates the final build by 40 days.

Gameplay Differences


  • The top left corner displays debugging information at all times.
Aug 29 Final
Kick-ass! Toss the ball through the hole and win a Terrance or Phillip doll!
  • 0GDTEX.PVR, the internal disc artwork for the GD-ROM, is a crude mockup using a low quality screenshot of Eric Cartman, which was later refined to get the obvious joke they were going for across clearer.

Gameplay Differences

Legal Screens

Aug 29 Final
SPLuvShackDC LegalScreen Aug29.png SPLuvShackDC LegalScreen Final.png
SPLuvShackDC ComedyCentral Aug29.gif SPLuvShackDC ComedyCentral Final.gif
SPLuvShackDC Acclaim Aug29.png
SPLuvShackDC AcclaimIguana Aug29.png SPLuvShackDC AcclaimIguana Final.png
  • The main legal screen text is much, much smaller, and was understandably later made much larger and more readable.
  • The Comedy Central logo rotates, while in the final game it remains static.
  • A screen dedicated to Acclaim is present, but was later removed likely due to being redundant with the proceeding Acclaim Entertainment Austin logo.
  • The URL to Acclaim's website was later added to the Acclaim Entertainment Austin logo.

Title Screen

Aug 29 Final
SPLuvShackDC Title Aug29.png ChefsLuvShack DC Title.png
  • The title screen lacks legal info and says "PRESS START" in a large font instead of a smaller "PRESS START BUTTON".
  • Upon pressing start, the narrator gets abruptly cut off by the next loading screen before he's finished speaking.


  • The loading screen is a black screen with a blue bar that says "LOADING". The size seems to vary. In the final game, it displays an image of a disc in the bottom right corner while loading.

Who's Playing?

Aug 29 Final
SPLuvShackDC WhosPlayer Aug29.png SPLuvShackDC WhosPlaying Final.png
  • The button prompts at the bottom of the screen are in a grey box with text, while the final game simplifies it to a mere button prompt.
  • The women were slightly redrawn by the final game.

How Many Rounds?

Aug 29 Final
SPLuvShackDC HowManyRounds Aug29.png SPLuvShackDC HowManyRounds Final.png
  • The Luv-O-Meter was moved down slightly.


Aug 29 Final
SPLuvShackDC TriviaIntro Final.png
SPLuvShackDC TriviaSelect Aug29.png SPLuvShackDC TriviaSelect Final.png
SPLuvShackDC Trivia Aug29.png SPLuvShackDC Trivia Final.png
  • The prototype completely lacks the intro sequence seen in the final game.
  • The category choice screen has a different layout and font.
  • Selecting a category plays a repetitive bell sound, while the final game plays a musical stinger.
  • Chef is not present on-screen when answering trivia questions.
  • The couch and spotlight in the background is incorrectly mirrored, which was later fixed.

Audio Differences


  • In-game music is for the most part absent outside the minigames.
  • All sound effects are completely uncompressed WAV files found in DATA\SOUND\SDC.
  • Numerous voice lines use stand-ins that were recorded by the developers.
    • None of Chef's lines are yet performed by Issac Hayes.


  • All minigame music is a significantly shorter loop in the prototype than it is in the final game.
Filename Aug 29 Final Notes
The Asses in Space minigame theme is much shorter in the prototype.
The Avalanche minigame theme is much shorter in the prototype.
The Chickenlover minigame theme is much shorter in the prototype.
The music that plays during Chef's introduction is completely different.
The Eat This minigame theme has a strange audio glitch around 17 seconds in.
The Frog Toss minigame theme is much shorter in the prototype.
The intro music, Simultaneously from the Chef Aid album, is at a much higher bitrate in the prototype.
The Parachute Drop minigame theme is shorter in the prototype.
The earlier rendition of the Cartman Gets an Anal Probe minigame theme that's still present in the final game as MU_PROLD.WAV.
The Rodeo minigame theme is much shorter in the prototype.
The Roundup minigame theme is much shorter in the prototype.
The Soda Shake minigame theme is much shorter in the prototype.
The Pizza Patrol minigame theme is much shorter in the prototype.
The earlier rendition of the Whack-A-Zombie minigame theme that's still present in the final game as OLDWZ.WAV.

Unused Music


A short loop that isn't present in any other build.