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Proto:Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation)/June 15th, 1998 build/Machinists

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation)/June 15th, 1998 build.

Gnasty's World (or as it's called in this prototype, the Machinists) is the final world of the game. It's also by far the least complete one in this build.

Unlike the final game, there is no Home area, with Gnorc Cove essentially serving this function. Whether Gnorc Cove was initially planned to serve as the Machinist Home or is simply used here as a placeholder is unknown. Gnasty's Loot is also not yet present.


Gnorc Cove

Replaces the Gnorc Gnexus and can be travelled to and from using a balloonist. Occupies level ID slot 60 instead of 61.

Jun 15 Prototype Aug 12 Final
Spyro-ID60-GnorcCove-Map-Jun15.png Spyro-ID61-GnorcCove-Map-Final.png
  • Like the homeworlds, a balloonist can be found behind where you enter the level.
  • Part of the mountain range visible from the start of the level was made thicker in the final.
  • Near the first ship, there is a sliver of water that can be partially walked on.
  • The first Dragon in the level is inside the ship (where an extra life is in the final game), instead of outside.
  • In the location where the exit portal would appear in the final game is, instead, a Dragon.
  • The total Dragon count for this level, according to the inventory, is 3/2.
  • For some reason, Sparx seems to have some trouble picking up Gems in this level, particularly ones dropped by enemies.
  • The wooden barrels are textured slightly differently, without "TNT" written on the side.
  • When the player dies and the game reloads, any barrels which would normally have an enemy on top - assuming this enemy was killed prior to the last checkpoint - reappear, half-embedded into the floor and on their side.
  • The barrels seem to have a larger blast radius.
  • The barrel spawners appear glitchy.
  • The enemy placement - and barrels, too - vary vastly from the release version.
  • The large gnorcs are textured differently - there are no hearts on their underwear in this version.
  • Towards the end of the level, before hopping onto the second ship the player needs to stand on top of a boat made out of crates that is floating in the sea. Nothing like this appears in the final game.
    • The boat does not carry the player with it, and so in order to not fall off you must follow the path the boat takes manually.
    • The boat takes you to the second ship - in this version, the ship faces the complete opposite direction to the final. Furthermore, in the final, a small platform is present in the water that is used to reach the second ship.
    • A second crate raft orbits the last section of the level. Similarly to the first raft, there's a platform in the water in the final replacing the function of the raft.
  • There appear to be some holes in the water towards the end of this level, but this may be a rendering error.
  • The pits of acid near the end of the level can be walked on. This means that if the player falls into one of these pits, they're stuck.
  • There's an empty room at the end of the level which would normally contain a number of objects.
  • Near the end of the level a sound, which is supposed to be a whirlwind SFX, plays as a loud buzzing noise.
  • A portal has been placed at the end of a long corridor near the end of the level, where a key would normally sit. This portal is supposed to take the player to Twilight Harbor (called "The End" in this build), but it is impossible to enter. When leaving The End, however, the player exits through this portal.

The End

An early version of Twilight Harbor that cannot be accessed by normal means. Occupies level ID slot 61 instead of 62.

Jun 15 Prototype Aug 12 Final
Spyro-ID61-TheEnd-Map-Jun15.png Spyro-ID62-TwilightHarbor-Map-Final.png
  • The lighting is much simpler than in the final version. Overall, the level is quite a bit less colorful than it ended up being, and many of the textures seem to have used darker, less saturated colors too.
  • There are no Gems in the level despite the inventory screen claiming there are 500. All enemies drop life orbs instead.
  • The grenade-throwing enemies have very limited AI - their idle animation is similar enough to the final release, but when Spyro approaches them they begin repeating their death animation whilst constantly turning to face the player. Attempting to kill these enemies will result in the game crashing.
  • The large gun-toting enemies also have incomplete AI, as they do not turn or respond to the player once they begin firing, nor do they change their aim after reloading - instead, once they're shooting in a given direction, they continue shooting that way.
  • Cosmos is placed closer to the safe than he is in the final game.
  • Cleetus is placed atop the ramp instead of at the bottom.
  • There are no supercharge tracks on the ramp next to Cleetus, nor does the ramp function as a supercharge ramp.
  • There is no switch to raise the bridge.
    • As a result of this, and the fact that the supercharge tracks don't work, there's no way to access the upper area of the building, nor is there a way to defeat the enemies inside.
    • The poles where the switches would be placed have no top polygon.
  • There are no water planes on this level, meaning the player can walk on the water with ease. The same goes for the lava inside the buildings.
  • The mountain range surrounding the level is a bit different on both ends:
    • The wall ends more abruptly at the start of the level.
    • The wall curls round and stops earlier at the end of the level.
  • Towards the end of the level the object placement starts to deviate further and further from the final version, with the final section seeming to match an entirely different level layout, complete with gnorcs placed inside walls and a floating exit vortex.

Gnasty Place

An early version of Gnasty Gnorc, the final boss' area, that cannot be accessed by normal means.

Jun 15 Prototype Aug 12 Final
Spyro-ID63-GnastyPlace-Map-Jun15.png Spyro-ID63-GnastyGnorc-Map-Final.png
  • Unlike every other level in this build, this one has no music.
  • A completely different, much lighter skybox is used.
  • The level is incredibly barebones, containing no objects aside from Gnasty himself. This means there are no Gems in the level, despite the inventory screen claiming there are 1,000.
  • While most of the floors are intact, many of the walls are missing, as are any doors, decorations, or lava. Many of the walls that are present are simple vertical ones instead of the more uniquely-shaped ones in the final. There are also no ceilings.
  • All polygons use a generic texture. This also means no polygons have a key texture on them. It is unknown if any polygons would respond to a key at this point in development, were they obtainable.
  • The cog shape is imprinted into the ground in the first section instead of sticking out of the ground.
  • There is a small lowered platform next to Gnasty, allowing the player to climb up to him.
  • Curiously, despite being so barebones, the shrinking platforms at the end of the level still appear to shrink.
    • The platforms are now tall cuboids instead of small platforms that appear to come out of the walls.
    • When the platforms reach their minimum size they immediately reset to the default size again and the cycle repeats.
    • This section of the level is sized slightly differently to how it appears in the final game. Generally speaking, the corridors are thinner and the last stretch is slightly shorter than in the release version.
  • Gnasty behaves quite differently:
    • He uses a few very early textures, which were also seen in a small handful of magazine screenshots. This gives him a blue appearance instead of green and gold.
    • He uses unique unfinished animations and does not pound his chest like he would in the final.
    • Gnasty never moves from the spot he's standing in, but constantly turns to face the player. There is no animation for this turning, though, so he appears to just swivel around his axis instead of walking.
    • Gnasty constantly fires at the player, but these shots do no damage. He also doesn't swing his wand when he fires.
    • He has no collision so he can be walked straight through.
    • He is unresponsive to flaming.
  • There is no way to exit or complete this level.

Other Levels

Inventory data is present for three more levels in this world, though none of these levels actually exist in this build.

  • Bunchacrap (ID 62), listed as having 0 Gems and 0 Dragons.
  • Boss (ID 64), listed as having 2,500 Gems and 0 Dragons. Clearly a template for Gnasty's Loot, with its Gem count dropped to 2,000 in the final game.
  • Flying (ID 65), listed as having 0 Gems. The final game doesn't have a flight level in this world.