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Proto:Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation)/June 15th, 1998 build/Soundtrack Differences

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation)/June 15th, 1998 build.

Pretty much every level in this game uses a different track to the one used in the final game. This page lists the differences in the soundtrack files and the differences in the tracks used by each level.

All levels presented here use their final name, and all tracks listed are named by the level they're used in in the final game, to avoid confusion.

STR Files

Track No. Jun 15th Prototype Aug 12th NTSC-U Release
Track 0 Stone Hill Artisans
Track 1 Artisans Wild Flight
Track 2 Dark Hollow Stone Hill
Track 3 Alpine Ridge Dry Canyon
Track 4 Ice Cavern Haunted Towers
Track 5 Title Theme Gnorc Cove
Track 6 Peace Keepers Sunny Flight
Track 7 Alpine Ridge Terrace Village
Track 0 Credits Theme Doctor Shemp
Track 1 Dark Hollow Wizard Peak
Track 2 Ice Cavern Icy Flight
Track 3 Title Theme Night Flight
Track 4 Magic Crafters Dark Passage
Track 5 Terrace Village Ice Cavern
Track 6 Stone Hill Lofty Castle
Track 7 Artisans Beast Makers
Track 0 Ice Cavern Blowhard
Track 1 Title Theme Peace Keepers
Track 2 Stone Hill Crystal Flight
Track 3 Title Theme Gnasty's Loot
Track 4 Magic Crafters Title Theme
Track 5 Terrace Village Misty Bog
Track 6 Stone Hill Alpine Ridge
Track 7 Artisans Metalhead
Track 0 Stone Hill Twilight Harbor
Track 1 Artisans Gnasty Gnorc
Track 2 Dark Hollow Town Square
Track 3 Alpine Ridge Cliff Town
Track 4 Ice Cavern Jacques
Track 5 Title Theme Tree Tops
Track 6 Peace Keepers Dark Hollow
Track 7 Alpine Ridge Magic Crafters
Track 0 This STR file is not present in the June 15th prototype. Dark Hollow
Track 1 Toasty
Track 2 Dream Weavers
Track 3 Dream Weavers
Track 4 Credits Theme
Track 5 Alpine Ridge (Alt)
Track 6 High Caves (PAL, Alt)
Track 7 Wizard Peak (Alt)
Track 0 This STR file is not present in the June 15th prototype. High Caves (NTSC)
Track 1 Peace Keepers (Alt)
Track 2 Credits Theme
Track 3 Alpine Ridge (Alt)
Track 4 High Caves (PAL, Alt)
Track 5 Wizard Peak (Alt)
Track 6 High Caves (NTSC)
Track 7 Peace Keepers (Alt)

Notably, also, the Peace Keepers theme's intro is significantly shorter on the first loop than it is in the final game. All prototype tracks are quieter and more dynamic than the retail tracks.

PETEXA3.STR is notably identical to PETEXA0.STR.

In-Game Tracks

The tracks used by levels in-game perfectly match the order they appear in the STR files:

Level Name Track Used
Artisans Stone Hill
Stone Hill Artisans
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow
Town Square Alpine Ridge
Toasty Ice Cavern
Sunny Flight Title Theme
Peace Keepers Peace Keepers
Dry Canyon Alpine Ridge
Cliff Town Credits Theme
Ice Cavern Dark Hollow
Doctor Shemp Ice Cavern
Night Flight Title Theme
Magic Crafters Magic Crafters
Alpine Ridge Terrace Village
High Caves Stone Hill
Wizard Peak Artisans
Blowhard Ice Cavern
Crystal Flight Title Theme
Beast Makers Stone Hill
Terrace Village Title Theme
Misty Bog Magic Crafters
Tree Tops Terrace Village
Metalhead Stone Hill
Wild Flight Artisans
Dream Weavers Stone Hill
Dark Passage Artisans
Lofty Castle Dark Hollow
Haunted Towers Alpine Ridge
Jacques Ice Cavern
Icy Flight Title Theme
Gnorc Gnexus* Level not present.
Gnorc Cove Peace Keepers
Twilight Harbor Alpine Ridge
Gnasty Gnorc This level uses no music.
Gnasty's Loot Level not present.

*Note that Gnorc Gnexus uses Toasty's theme in the final game.

Notably, due to there being only 32 themes present despite this build's 33 levels, no theme plays in Gnasty Place.

Due to an audio glitch, all themes played in the Beast Makers worlds loop every 2 minutes and 4 seconds, the same length as Stone Hill's theme.

Missing Tracks

The following tracks are nowhere to be found in the game's soundtrack files, despite being in the final NTSC-U build:

  • Alpine Ridge (Alt)
  • Beast Makers
  • Blowhard
  • Cliff Town
  • Crystal Flight
  • Dark Hollow's duplicate variant (with no silence at the beginning)
  • Dark Passage
  • Doctor Shemp
  • Dream Weavers
  • Dry Canyon
  • Gnasty Gnorc
  • Gnasty's Loot
  • Gnorc Cove
  • Haunted Towers
  • High Caves ("NTSC-U")
  • High Caves (Alt)
  • Icy Flight
  • Jacques
  • Lofty Castle
  • Metalhead
  • Misty Bog
  • Night Flight
  • Sunny Flight
  • Toasty
  • Town Square
  • Tree Tops
  • Twilight Harbor
  • Unidentified unique unused theme
  • Wild Flight
  • Wizard Peak
  • Wizard Peak (Alt)