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Proto:Tecmo World Cup '93

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Tecmo World Cup '93.

A prototype of Tecmo World Cup '93. It was dumped by the Image/Helsinki/Finland Group on 08/19/99, rather like the game itself it was dumped a year before the final version.

To do:
Rip prototype and final Country Select music tracks.

Title Screen

Proto Final
TecmoWorldCup92MSprototype-title.png Tecmo World Cup 93-title.png

The prototype was called Tecmo World Cup '92 rather like the Japanese Mega Drive version. The final had the year adjusted.

Country Select

Proto Final
TecmoWorldCup92MSprototype-CountrySelect.png TecmoWorldCup93-CountrySelect.png

There are two changes with the countries. The German flag had an incorrect dark blue than black that was fixed in the final and in the prototype it had the Soviet Union flag and country code (RSA) that was updated to the Russian Federation flag and code (RUS) in the final. There is also different music used in the prototype. Interestingly, Tengen World Cup Soccer uses both the prototype German flag and the prototype Country Select track for its select screen.


Music 01 does not play in the final and Music 0B is a completely different track in the final rather than sharing the ID of Music 01 like the prototype.


Proto Final
TecmoWorldCup92MSprototype-Sign.png TecmoWorldCup93-Sign.png

The signs were also changed to reflect the year change.