We just released a Feb. 5 '89 prototype of DuckTales for the NES!
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Proto:Tempo/121 Prototype

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Tempo.

To do:
There's likely more level differences, and there should probably be pictures.

A significant amount of changes have already happened to make the game more polished.

(Prototype source: Hidden Palace)

General Differences

  • The SEGA logo animation still does not have a sound effect, and can still be skipped.
  • The intro is slightly incomplete: the copyright info shows up while it plays, and no starfield appears.
  • The demo still plays after only two seconds of inactivity.
  • The sound that is used for the SEGA logo in the final plays when going to the main menu or selecting a level that cannot be accessed.
  • There are different sounds when collecting notes.
  • Score in the HUD glitches up when the player has no points.
  • Pause graphics are sometimes not layered correctly.
  • Coins not required to play bonus games.
  • Debug Mode is still enabled.
  • No celebratory dance when beating a level.
  • Bosses still do not have their unique music.
  • The music played when entering a level has yet to be implemented.
  • The player gets an extra life for a far fewer amount of points.
  • The boss' health bar still looks unfinished.
  • Notes award 10,000 points rather than 10, making it easier to test the full ending.
  • Getting hit while using the Double Score powerup does not make its background go away.

Aesthetic Differences

  • The sides of the level select screen are glitched, due to the newly-redrawn graphics.

Level Differences

The Downtown and Indigestive levels still have their respective soundtracks swapped at this point.


  • Trying to get past the first part is a bit difficult, as the player can accidentally jump over the goal sign.


  • The polar bear still acts the same as in the 1229 build: its mouth opens and closes faster, while its teeth hurt you but don't take off any health.


  • Part 1's background is used in Part 2 as well.
  • Some of the differences in the 1229 build, such as the differently-colored wires, are still present.

Bonus Stages

  • The bonus stages have no indicators, and all of their descriptions have the Engrish sentence "MOVE THE RYTHM".
  • As with the 1229 build, you can still collect pizza in that minigame after the player has been caught eating it. However, when the player eats all six pizzas after getting caught, but before the game over screen, the game still ends not long after that.