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Proto:Tempo/126 Prototype

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Tempo.

The 126 prototype of Tempo is called such because of its build date: January 26, 1995.

(Prototype source: Hidden Palace)

Aesthetic Differences

  • The starfield effect has yet to be coded for the intro, but it has already been put into place.
  • There are no black boxes around the copyright, and the date of the prototype is gone.
  • All the bonus stages' descriptions have the Engrish sentence "MOVE THE RHYTHM".
January 26, 1995 Prototype Final
Tempomctv64gfxproto0126.png Tempomctv64gfxfinal.png

The "MCTV 64 Live" graphic is different.

Level Differences

  • The Downtown and Indigestive levels still have their respective soundtracks swapped at this point.