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Proto:The Incredibles (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows)/July 19th, 2004

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This is a sub-page of Proto:The Incredibles (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

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This page currently only covers the menus. It is possible to play the game by loading into a save file made in the final game (as long as you load into certain levels). There are a ton of differences in game although various levels do not work at all. Unused content should also be explored.

The July 19th, 2004 prototype of The Incredibles is a GameCube prototype version of the game built just under 2 months before the final US release version was built. It was released on March 21th, 2022 via "Forest of Illusion".

General Differences

  • There is no loading screen between the copyright info screen and the company logos.
  • The Heavy Iron FMV cutscene is different, showing a simple screen with the logo rather than an animated sequence.
  • The main menu has different background music, having a song which sounds similar to the song which plays in "Finding Mr. Incredible" in the final game (although it is not the same song).
  • The "Press Start" screen has a larger "The Incredibles" logo than the final.
  • If the player waits too long on the menu, instead of playing a demo movie, the E3 trailer for the game plays with the text "NOT FINAL" overlaying the trailer.
    • Additionally, this can happen if performed anywhere on the menu in the proto. In the final, this video only plays if the player idles on the "Press Start" screen.
  • Frozone does not vocalize in the menus, outside of selecting a new game.
  • There is a scan line filter in the menus which is disabled in the final game.
  • The menus use a different font, with letters being spaced further away from each other.
  • The button icons in the menus use a different design.
  • The menus have different sound effects when moving up and down and going back.
  • The options menu has a subtitles toggle which is not present in the final.
  • The game is set to use Dolby Surround by default, rather than Stereo.
  • The Dolby Surround text does not fit into the textbox in the options menu, within the bottom half of "Surround" being cut off.
  • There is a credits option on the main menu. In the final game, the player has to insert an in game cheat code in order to view these credits.
  • The main menu has a "previews" tab which is called "bonus" in the final.
  • The previews menu contains six previews, while the final game only has two. These previews include:
    • Cars
    • Making of (in the final listed as "Making of the Game")
    • THQ Coming
    • Another Promo
    • Teaser
    • Trailer (in the final listed as "Movie Trailer")
  • The first four previews (including the "Making of") have placeholder thumbnails.
  • The first four previews show the E3 trailer but with various pieces of text overlaying the video. The text which overlays the videos goes as follows:
    • PROMO1/2/3/4 (the number depends on the promo selected)
    • GCN (NTSC)
    • Promo Clip #1/2/3/4 (the number depends on the promo selected)
    • Work In Progress
    • At the bottom is a timer, showing how long the video has played for
  • The two movie trailers have a smaller thumbnail on the menu than in the final.
  • The load game menu has a different design than in the final.
  • If the player selects a save file which is empty, they can still move the cursor after the game states that "no save game exists"
  • Once a save file has finished loading, there is no text stating that the game has finished loading.
  • Loading screens lack any images or text stating the level that is loading. All that is present is white text stating that the game is loading.
  • When starting a new game, the game crashes once it finishes loading. This is because of a combination of Mr Incredible's model, Bank Heist being poorly optimised for the console and cutscene data being corrupted, causing the game to crash. It is however possible to get into gameplay by loading into a different level, using a save file created in the final game.

Gameplay Differences

  • The following levels can be loaded and are functional:
    • Skyline Stretch
    • Apartment Inferno
    • Late For School
    • Volcanic Eruption
    • Violet's Crossing
    • Battle Arena (with both Mr. and Mrs. Incredible)
  • The following levels can be loaded but are not fully playable (without modifying the build), usually due to a crash which happens at some point in the level:
    • Buddy Pine and Bomb Voyage (once the Bomb Voyage boss fight starts, the framerate comes to a halt and then the game eventually crashes).
    • Robot Arena (moving even a little bit beyond the beginning area causes the game to crash).
    • Great Falls (moving too close to the Omnidroid causes the game to crash).
    • Syndrome's Base (can load but it is prone to crashing).
    • 100 Mile Dash (Dash immediately dies when the level begins and this continues to loop indefinitely).
    • Secret Lava Labs (can be played but attacking or activating/deactivating debug mode in many areas can crash the game).
    • Save The World (moving too close to the Omnidroid crashes the game, although the level is fully playable if Mr. Incredible is replaced with his counterpart from the final game).
  • The following levels can be played if the player replaces Mr. Incredible with his counterpart from the final game, although they do not work under normal circumstances:
    • Bank Heist (the stage is unstable as it can crash if the player uses an attack or activates debug mode in some areas).
    • Beach Landing
    • Nomanisan Island
  • By disabling cutscenes (by setting "NoCutscenes" and "NoMovies" to 1 instead of 0), every previous mentioned level will work without crashing and the following levels can also be played:
    • Incredi-Ball (Set "NoMovies" to 1)
    • Rocket Silo (Set "NoCutscenes" to 1)
  • Finding Mr. Incredible can be accessed if "NoCutscenes" and "NoMovies" are set to 1 and if Mrs. Incredible is replaced with her counterpart from the final game.