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Proto:The Incredibles (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows)/September 13th, 2004

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The September 13th, 2004 prototype of The Incredibles is a Japanese demo of the GameCube version of the game built 4 days before the final US release was built and under 3 months before the final Japanese release. It was released on March 4th, 2022 via "Forest of Illusion". The demo itself is labeled as the "TGS demo", so it was made for and likely shown off at the "Tokyo Game Show" in 2004.

General Differences

  • The copyright info screen at the beginning of the game is shorter, lacking the information stating that "Lucasfilm" gave permission for the team to use the term "Omnidroid".
  • The demo does not check to see if a memory card is inserted.
  • There are no FMVs in the demo although all of the FMVs are still in the demo's files.
    • All the movie FMVs and the "making of" video lack Japanese subtitles unlike the retail Japanese release, although the FMV which usually plays before "Bank Heist" does have the Japanese title sequence.
    • The movie trailer is the original US teaser trailer found in the NTSC-U release, rather than the Japanese trailer found in the retail NTSC-J release.
  • The startup menu has shorter text telling the player to "press start".
  • There is no demo video if the player waits on the startup menu.
  • The main menu is missing the "load game" and "bonus" sections.
  • Frozone does not vocalize in the menus.
  • The button icons in the menus use a different design.
  • After selecting "new game", the player is taken to an empty level select menu where they can either go back or select the only playable level in the demo, "Nomanisan Island".
    • While "Nomanisan Island" is the only level playable in the demo under normal circumstances, "Robot Arena" and "Finding Mr. Incredible" are still present in the files and they can be played in the demo by setting "UnlockAll" in the "in.ini" file to 1. The level select menu is still blank but the player can scroll down to select the other levels.
  • The "LOADING" text is white instead of blue.
  • The loading screen lacks text below "LOADING" stating which level is loading.
  • During the loading screen and gameplay, there is a watermark saying "TGS DEMO" in the top right corner of the screen.
  • During gameplay, there are two additional watermarks overlaying the game.
    • The top left of the screen contains text saying how much memory is free.
    • The bottom right of the screen contains flashing text saying "進行中" (In progress).
  • The pause menu only contains options, "level select" (which is the same menu when selecting a new game, just with the watermarks overlaying the screen) and "quit game". There are two more options containing multiple questions marks that can be highlighted but selecting them has no effect.
  • The level preview video for "Nomanisan Island" in the pause menu is not present, with a static screenshot of the level being shown instead. "Robot Arena" and "Finding Mr. Incredible" still have level preview videos.

Gameplay Differences

  • There is no cutscene when starting "Nomanisan Island" or when Mr. Incredible enters and exits the turret.
  • Mr. Incredible is wearing a darker red suit, which is unused in the final game. In the final game, he wears his blue suit which he has outgrown in "Nomanisan Island".
    • Mr. Incredible's final red suit and Mrs. Incredible in her red suit are present within the files, with the latter being used in "Finding Mr. Incredible".
  • Certain grass patterns and placements in "Nomanisan Island" differ from the final game.
  • The levels have no end triggers and cannot be completed.
  • When Out of Bounds in the water, the player can stand on the bottom of the rock seems in the final GameCube version. This is not possible in the demo, much like with the other console releases.
  • In "Finding Mr. Incredible", the crane in the room after the first checkpoint has collision, allowing the player to stand on it. This crane lacks collision in the retail GameCube version although the crane does have collision in the other console versions (outside of Japan).
  • If the player activates Debug Mode (by setting "AllowMasterCheats" in the in.ini file to 1), additional debug info displays on screen, showing the internal level name, the player's X/Y/Z position, the build number and the framerate. The player also has access to a noclip mode by pressing L + R + Z at the same time. If this is performed in the final game, there is no additional debug display (in the GameCube version) although the player can still use noclip mode.