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Proto:Undertale/May 23rd, 2013

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Undertale.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
  • Try to find the original zip for this version.
  • Look for more differences. Add Krispy's discoveries starting from here.
  • Cleanup.

General Differences

  • The (ultimately unused) Doge encounter and monster doesn't exist yet.
  • The player's name is set as Mugsy in SCR_GAMESTART. The June 8th demo just sets the variable to a single space, and the final game sets it to CHARA.
  • The game has no name in windowed mode.
  • The name entry screen doesn't allow you to quickly move to the bottom of the screen by pressing Up when on the top row, unlike the June 8th demo and final game.
  • The exclamation mark bubble sprite is named spr_!. From June 8th onwards, the name is spr_exc.
  • The game gives you EXP when you defeat a monster without killing it. The related code was commented out in the June 8th demo.
  • Killing Napstablook removes 10 EXP instead of just 1, though that doesn't affect your EXP anyway in the final version.
  • You can't hold ESC to quit in this build. Pressing ESC causes the game to close instantly. Additionally, the window's close button works here, which isn't the case in later versions.
  • The population factor cap is 10 instead of 8.
  • The "Where are the knives." text in Toriel's kitchen during a Genocide Route has only "knives" highlighted in red.
  • There are differences in the code for the Toriel battle.
  • The condition that makes the fire in Toriel's house go out and the "no one will use this anymore" text appear in Toriel's kitchen is global.flag[45] == 1. From June 8th onwards, the condition is global.flag[45] == 4.
  • The test dialogue that's supposed to be in room_ruins7 doesn't exist.
  • The Annoying Dog's sprites don't exist yet.

Graphical Differences

May 23rd June 8th
UndertaleDemoMay23FloweyArrows.png UndertaleDemoJune8FloweyArrows.png

The arrows that appear during Flowey's tutorial are further apart from each other and surround the SOUL instead of being under it.

Room Differences

May 23rd June 8th
UndertaleDemoMay23SwitchRoom1.png UndertaleDemoJune8SwitchRoom1.png
May 23rd June 8th
UndertaleDemoMay23SwitchRoom2.png UndertaleDemoJune8SwitchRoom2.png
May 23rd June 8th
UndertaleDemoMay23SwitchRoom3.png UndertaleDemoJune8SwitchRoom3.png
May 23rd June 8th
UndertaleDemoMay23SwitchRoom4.png UndertaleDemoJune8SwitchRoom4.png

The switch rooms are missing the path and leaves around the entrances.

May 23rd June 8th
UndertaleDemoMay23CandyRoom.png UndertaleDemoJune8CandyRoom.png

The Monster Candy room has a missing tile.

*You are filled with the power of not knowing how you got here.

There's a gap in the collision in the spike room, allowing you to go in the water and inside a wall.

Text Differences

There are a handful of typos in this version of the demo that were fixed in the updated version.

May 23rd June 8th onward
You are the last
human to come here
in a long time.
You are the first
human to come here
in a long time.
May 23rd June 8th onward
You have done
excellently this 
far, my child.
You have done
excellently thus 
far, my child.

Part of Flowey's dialogue is different.

May 23rd June 8th onward
Get as many as
you can!
Move around! 
Get as many as
you can!

The text for equipping the Stick is different.

May 23rd June 8th onward
You equipped the stick.
You threw the stick away. 
Then picked it back up.

Unused Graphics

UndertaleDemoMay23 sprite65.png UndertaleDemoMay23 spr face torieldreamworks.png

There are two unused faces for Toriel present in this version of the demo. Strangely, these sprites are present in the final game, despite not being in the June 8th version of the demo.