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Proto:Unreal Tournament/Version 322 demo

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Unreal Tournament.

Version 322 is a demo version of Unreal Tournament released on September 15th 1999, about two months before the final game was released. This version of the demo was sponsored by 3dfx and requires Glide support in order to run. Glide itself has been obsolete for years, but Glide wrappers can be used to run the demo without any problems.

V322 contains several differences compared to both the final demo and the retail version of the game, such as an earlier Pulse Gun skin. The biggest difference in this prototype is an earlier version of DM-Phobos that lacks several stairways and paths the final version of the map has.

The demo version 322 can be downloaded here.


Score Display

When you kill someone in v322, the message (Score: X), with X being the player's score, appears to the right of the player's victim's name. The final demo and retail game remove this.

A prerelease image shows this removed HUD function.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322kill.png Unrealtournamentfinaldemokill.png
Prototype Prerelease image
Unrealtournament322kill.png Unrealt004-130229.jpg


In v322, 3dfx is mentioned in the ending after beating the single player ladder because they were the demo's sponsor when v322 was released. Later demos get rid of it, but the space where the 3dfx mention should be is still in the text.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322ending.png Unrealtournamentfinaldemoending.png

Splash Screen

V322's splash screen mentions 3dfx at the bottom. It is removed in later versions of the demo, but the space where 3dfx's logo should be has nothing in it. The “Demo” text has been moved down slightly in the later splash screen.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322splash.png Unrealtournamentfinaldemosplash.png

Death Sound

The sound file Deathc52.wav, a death sound for the male player skins that goes unused in the final game, is used in v322. Later demos disable it, like in the final game.



In v322, the Translocator disk cannot be recalled with the primary fire key after shooting it, like in v222.

Pulse Gun

The Pulse Gun uses a completely different skin in v322. Instead of being green, the gun is grey with a slight camoflauge pattern near the ammo count. The skin is similar to the one seen in v222's Pulse Gun, but with more details. The magazine is a darker green than the one on the final Pulse Gun.

Later versions of the demo replace the old skin with the final one.

V322's Pulse Gun skin can be seen in several pre-release screenshots.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322pulsegun.png Unrealtournamentfinalpulsegun.png
Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322pulsegunworld.png Unrealtournamentfinalpulsegunworld.png
v322 Pulse Gun v222 Pulse Gun
Unrealtournament322pulsegun.png Unrealtournament222pulsegun.png
Prototype Prerelease image
Unrealtournament322pulsegun.png Unrealtournament1259929055.jpg


The Minigun has a different firing sound in v322. The v322 firing sounds have more bass on them compared to the final sounds. Strangely, these sounds are kept in the final demo.

Prototype primary fire sound Final primary fire sound
Prototype alternate fire sound Final alternate fire sound



The v322 Armor uses the same model seen in v222, but with a higher-res texture.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322armor.png Unrealtournamentfinalarmor.png
Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322armorback.png Unrealtournamentfinalarmorback.png
V322 V222
Unrealtournament322armor.png Unrealtournament222armor.png




In v322, the posters to the right of each exit on the lower part of each tower has an advertisement for 3dfx. In later versions of the demo, the 3dfx posters are replaced with posters normally seen in the level.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322poster.png Unrealtournamentfinaldemoposter2.png
Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322poster.png Unrealtournamentfinaldemoposter2.png


DM-Phobos has several differences compared to its final demo and retail versions.

Lower Stairs

The staircase at the bottom of the central shaft is missing in v322.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322phobosrocketstairs.png Unrealtournamentfinaldemophobosrocketstairs.png

Vial Stairs

The path that connects two parts of the upper levels and has several Health Vials in it is missing in v322. In its place is a pair of Thigh Pads.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322phobosvialstairs.png Unrealtournamentfinaldemophobosvialstairs.png

Upper Armor Hole

The part of the upper level with a hole that has Armor in it and leads to the central shaft is absent in v322.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322phobostopentrance.png Unrealtournamentfinaldemophobostopentrance.png
Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322phobostopentrance2.png Unrealtournamentfinaldemophobostopentrance2.png

Thigh Pads

The Thigh Pads are a suit of Armor in v322. Presumably, the Thigh Pads were moved here between v322 and the final version of the demo DM-Phobos, when the original location of the Thigh Pads was replaced with a new path containing Health Vials.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322phobosarmor.png Unrealtournamentfinaldemophobosarmor.png

Shield Belt and Jump Boots

The hidden Shield Belt and Jump Boots are arranged differently. In v322, the Shield Belt is behind the Jump Boots, which are in the center of the room. In the final demo, the Jump Boots have been moved left and the Shield Belt has been moved to the left of the Jump Boots.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322phobosshieldbelt.png Unrealtournamentfinaldemophobosshieldbelt.png

Minigun ammo

The Minigun ammo in the center part of the map is in front of the Minigun in v322, but right next to it on the platform in the final demo.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322phobosminigun.png Unrealtournamentfinaldemophobosminigun.png

Bottom Pulse Gun

The Pulse Gun at the bottom of the space station has ammo next to it in v322, but doesn't in the final demo.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322phoboslowerpulse.png Unrealtournamentfinaldemophoboslowerpulse.png

Pulse and Rocket Ammo

The Pulse and Rocket ammo near the Rocket Launcher at the bottom of the shaft are two Rocket ammo packs in v322.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322phobospulserocket.png Unrealtournamentfinaldemophobospulserocket.png

Top Health Vials

There aren't any Health Vials on the roof with the Pulse Gun on it in v322.

Prototype Final
Unrealtournament322phobosuppervials.png Unrealtournamentfinaldemophobosuppervials.png


DM-Tempest is not in v322.