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Proto:Unreal Tournament (PC, 1999)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Unreal Tournament.

Unreal Tournament has some prototypes out there. Few of them come from early in development, so there's lots of unused and changed content in them.

The earliest prototype out there. Developed back when Unreal Tournament was meant to be an expansion for Unreal instead of its own game. Last worked on during December 13th, 1998.
Version 221
Prototype from 17th January, 1999.
Version 222
Prototype compiled after Unreal Tournament was turned into a separate game. Lots of differences. Last worked on during March 16th, 1999.
Version 223
Prototype from late March 1999.
Version 223m
This is a rare one. It's a weird one as it's just Unreal with a few random Unreal Tournament things stuck in it. Last worked on during March 23, 1999.
Version 224
Prototype from April or May 1999.
Version 321 demo
Demo released on September 16th, 1999. Was briefly and accidentally made available to the public the night before, but was rapidly withdrawn.
Version 322 demo
Demo released on September 17th, 1999. Not nearly as many differences compared to Version 222, but still interesting.
Version 338 demo
Demo released on September 28th, 1999. First full demo.
Version 338a demo
Demo released on September 28th, 1999. Intended to test a server map change problem was accidentally released but rapidly disowned by Epic.
Version 348 demo
Demo released on October 19th, 1999. DM-Tempest is now in the demo, but has some differences compared to the version of the map in the final game.