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This page details one or more prototype versions of Unreal.

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September 1995 Monster Tech Demo
Very, very early build showing characters that were made at the time. These characters are completely different from the ones that appeared in the final game.
November 1995 UnrealED Tech Demo
An UnrealED install from November 1995. Map-compatible with December 1995 Level Tech Demo.
December 1995 Level Tech Demo
Very early prototype made about two-and-a-half years before the game came out.

0.83 Prototypes
Two very similar builds compiled in October 1996. Currently the oldest available prototype made in '96.
0.84a Prototype
The other prototype from late 1996. Switch to subtractive world model for the first time, models render on 24-bit mode, but animated sprites don't. Stability issues with input and custom weapons, only basic map and a terrain map avaiable for this.
Build 0.864n
The first recovered version of 1997, has a different basic map than 0.864v, hardware acceleration is broken and actually damaging someone crashes the game, but the bounce physics work and don't crash the game unlike the later version. The next couple of versions keep using resources off this one.
Build 0.864v
Barebones proto showing off monsters made in May 1997.
Build 0.864y
The fixed up version of 864 without any of the problems from previous builds. Was only avaiable as a source code originally but could be easily compiled. Together with 864n was one of the last versions to be found.
Build 0.866q
An intermediate version that a custom Emissary build was based off also (or a version close to it), virtually identical to 0.864 in base content, however improvements were made to rendering, this is the first version where true detailtexturing is supported while later versions drop it for some reason.
Build 0.867z
From June 1997. Has three weapons not seen in the final game!
Build 0.871d
Built in August 1997. Contains four levels, two of which didn't make it to the final game or the expansion.
Build 0.874d
From September 1997. Five maps included, mostly Deathmatch, however there is one unseen level similar to Foundry & Toxic from the expansion.
Build 0.88
From November 1997.

February 1998 Prototype
A late prototype version showing, among other things, scrapped levels that were eventually converted into levels for the expansion pack.