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Proto talk:Mega Man 7

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I don't know if we're going to have Notes pages for prototypes, so I'll just dump this here for now.

RAM Addresses

7E0B73: Stage ID.
	00: Intro Stage.
	01: Freeze Man.
	02: Cloud Man.
	03: Junk Man.
	04: [NULL]
	05: Slash Man.
	06: Shade Man [UNUSED]
	07: [NULL]
	08: Spring Man [UNUSED]

7E0B83: Freeze.C Energy.
7E0B85: T. Strike Energy.
7E0B87: J. Shield Energy.
7E0B89: B. Wheel Energy.
7E0B8B: S. Claw Energy.
7E0B8D: C. Noise Energy.
7E0B8F: D. Wrap Energy.
7E0B91: W. Coil Energy.
7E0B93: B. Shield Energy.
7E0B95: R. Search Energy.
7E0B97: R. Jet Energy.
7E0B99: R. Coil Energy
7E0B9B: Beat Energy.
7E0B9D: S. Adapt Energy.

7E0BBA: Number of shots on screen.

7E0C02: Mega Man: Current action.
	00: Standing.
	02: Stepping.
	04: Walking.
	06: Jumping.
	08: Falling.
	0A: Landing.
	0C: Sliding / Dashing.
	0E: Sliding end.
	10: Climbing ladder.
	12: Climbing off ladder.
	14: Climbing on ladder.
	16: Hit.
	18: ???
	1A: Walking through boss shutters.
	1C: Dying.
	1E: Waiting for boss shutters.


7E0C05-7E0C06: Mega Man: X Position.
7E0C07-7E0C08: Mega Man: Y Position.

7E0C1A: Gravity?

7E0C70: Weapon ID.
	00: Buster Shot.
	01: Half-charged Buster Shot.
	02: Charged Buster Shot.
	03: Freeze Cracker.
	04: Thunder Bolt [NULL]
	05: Junk Shield [NULL]
	06: Burn Wheel.
	07: Slash Claw [NULL]
	08: Crush Noise [NULL]
	09: Danger Wrap [NULL]
	0A: Wild Coil.
	0B: [NULL]
	0C: ??? (Flies up in 30 degree angle)
	0D: [NULL]
	0F: [NULL]
	10: Debug gun?

	14: Rush Search.
	16: Rush Jet.
	18: Rush Coil.

7E0CCA: Shot #1 ID.
	00: Buster Shot.
	01: Half-charged Buster Shot.
	02: Charged Buster Shot.
	03: Freeze Cracker.
	04: Thunder Bolt [NULL]
	05: Junk Shield [NULL]
	06: Burn Wheel.
	07: Slash Claw [NULL]
	08: Crush Noise [NULL]
	09: Danger Wrap [NULL]
	0A: Wild Coil.

7E19CA: Object #1 ID.
7E19EE: Object #1 HP.

7E1DC5-7E1DC6: Left Border Force.

7E1DC8-7E1DC9: Lower Border Force.

7E1DF2-7E1DF3: Right Boundary Force.
7E1DF4-7E1DF5: Left Boundary Force.

7E1DFA-7E1DFB: Right boundary.
7E1DFC-7E1DFD: Left boundary.
7E1DFE-7E1DFF: Lower boundary.
7E1E00-7E1E01: Upper boundary.

7E1E31-7E1E32: Background -- Y Position.

ROM Addresses
D0000-D001F: Mega Man base palette.
D0020-D003F: Mega Man alternate palette.

D00C0-D00DF: Mettool palette.
D00E0-D00FF: Driver Cannon palette.
D0100-D011F: Spiral Gabyoall palette.
D0120-D013F: Row Bird palette.
D0140-D015F: Cloud platform palette.

D0180-D019F: Tripropellern palette.

D01C0-D01DF: Tire palette.
D01E0-D01FF: Burst Man projectile palette.
D0200-D021F: Burst Man palette.
D0220-D023F: Burst Man alternate palette.
D0240-D025F: Petaforce palette.
D0260-D027F: Flying mech palette.
D0280-D029F: Bunby Tank palette.
D02A0-D02BF: Turbo Roader palette.
D02C0-D02DF: Baccone palette.
D02E0-D02FF: Dust Crusher palette.
D0300-D031F: Danger Wrap palette.
D0320-D033F: Count Bomb NEO palette.
D0340-D035F: Trash magnet palette.
D0360-D037F: Trio the Wheel palette.
D0380-D039F: Coiln palette.

D0CE0-D0CFF: Stage Select -- Base Palette.

D0D20-D0D3F: Intro Stage Palette #1.
D0D40-D0D5F: Intro Stage Palette #2.
D0D60-D0D7F: Intro Stage Palette #3.
D0D80-D0D9F: Intro Stage Palette #4.
D0DA0-D0DBF: Intro Stage Palette #5.
D0DC0-D0DDF: Intro Stage Palette #6.
D0DE0-D0DFF: Intro Stage Palette #7.
D0E00-D0E1F: Freeze Man Palette #1.
D0E20-D0E3F: Freeze Man Palette #2.
D0E40-D0E5F: Freeze Man Palette #3.
D0E60-D0E7F: Freeze Man Palette #4.
D0E80-D0E9F: Freeze Man Palette #5.
D0EA0-D0EBF: Freeze Man Palette #6.
D0EC0-D0EDF: Freeze Man Palette #7.
D0EE0-D0EFF: Cloud Man Palette #1.
D0F00-D0F1F: Cloud Man Palette #2.
D0F20-D0F3F: Cloud Man Palette #3.
D0F40-D0F5F: Cloud Man Palette #4.
D0F60-D0F7F: Cloud Man Palette #5.
D0F80-D0F9F: Cloud Man Palette #6.
D0FA0-D0FBF: Cloud Man Palette #7.
D0FC0-D0FDF: Junk Man Palette #1.
D0FE0-D0FFF: Junk Man Palette #2.
D1000-D101F: Junk Man Palette #3.
D1020-D103F: Junk Man Palette #4.
D1040-D105F: Junk Man Palette #5.
D1060-D107F: Junk Man Palette #6.
D1080-D109F: Junk Man Palette #7.
D10A0-D117F: ??? Palette.
D1180-D119F: Slash Man Palette #1.
D11A0-D11BF: Slash Man Palette #2.
D11C0-D11DF: Slash Man Palette #3.
D11E0-D11FF: Slash Man Palette #4.
D1200-D121F: Slash Man Palette #5.
D1220-D123F: Slash Man Palette #6.
D1240-D125F: Slash Man Palette #7.
D1260-D127F: Shade Man Palette #1.
D1280-D129F: Shade Man Palette #2.
D12A0-D12BF: Shade Man Palette #3.
D12C0-D12DF: Shade Man Palette #4.
D12E0-D12FF: Shade Man Palette #5.
D1300-D131F: Shade Man Palette #6.
D1320-D133F: Shade Man Palette #7.

D13A0-D141F: ??? Palette.
D1420-D143F: Spring Man Palette #1.
D1440-D145F: Spring Man Palette #2.
D1460-D147F: Spring Man Palette #3.
D1480-D149F: Spring Man Palette #4.
D14A0-D14BF: Spring Man Palette #5.
D14C0-D14DF: Spring Man Palette #6.
D14E0-D14FF: Spring Man Palette #7.
D1500-D151F: Stage Select Palette #1.
D1520-D153F: Stage Select Palette #2.
D1540-D155F: Stage Select Palette #3.
D1560-D157F: Stage Select Palette #4.
D1580-D159F: Stage Select Palette #5.
D15A0-D15BF: Stage Select Palette #6.
D15C0-D15DF: Stage Select Palette #7.
D15E0-D167F: Slash Man -- Waterfall Palette.
D1680-D169F: Weapons Menu Palette #1.
D16A0-D16BF: Weapons Menu Palette #2.
D16C0-D16DF: Weapons Menu Palette #3.
D16E0-D16FF: Weapons Menu Palette #4.
D1700-D171F: Weapons Menu Palette #5.
D1720-D173F: Weapons Menu Palette #6.
D1740-D175F: Weapons Menu Palette #7.
D1760-D181F: Slash Man -- Laboratory Palette.
D1820-D189F: Cloud Man -- Cloud Palette.

D1920-D193F: Cloud Man -- Sunset Clouds Palette.

D1940-D195F: Spring Man?
D1960-D197F: Spring Man?
D1980-D199F: Spring Man?
D19A0-D19BF: Spring Man?
D19C0-D19DF: Spring Man?
D19E0-D19FF: Spring Man?
D1A00-D1A1F: Spring Man?

D1A60-D1A9F: Junk Man -- Elevator Palette.
D1AA0-D1ABF: Junk Man -- Platform Shaft Palette.

D1BE0-D1C9F: Junk Man -- Flashing Lights Palette.

D1D60-D1E1F: Junk Man -- Flashing Platform Palette.
D1E20-D1F1F: Junk Man -- Lava Platform Palette.

D2020-D211F: Junk Man -- Lava Palette.

D21E0-D22BF: Title Screen Palette.
D22C0-D235F: Intro Stage -- Highway Palette.
D2360-D2480: Spring Man Palette -- Cycling Lights.

D26C0-D27BF: Freeze Man -- Ice Palette.
D27C0-D285F: Freeze Man -- Waterfall Palette.

D29C0-D29FF: Freeze Man -- Background Palette Set 2.
D2A00-D2A5F: "COMING SOON" Screen Palette.

00: Metall FX
01: Driver Cannon
02: Spiral Gabyoall
03: Tripropellern
04: Bass battle trigger
05: Row Bird
06: Bunby Tank
07: Petaforce
08: VAN Pookin (Prototype)
09: Turbo Roader
0A: Baccone
0B: Count Bomb NEO
0C: Bomb Sleigh
0D: Trio the Wheel
0E: Sniper Joe 01
10: Coiln.
11: Kerone
12: [NULL]
13: Boufooh
14: Icicle Teku
15: DeluPipi
16: Gobots
17: Batton M48
18: Tamagodon
19: White Bear Machine GTV
1A: Kaminari Kogoro
1B: Swim Metall DX [UNUSED]
1C: Technodon
1D: [NULL]
1E: Stegoras
1F: Item pickup.
20: Turbo Man [UNUSED]
21: True Shield Attacker
22: Explosion graphic
23: Frisk Cannon
24: Ragger
25: Kanigance Bubble [UNUSED]
26: Kanigance [UNUSED]
27: Count Bomb Platform [UNUSED]
28: [NULL]
29: Shade Man [UNUSED]
2A: Junk Man [UNUSED]
2B: [NULL]
2C: [NULL]
2D: [NULL]
2E: Conveyor Junk.
2F: Junk magnet.
30: Bass.
31: Treble?
32: [NULL]
33: [NULL]
34: Gockroach S.

--GoldS 19:16, 20 August 2010 (EDT)

Burst Man?

I was playing around with the enemy spawning code and tested 04. By turning the code on in certain rooms, I can spawn Burst Man by waiting for a while in the camera scroll, you can't do anything to him though :( However, I was somehow able to spawn him in the room below the S-Adapter room in Freeze Mans stage by messing around with the enemy code, I have no idea how though :/ (it might have something to do with Turbo Man because Burst Man loaded with his graphics) He seems to be fully functional and I wasn't aware that part of his actor is to change the walls to bouncy and make ceilings spiked... Probably old but I didn't see it mentioned on the page. --PPLToast 07:36, 20 July 2013 (EDT)

buster gun??

was the default weapon changed or is it the same in this build? The preceding unsigned comment was added by Mrkoolnerd (talk) • (contribs)

It's the same, AFAIK. --BMF54123 (talk) 23:26, 23 August 2015 (EDT)