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Proto talk:Mega Man 7

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RAM Addresses

I don't know if we're going to have Notes pages for prototypes, so I'll just dump this here for now.

RAM Addresses

7E0B73: Stage ID.
	00: Intro Stage.
	01: Freeze Man.
	02: Cloud Man.
	03: Junk Man.
	04: [NULL]
	05: Slash Man.
	06: Shade Man [UNUSED]
	07: [NULL]
	08: Spring Man [UNUSED]

7E0B83: Freeze.C Energy.
7E0B85: T. Strike Energy.
7E0B87: J. Shield Energy.
7E0B89: B. Wheel Energy.
7E0B8B: S. Claw Energy.
7E0B8D: C. Noise Energy.
7E0B8F: D. Wrap Energy.
7E0B91: W. Coil Energy.
7E0B93: B. Shield Energy.
7E0B95: R. Search Energy.
7E0B97: R. Jet Energy.
7E0B99: R. Coil Energy
7E0B9B: Beat Energy.
7E0B9D: S. Adapt Energy.

7E0BBA: Number of shots on screen.

7E0C02: Mega Man: Current action.
	00: Standing.
	02: Stepping.
	04: Walking.
	06: Jumping.
	08: Falling.
	0A: Landing.
	0C: Sliding / Dashing.
	0E: Sliding end.
	10: Climbing ladder.
	12: Climbing off ladder.
	14: Climbing on ladder.
	16: Hit.
	18: ???
	1A: Walking through boss shutters.
	1C: Dying.
	1E: Waiting for boss shutters.


7E0C05-7E0C06: Mega Man: X Position.
7E0C07-7E0C08: Mega Man: Y Position.

7E0C1A: Gravity?

7E0C70: Weapon ID.
	00: Buster Shot.
	01: Half-charged Buster Shot.
	02: Charged Buster Shot.
	03: Freeze Cracker.
	04: Thunder Bolt [NULL]
	05: Junk Shield [NULL]
	06: Burn Wheel.
	07: Slash Claw [NULL]
	08: Crush Noise [NULL]
	09: Danger Wrap [NULL]
	0A: Wild Coil.
	0B: [NULL]
	0C: ??? (Flies up in 30 degree angle)
	0D: [NULL]
	0F: [NULL]
	10: Debug gun?

	14: Rush Search.
	16: Rush Jet.
	18: Rush Coil.

7E0CCA: Shot #1 ID.
	00: Buster Shot.
	01: Half-charged Buster Shot.
	02: Charged Buster Shot.
	03: Freeze Cracker.
	04: Thunder Bolt [NULL]
	05: Junk Shield [NULL]
	06: Burn Wheel.
	07: Slash Claw [NULL]
	08: Crush Noise [NULL]
	09: Danger Wrap [NULL]
	0A: Wild Coil.

7E19CA: Object #1 ID.
7E19EE: Object #1 HP.

7E1DC5-7E1DC6: Left Border Force.

7E1DC8-7E1DC9: Lower Border Force.

7E1DF2-7E1DF3: Right Boundary Force.
7E1DF4-7E1DF5: Left Boundary Force.

7E1DFA-7E1DFB: Right boundary.
7E1DFC-7E1DFD: Left boundary.
7E1DFE-7E1DFF: Lower boundary.
7E1E00-7E1E01: Upper boundary.

7E1E31-7E1E32: Background -- Y Position.

ROM Addresses
D0000-D001F: Mega Man base palette.
D0020-D003F: Mega Man alternate palette.

D00C0-D00DF: Mettool palette.
D00E0-D00FF: Driver Cannon palette.
D0100-D011F: Spiral Gabyoall palette.
D0120-D013F: Row Bird palette.
D0140-D015F: Cloud platform palette.

D0180-D019F: Tripropellern palette.

D01C0-D01DF: Tire palette.
D01E0-D01FF: Burst Man projectile palette.
D0200-D021F: Burst Man palette.
D0220-D023F: Burst Man alternate palette.
D0240-D025F: Petaforce palette.
D0260-D027F: Flying mech palette.
D0280-D029F: Bunby Tank palette.
D02A0-D02BF: Turbo Roader palette.
D02C0-D02DF: Baccone palette.
D02E0-D02FF: Dust Crusher palette.
D0300-D031F: Danger Wrap palette.
D0320-D033F: Count Bomb NEO palette.
D0340-D035F: Trash magnet palette.
D0360-D037F: Trio the Wheel palette.
D0380-D039F: Coiln palette.

D0CE0-D0CFF: Stage Select -- Base Palette.

D0D20-D0D3F: Intro Stage Palette #1.
D0D40-D0D5F: Intro Stage Palette #2.
D0D60-D0D7F: Intro Stage Palette #3.
D0D80-D0D9F: Intro Stage Palette #4.
D0DA0-D0DBF: Intro Stage Palette #5.
D0DC0-D0DDF: Intro Stage Palette #6.
D0DE0-D0DFF: Intro Stage Palette #7.
D0E00-D0E1F: Freeze Man Palette #1.
D0E20-D0E3F: Freeze Man Palette #2.
D0E40-D0E5F: Freeze Man Palette #3.
D0E60-D0E7F: Freeze Man Palette #4.
D0E80-D0E9F: Freeze Man Palette #5.
D0EA0-D0EBF: Freeze Man Palette #6.
D0EC0-D0EDF: Freeze Man Palette #7.
D0EE0-D0EFF: Cloud Man Palette #1.
D0F00-D0F1F: Cloud Man Palette #2.
D0F20-D0F3F: Cloud Man Palette #3.
D0F40-D0F5F: Cloud Man Palette #4.
D0F60-D0F7F: Cloud Man Palette #5.
D0F80-D0F9F: Cloud Man Palette #6.
D0FA0-D0FBF: Cloud Man Palette #7.
D0FC0-D0FDF: Junk Man Palette #1.
D0FE0-D0FFF: Junk Man Palette #2.
D1000-D101F: Junk Man Palette #3.
D1020-D103F: Junk Man Palette #4.
D1040-D105F: Junk Man Palette #5.
D1060-D107F: Junk Man Palette #6.
D1080-D109F: Junk Man Palette #7.
D10A0-D117F: ??? Palette.
D1180-D119F: Slash Man Palette #1.
D11A0-D11BF: Slash Man Palette #2.
D11C0-D11DF: Slash Man Palette #3.
D11E0-D11FF: Slash Man Palette #4.
D1200-D121F: Slash Man Palette #5.
D1220-D123F: Slash Man Palette #6.
D1240-D125F: Slash Man Palette #7.
D1260-D127F: Shade Man Palette #1.
D1280-D129F: Shade Man Palette #2.
D12A0-D12BF: Shade Man Palette #3.
D12C0-D12DF: Shade Man Palette #4.
D12E0-D12FF: Shade Man Palette #5.
D1300-D131F: Shade Man Palette #6.
D1320-D133F: Shade Man Palette #7.

D13A0-D141F: ??? Palette.
D1420-D143F: Spring Man Palette #1.
D1440-D145F: Spring Man Palette #2.
D1460-D147F: Spring Man Palette #3.
D1480-D149F: Spring Man Palette #4.
D14A0-D14BF: Spring Man Palette #5.
D14C0-D14DF: Spring Man Palette #6.
D14E0-D14FF: Spring Man Palette #7.
D1500-D151F: Stage Select Palette #1.
D1520-D153F: Stage Select Palette #2.
D1540-D155F: Stage Select Palette #3.
D1560-D157F: Stage Select Palette #4.
D1580-D159F: Stage Select Palette #5.
D15A0-D15BF: Stage Select Palette #6.
D15C0-D15DF: Stage Select Palette #7.
D15E0-D167F: Slash Man -- Waterfall Palette.
D1680-D169F: Weapons Menu Palette #1.
D16A0-D16BF: Weapons Menu Palette #2.
D16C0-D16DF: Weapons Menu Palette #3.
D16E0-D16FF: Weapons Menu Palette #4.
D1700-D171F: Weapons Menu Palette #5.
D1720-D173F: Weapons Menu Palette #6.
D1740-D175F: Weapons Menu Palette #7.
D1760-D181F: Slash Man -- Laboratory Palette.
D1820-D189F: Cloud Man -- Cloud Palette.

D1920-D193F: Cloud Man -- Sunset Clouds Palette.

D1940-D195F: Spring Man?
D1960-D197F: Spring Man?
D1980-D199F: Spring Man?
D19A0-D19BF: Spring Man?
D19C0-D19DF: Spring Man?
D19E0-D19FF: Spring Man?
D1A00-D1A1F: Spring Man?

D1A60-D1A9F: Junk Man -- Elevator Palette.
D1AA0-D1ABF: Junk Man -- Platform Shaft Palette.

D1BE0-D1C9F: Junk Man -- Flashing Lights Palette.

D1D60-D1E1F: Junk Man -- Flashing Platform Palette.
D1E20-D1F1F: Junk Man -- Lava Platform Palette.

D2020-D211F: Junk Man -- Lava Palette.

D21E0-D22BF: Title Screen Palette.
D22C0-D235F: Intro Stage -- Highway Palette.
D2360-D2480: Spring Man Palette -- Cycling Lights.

D26C0-D27BF: Freeze Man -- Ice Palette.
D27C0-D285F: Freeze Man -- Waterfall Palette.

D29C0-D29FF: Freeze Man -- Background Palette Set 2.
D2A00-D2A5F: "COMING SOON" Screen Palette.

00: Metall FX
01: Driver Cannon
02: Spiral Gabyoall
03: Tripropellern
04: Bass battle trigger
05: Row Bird
06: Bunby Tank
07: Petaforce
08: VAN Pookin (Prototype)
09: Turbo Roader
0A: Baccone
0B: Count Bomb NEO
0C: Bomb Sleigh
0D: Trio the Wheel
0E: Sniper Joe 01
10: Coiln.
11: Kerone
12: [NULL]
13: Boufooh
14: Icicle Teku
15: DeluPipi
16: Gobots
17: Batton M48
18: Tamagodon
19: White Bear Machine GTV
1A: Kaminari Kogoro
1B: Swim Metall DX [UNUSED]
1C: Technodon
1D: [NULL]
1E: Stegoras
1F: Item pickup.
20: Turbo Man [UNUSED]
21: True Shield Attacker
22: Explosion graphic
23: Frisk Cannon
24: Ragger
25: Kanigance Bubble [UNUSED]
26: Kanigance [UNUSED]
27: Count Bomb Platform [UNUSED]
28: [NULL]
29: Shade Man [UNUSED]
2A: Junk Man [UNUSED]
2B: [NULL]
2C: [NULL]
2D: [NULL]
2E: Conveyor Junk.
2F: Junk magnet.
30: Bass.
31: Treble?
32: [NULL]
33: [NULL]
34: Gockroach S.

--GoldS 19:16, 20 August 2010 (EDT)

Burst Man?

I was playing around with the enemy spawning code and tested 04. By turning the code on in certain rooms, I can spawn Burst Man by waiting for a while in the camera scroll, you can't do anything to him though :( However, I was somehow able to spawn him in the room below the S-Adapter room in Freeze Mans stage by messing around with the enemy code, I have no idea how though :/ (it might have something to do with Turbo Man because Burst Man loaded with his graphics) He seems to be fully functional and I wasn't aware that part of his actor is to change the walls to bouncy and make ceilings spiked... Probably old but I didn't see it mentioned on the page. --PPLToast 07:36, 20 July 2013 (EDT)

buster gun??

was the default weapon changed or is it the same in this build? The preceding unsigned comment was added by Mrkoolnerd (talk) • (contribs)

It's the same, AFAIK. --BMF54123 (talk) 23:26, 23 August 2015 (EDT)

Slash Man

The article notes that the bottom option takes you to Slash Man's stage, as Burst Man's is unfinished. However, I would argue that this is more indicative of an early boss order that included Slash Man in the first set; reason being that, in the final version, Slash Man is grouped with them in the teleporting hatches at the end of the game, rather than alongside the second. Just wanted to know what people thought before I made a change one way or another.

--Harshmallow (talk) 14:16, 1 October 2020 (UTC)