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Ratatouille (GameCube, Wii, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows)

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Title Screen


Developers: Asobo Studio, Heavy Iron Studios
Publisher: THQ
Platforms: GameCube, Wii, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows
Released in JP: August 2, 2007 (PS2, Wii)
Released in US: June 26, 2007
Released in EU: September 28, 2007
Released in KR: August 10, 2007 (PS2)

MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.

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Discoveries by Rhythm#6928

Even though it sounds like "Rat" and "Patootie", which does NOT sound delicious, Ratatouille is a decent game based on the Pixar film Ratatouille, which is based on the French dish, ratatouille.

Prerelease Material

Removed Levels

Test Stages

In Levels.tsc in the Gamecube version, there are strings referencing possible test stages from early in development. The files for these levels don't exist in the retail game.

Offset String
0x10BE Test_Mar
0x10E3 Test_Connex
0x110B Test_Nico
0x1131 Test_Julien

Peeling Potatoes 2

In the finished game there's a minigame in Little Chef - Big Kitchen called Peeling Potatoes, which involves the player rapidly spinning the left stick and pressing A to peel and slice potatoes, respectively. The minigame is known internally as "MG_POTA", for "minigame potato". However, there's exists one instance of "MG_POTA2" within levels.tsc in the Gamecube version, and instead of being found with Peeling Potatoes, it's located with the Minigames for The Deserted Kitchen instead. It's possible that at one point of development a potato minigame was part of the dinner rush in the final stage.

Offset String

Dream 09

Located in the "WORLD" folder in the root of the Gamecube version are all of the stages in the game. All 10 dream worlds are present, but there are supposedly 11 entries, being "DREAM01"-"DREAM11". One stage file is completely missing, being "DREAM09", and all of it's necessary files have been removed along with any references in the code.

To do:
There is (presumably) an extra dream world level in Ratatouille PS2 version. In the Gamecube version, all references to "Dream09" are completely missing. See if this extra dream level is on other platforms and document it all in one video and post findings.

Unused/Unseen Objects and Features

Paris Streets

Kitchen Pipe

How'd You Make That?

Chop Chop Chase

Harried Grocery Havoc

Was the Food That Bad?


Sewer Grates

Mission Briefing Images

Pipe Slide Loading Zones

Unused Videos

Present in VIDEOS/NTSC/demo in the Xbox version are leftovers from a demo.