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Ratatouille (GameCube, Wii, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows)

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Title Screen


Developers: Asobo Studio, Heavy Iron Studios
Publisher: THQ
Platforms: GameCube, Wii, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows
Released in JP: August 2, 2007 (PS2/Wii)
Released in US: June 26, 2007
Released in EU: September 28, 2007
Released in KR: August 10, 2007 (PS2)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

Even though it sounds like "Rat" and "Patootie", which does not sound delicious, Ratatouille is a decent game based on the Pixar film Ratatouille, which is based on the French dish ratatouille.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Debug Tools
A lot of debugging stuff still left in the game.

Removed Levels

Test Stages

In Levels.tsc in the GameCube version, there are strings referencing test stages. The files for these levels don't exist in the retail GameCube version, but can be found in the PC version.

Offset String
0x10BE Test_Mar
0x10E3 Test_Connex
0x110B Test_Nico
0x1131 Test_Julien
To do:
  • Document these four test stages from the PC version.

Peeling Potatoes 2

In the finished game, there's a minigame in "Little Chef - Big Kitchen" called Peeling Potatoes, which involves the player rapidly spinning the left stick and pressing A to peel and slice potatoes, respectively. The minigame is known internally as "MG_POTA", for "minigame potato". However, there exists one instance of "MG_POTA2" within Levels.tsc in the GameCube version, and instead of being found with Peeling Potatoes, it's located with the minigames for The Deserted Kitchen instead. Although not included in the final version, source files for this minigame can be found in Asobo's leaked prototype of the game, and appears to confirm the theory that a second potatoes minigame was intended for the dinner rush at the end of the game.

Offset String

Dream 09 & Dream 12

Located in the WORLD folder in the root of all versions are all of the stages in the game. All 10 dream worlds are present (as "DREAM01", "DREAM02", etc.), but the list skips "DREAM09", which has no files present on the disc and almost no references to it in the code, with the counting ending at "DREAM11" to make up for it. The file Menu.tsc also has a reference to a "DREAM12" and an ordering of all dream worlds in the game indicating that Dream 9 and 12 were planned to be in included in "The City Market" and "The Desserted Kitchen" respectively. Both of these stages are accessible and somewhat playable in Asobo's prototype, and are indeed found in their suggested locations. Why they were cut is currently unknown.

Offset String
0x2BC CTDream02 DREAM02
0x2E6 CTDream03 DREAM03
0x310 CTDream05 DREAM05
0x33A KDDream01 DREAM01
0x364 KDDream04 DREAM04
0x38E KDDream06 DREAM06
0x3B8 MKDream07 DREAM07
0x3E2 MKDream08 DREAM08
0x40C MKDream09 DREAM09
0x436 KNDream10 DREAM10
0x460 KNDream11 DREAM11
0x48A KNDream12 DREAM12

Unused Characters

Although Remy is the only character normally playable throughout the main campaign (side missions not withstanding), Ratatouille technically has 26 characters in total, all stored internally within the game's files waiting to be called for their purposes within the various modes. By going into Menu.tsc, editing the assigned character listing for each stage, and activating the debug tools, it's easily possible to play as any of these 26 characters in any level- all with varying degrees of functionality.

Unused/Unseen Features

Sewer Grates

To prevent players from sequence breaking the game and accessing late-game worlds early, there are a number of metal sewage grates that block the entrances to each one until certain criteria has been met. However, there are two of these grates that are programmed with full functionality but go completely unseen.

Chase Scene Leftovers

During development, all of the chase stages featured four sections with three checkpoints dividing them. Possibly due to being too difficult or too long, they were all shortened down to only three sections with two checkpoints, with the third checkpoints all becoming the chase endings. However, it seems this was a late decision, because all four chase scenes have varying amounts of leftover content from these unused fourth sections, still functional to some degree.

Mission Briefing Images/Leftover Textures

As it turns out, the images seen in the mission briefing section of the cookbook are stored out-of-bounds within the worlds themselves, likely to be projected onto the menu when the player needs to see them. While not all of them are immediately obvious, here are the currently known ones.

Pipe Slide Loading Zones

After completing each chase level, the player is tasked with reaching the end of a pipe slide. In the starting rooms of each of these, a loading zone can be accessed that returns the player back to the main world, although it's normally closed off until the slide has been cleared for the first time. In Leaky Pipes and The Slide of Your Life however, by exploiting Remy's jump physics, it's possible to reach the loading trigger before beating the stage. However, even if the player decides to head back out to the main world, the game appears to have a built-in failsafe that kicks the player back into the pipe against their will.

In fact, if one uses hacks to force their way back into the hub during this closed off state, it's revealed that even entering the world in question from the hub side will yield the same result: getting sent into the pipe and told to clear it first.

Unused Loading Screens

It turns out that each of the heist minigames that take place in separate locations from the main world (such as inside the kitchen's storage cooler) are not only named, but have fully functioning loading screens as well, which go completely unused in normal gameplay.

Stage Geometry

Like any good 6th gen video game, there's a plethora of unused, hidden, and unseen parts of the game's stages and worlds just outside of the player's normal field of view. With the help of a coordinates modifier, we can easily expose every dirty secret the game world is hiding.

Internal File Name Oddities


In all instances of Destiny River within the game's files, it is referred to either as "MB_RIVER" or just "RIVER". There is only one exception to this pattern, however, being the stage's music- which is inexplicably called "MB_CHASE". All of the chase/slide songs in the game have "chase" appended onto them, but Mabel never chases you in this game (she does in the HD version) and the world she is found in, Somewhere in France, doesn't have a chase stage or a slide. Whether or not this naming oddity is a mistake, a leftover, or entirely deliberate is unknown.


Twitch has two wire connection minigames corresponding to heists. One in The City of Lights with the filename of "MG_ALARM", and the second in The City Market named "MG_FEN". While "alarm" makes sense for the version in the city, since Twitch has to set off the courtyard alarm outside of Gusteau's, "fen" doesn't appear to immediately have any connection with the second minigame, which sees Twitch starting up a forklift in order to steal Mabel's bag. It turns out that "fen" is meant to be shorthand for "Fenwick", which is a type of French forklift and what Asobo called it internally before the game released. This can be found in Asobo's prototype of the game, which has an NPC call the forklift in the stage "the Fenwick", and reveals the intent behind the "MG_FEN" labeling.

Demo Movie/Cutscene/Image Leftovers

Demo Movie Leftovers

As is often the case with games from this era, the demo reel that plays when you wait on the title screen is often recorded a decent bit in advance before the master build of a game is complete. This usually has the side effect of early and unfinished elements creeping into the final game through these cinematics. Ratatouille is no exception, and has a couple of interesting things to note.

Ratatouille gc leftover.png

In this scene, we see Remy running low on health as he tightropes across the rooftops in The City of Lights. Firstly, it is impossible to have only three health wedges by this point in the game, as the fourth one is awarded upon completing the tutorial. This is likely an indicator of active debugging, or possibly a subtle adjustment in the health system before the game's release.

Secondly, normally when Remy has only two hit points left, the two remaining health wedges will display as a rich yellow. Here, the first wedge is deep orange, and the last one is red. The change was likely made to help players more easily discern how much health they had left.

Ratatouille gc leftover2.png

Once again, by this point in the game, Remy usually has four hit points and not just three. In fact, after completing Leaky Pipes as seen here, he's awarded the fifth one.

In this next scene, there is a bright green soap bottle down on the countertop below where Remy is gliding from. In the actual game, the soap bottle is a simple reddish brown color. This change was likely made due to the fact that Dirty Dish Fright and Kitchen Chaos already use green soap bottles as a noticeable landmarks, so all of the other bottles were changed to not confuse players on what was a dream world and what wasn't.

Early Final
Ratatouille gc leftover3.png Ratatouille gc kitchenD29.png

Cutscene Leftovers

Just like the demo movie, the cutscenes appear to have been "finished" for the final game well in advance, so many more inconsistencies can be found here as well.

The window leading out to Kitchen Pipe appears to have switched hinge sides during development. In this cutscene after beating Soupy Assistance, the window is inexplicably opening from the opposite side. This could be interpreted as a animation miscommunication, but when factoring in the unseen geometry outside the window in the main game that could only reasonably be seen if the window opened from this angle, the idea that it was a deliberate decision seems more likely.

Cutscene Main Game
Ratatouille gc leftover4.png Ratatouille gc kitchenN62.png

In this back corner of the courtyard in The City of Lights, a open vent (not at all unlike the one from Kitchen Pipe) can be seen in the wall in the world's two cutscenes. This is interesting as even though in the final game there's nothing in this corner, Asobo's leaked prototype of the game reveals that this corner was once home to the old entrance to Leaky Pipes, being a large sewer drain. Whether or not the vent seen in the cutscenes is a remnant of this is currently unknown.

Cutscene Main Game
Ratatouille gc leftover7.png Ratatouille gc courtyard13.png

In the ending cutscene to Little Chef - Big Kitchen, Remy can be seen running into the closet door and slamming it from the right-hand side. If one looks closely, they can see that in reality, Remy has miraculously ripped the entire door off of it's hinges and latches it back on, as the doorknob can be spotted on the door's left-hand side as it should be, even while Remy has the door open. This is a significant animation mistake as a result of changes in gameplay, as the early version of this cutscene from Asobo's prototype reveals the doorknob was once on the door's right-hand side, which would help this scene make more logical sense.

Cutscene Main Game
Ratatouille gc leftover8.png Ratatouille gc kitchenD65.png

In this cutscene from The City Market, the food case Skinner is standing next to has three parallel metal bars running across it. This is another holdover from the early builds of the game, and the final game removed them entirely.

Cutscene Main Game
Ratatouille gc leftover9.png Ratatouille gc market40.png

The Desserted Kitchen appears quite unfinished in all of its cutscenes, and showcases many inconsistencies with the in-game version and Asobo's prototype. Firstly, all of the stacks of glass bottles at the left are normally seen in Little Chef - Big Kitchen, but not here. Instead, they were switched out for kitchen wares and stacks of shipment crates.

Cutscene Main Game
Ratatouille gc leftover10.png Ratatouille gc kitchenN29.png

The closet door once had a rat hole in it for unknown reasons. It shows up in the prototype as well.

Cutscene Main Game
Ratatouille gc leftover11.png Ratatouille gc kitchenN71.png

In the main game, there isn't a broom leaning against the cake table. It was probably taken out to make reaching Emile and starting the heist slightly more difficult. Also, the rat hole in the wall by the dining room doors doesn't actually lead into the dining room itself, as is suggested in this cutscene. Rather, it goes inside the wall and leads into Gusteau's old office. The inconsistency here is likely a result of needing the whole dining room modeled for when Remy and Skinner charge into it, so the animators and modelers simply removed the wall passage to avoid conflict with the scene.

Cutscene Main Game
Ratatouille gc leftover12.png Ratatouille gc kitchenN11.png

Here, the rat hole can be seen from the dining room side of the wall.

Ratatouille gc leftover13.png

Image Leftovers

Like clockwork, a few of the game's pre-captured images hide development secrets too.

This opening splash for the dream worlds can only be seen upon your first visit to one, meaning that in order to get this image to show up, Dirty Dish Fright has to be the first dream world you visit. In this image, we can see an old spawn point for Remy, being atop the green sponge behind where he normally starts. It turns out that this spawn point is also used in the prototype, meaning that changing where Remy starts was likely a last minute change, seeing how long it was in use. Also, the barbecue forks jammed into the cutting board are solid knives in the preview image, something also reflected in the prototype.

Preview Image Main Game
Ratatouille gc leftover14.png Ratatouille gc leftover15.png

In Pasta Persuasion, we can see in the dream preview that the first star was moved from on top of the lasagna to the tightrope spaghetti ahead. It's possible more stars were moved around during that part of development as well.

Preview Image Main Game
Ratatouille gc leftover16.png Ratatouille gc leftover17.png

The mission briefing in Kitchen Pipe is different depending on whether or not you've actually entered the pipe yet. if you're still outside, then instead of showing the pipe itself, it'll show a very early version of the vent leading into it.

Preview Image Main Game
Ratatouille gc leftover18.png Ratatouille gc unused9.png

Unused Videos

  • Present in ’VIDEOS/NTSC/demo‘ in the Xbox version are leftovers from a demo.
  • Present in ’VIDEOS/NTSC‘ in the GameCube version is a Japanese version of the system's boot up warning screen, even though this version was never released in Japan.

Unused Text

Within tt01.gc in the game's files is all of the game's text and dialogue written out. Thing is, it's long. Like really, really long. Amidst the insane amount of text that is used throughout the game, there is, of course, a healthy dose of text that isn't. Some of it is simply text corresponding to scrapped menu pop-ups, while other parts are for completely removed voice lines.

Readable Text

Context Text
Scrapped "How'd You Make That?" chase complete text "You successfully escaped Linguini!"
Scrapped "Chop Chop Chase" chase complete text "You successfully escaped Skinner!"
Scrapped "Harried Grocery Havoc" chase complete text "You successfully escaped Skinner!"
Unused colony quest complete text lines "Congratulations, Remy, you have collected all the darts! Now go back to the sewer to see what the rats have done with them."

"Congratulations, Remy, you have collected all the light bulbs! Now go back to the sewer to see what the rats have done with them."

"Congratulations, Remy, you have collected all the soap bottles! Now go back to the sewer to see what the rats have done with them."

"Congratulations, Remy, you have collected all the batteries for the radio! Now go back to the sewer to see what the rats have done with it."

"Congratulations, Remy, you have collected all the fuses for the TV! Now go back to the sewer to see what the rats have done with them."

Scrapped text for entering a slide with an active mission (normally impossible) "Do you want to access the slide challenge, all current mission progress will be lost."
Scrapped text for entering Oh Smelly Water with an active mission (normally impossible) "Do you want to play the raft challenge? All unsaved progress will be lost! Yes / No"
Scrapped text for entering a cooking minigame with an active mission (normally impossible) "Do you want to enter the minigame? Your current mission progress will be lost!"
Unknown The City Market warning text "This is the biggest open air market in Paris, where food is plentiful. Mangy dogs and manic shopkeepers should be avoided."
Scrapped Soupy Assistance briefing text "This is your opportunity, cook the soup like a chef..."
Scrapped text for failing cooking minigames "Too bad, you failed your soup!"

"Too bad, you failed your salad!"

"Too bad, you failed your cake!"

"Too bad, you failed..."

Scrapped world unlock text "You can now access the 'The City of Lights'."

"You can now access Little Chef - Big Kitchen."

"You can now access the 'City Market'."

"You can now access 'Desserted Kitchen'"

Text for a scrapped ability to quit chase scenes and return to a main world "Do you want to leave the chase? The progress of your heist will be lost so you'll have to play it again."
Scrapped text for impeding the player's ability to purchase bonus features based on percentage completion "Your game completion % doesn't allow you to buy this item. Play more Ratatouille story to unlock it."
Unseen level status mission names "Destiny River"

"Welcome to Paris!"

"Soupy Assistance"

"Sound the Alarm!"

"Bucket Pull"

"Follow my Lead"

"Take Aim and Blow"

"Door Pull"

"Hot to Get Out of Here"

"Shocking Starter"

"Conveyer Code"

"Basket Case Capper"

"Appetite for Appetizers"

Text for scrapped cheat codes "Shrinked"

"Remy is only half his normal size but his jumping abilities remain the same."

"Humbled" "Remy's head is reduced."

"Easter" "Remy's head is enlarged."

"FlippedX" "Inverts the camera control axis in the X direction."

"FlippedY" "Inverts the camera control axis in the Y direction."

"Blessed" "Unlocks all bonuses."

"Giveemcredit" "Shows the game credits for all parties (THQ / Heavy Iron / Disney / Pixar / Asobo Studio)."

"Ouichef" "Remy wears a chef hat."

Strangely, text for full, preparable recipes- it seems unlocking food recipes was once planned for the game's extras. Recipe #1: "This Niçoise dish is much more than a vegetable soup. It can be prepared fairly quickly by cooking everything together at the same time, but that needs to be done in the correct sequence to not miss the art and the flavour of the dish. It's also true that the recipe can legitimately vary according to tastes, but the variations should be based on experience."

"The volume is also very variable. 'Too much' doesn't apply to Ratatouille. Cook it the first time, and eat it hot as the main course; then have it again later as a cold hors-d'oeuvre. In the summer time, it's great as a cold main-course dish. It keeps for several days in the refridgerator. Ratatouille is good served with couscous grain or rice." "Cooking Pot - we use a large pressure cooker, without the pressure." "Volumes: 1.6 kg tomato, 700 g eggplant (2), 500 g zucchini (3), 700 g bell pepper (2-3), 1 kg onion, 6 cloves of garlic, Herbes de Provence (basilic, thyme, parsley), olive oil, salt, pepper, 140 g tomato paste." "1. Peel and drain the tomatoes (don't mind the seeds): cut out the stem cores; drop the whole tomatoes into boiling water for 2 minutes. Remove into a collander. The skin should split for easy removal; otherwise, make an X cut in the top, then peel off the skin." "2. Chop the onion and garlic. Clean the bell pepper, cut into small strips. 3. In a large cooking pot with thick bottom, put in olive oil, onions and chopped garlic. Add in the bell pepper. Cover to keep in the moisture. Cook for 20 minutes, stiring frequently and add olive oil as necessary to prevent singing." "4. Add the peeled tomatoes and herbs de Provence. If you don't have good garden tomatoes with flavor, add a small can of tomato paste. Stirr well and cook for another 15 minutes. [35'] 5. Cut the eggplant into slices. Cut the un-peeled zucchini into slices. 6. Add the eggplant and zucchini to the pot. Cook for about 30 minutes. [65']"

Recipe #2: "Here is a simple but delicious crepe recipe which can be made in minutes. It's made from ingredients that everyone has on hand. Original recipe yield: 8 crepes" "Volumes: 1 cup all-purpose, flour, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup water, 1/4 teaspoon, salt, 2 tablespoons butter, melted." "1. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the flour and the eggs. Gradually add in the milk and water, stirring to combine. Add the salt and butter; beat until smooth. 2. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each crepe. Tilt the pan with a circular motion so that the batter coats the surface evenly." "3. Cook the crepe for about 2 minutes, until the bottom is light brown. Loosen with a spatula, turn (or flip in the air) and cook the other side. Serve hot."

Dialogue Text

Interestingly, some of the scrapped dialogue in here actually does get used in the HD version of the game.

Context Text
Opening cutscene, after Emile's final line Remy: "You, show ME sweet moves? Sure Emile."

Emile: "Just follow me and don't forget to collect the apple cores."

"Magpie Madness" start dialogue, after Remy's final line Celine: "We're doing it for the colony."
Home Stink Home arrival cutscene dialogue, after Gusteau's line about inspiration Remy: "Help you do what?"
Scrapped colony introduction cutscene Django: "There you are! I've been worried sick about you Remy."

Remy: "Sorry, Dad, I got lost and I ended up in Paris."

Django: "Well, I'm glad you're here. This... is our new home."

Remy: "That's great, I'm back with the colony again."

Scrapped "The Key to My Success" mission complete dialogue Serge: "Go see Emile over there. He'll tell you what to do next."
Scrapped "Basket Breakout" mission complete dialogue Celine: "Hurry up, Remy, Emile's waiting for you to start the mission."

Remy: "Ok, I'm on my way."

Scrapped Soupy Assistance dialogue Gusteau: "I know you are hungry Remy but can you help that chef make a soup? You may be able to grab a quick bite afterwards."
Unknown- possibly Gusteau "Remy, hurry up!"
Scrapped pre-"Stacking for a Salad" dialogue Colette: "We need the chef's special... we need it NOW!"
Scrapped pre-"Ratatouille" dialogue Colette: "Not a second to lose... it's time to make Gusteau's special Ratatouille!"
Scrapped pre-"This Ain't no Cakewalk" dialogue Colette: "And now the grand finale... the cake!"
Scrapped "Satisfy Your Ego" heist complete dialogue Remy: "Good job everybody! We did it as a team!"
Scrapped "Satisfy Your Ego" heist failed dialogue Remy: "Who am I kidding? Me? A chef?"
Scrapped dialogue for the gold stars found throughout the game Gusteau: "These stars are a reference to those given to the best chefs in the world for their outstanding work. *You'll find some of these stars scattered all over the city of Paris... *Only a rat with a lot of heart and a nosy nature shall be able to collect them all. *To win the 5 chef stars, you'll have to pick up 100 stars in each of the 5 worlds you'll be facing... Daunting task, isn't it 'mon ami'?"
Scrapped dialogue pertaining to the NPC rats that hold missions Gusteau: "Voila... this other rat is a Mission Marker. He will tell you what can be done in this part of the world. Each assignment will help you discover the world and can be applied to future tasks. Use your Scent Vision to find mission markers in the world."

Gusteau: "Activate the Mission Marker to start a mission. To activate, just walk to the rat."

Scrapped dialogue for approaching dream worlds Gusteau: "Remy, pay attention. This food-shaped item is a Dream World Marker. To activate it, just walk to it."
Alternate take for the dart quest complete dialogue Gusteau: "Allez! You should return to the sewer to see how the darts are being put to use..."
Scrapped dialogue- possibly for entering a previously completed world Gusteau: "You should return to the sewer!"
Scrapped soap bottle quest complete dialogue Gusteau: "Tres bon... you have got the soap bottles. Now head back to the sewer to see how they are being used."
Scrapped dialogue- possibly upon returning to the hub before entering The City of Lights Django: "The colony's OK now... time to get back to work."
Remy befriends Linguini cutscene, presumably when Remy crawls all over Linguini Linguini: "Whoaaaaaa!"
Scrapped mid-chase flavor dialogue Remy: "Oh no!"

Skinner: "I'll get you, you little disease-infested rodent!"

Skinner: "You're dead now... vermin!"

Scrapped mid-stage Remy flavor dialogue "Finis!"

"Legs don't fail me now!"

"I say yeah!"

"Great... just what I need... dogs."

"Did you say... dogs?"

"Dogs... now there's an animal with boundary issues."

"One clean gutter coming up."

"Yes! And I'm here to see it!"

"Well it sure ain't Poughkeepsie."

"Of course I'm hungry! I haven't eaten since Mabel's!"

"Well... my family's here and that's what matters."

"Tell me about it. I've gotten a whiff of about a thousand different smells down here... none of them pleasant."

"Mine too. Let's get cracking."

"Turn off the gas... and it's near a shelf... check."

"Rope on the door, clear a path... got it."

"One key coming right up."

"Imagination is my middle name."

"Don't worry... we'll get that star back yet."

"Together Linguini and I can create something you'd be proud of."

"But he will... with my help, of course."

"I know I'm not a great chef... yet... but I'll make you proud."

"Most humans think the only good rat is a dead rat."

"I know. I heard he's put your name on frozen burritos. Very sad."

"Is that a trick question? I'm always ready for good food."

"Yeah, and people say we're pests!"

"Traps? He sure knows how to make a rat feel welcome."

"I'm all over it."

"It's never easy, is it?"

"Well, we're here. Let's get to work."

"Would love a piece of cheese right about now."

"My nose is on overload."

"Food, food, glorious food."

"With Gusteau, my idol... what could be better?"

"Would love a piece of cheese right about now."

Scrapped mid-stage Linguini flavor dialogue "Hey Little Chef, wait up!"

"HAHA now we're cooking!"

"look... I can't even boil water."

"A little Salt... A little pepper. Now that should be a bonus to the meal... Um, shouldn't it??"

"This is our secret little chef, ok?"

"Urmm Err Too Many options... I don't know what I'm doing here."

"Whoa, whoops... Erk... alright lets try again."

"Shhh not too loud."

"If music be the food of love, then... oh, how does it go?"

"Cooking is like music huh??"

"With these fancy moves I'm sure to cook up a storm... um erm with your help, that is, lil chef."

"A pinch of this... A pinch of that... Heh check out these fancy moves!"

"Thanks for saving me lil' chef."

"Always saving me aren't you, little chef?"

"No time for games, we have to cook... well, maybe just one game"

"Whoa. Get it under control..."

"I'm the one in control here... Aren't I?"

"Shall we start?"

"Hey lil' chef... wake up... time to start cooking."

"(Linguini Snoring)"

"That smells nice... maybe I can cook"

Scrapped mid-stage Skinner Dialogue "I've got you this time you little rodent!"

"What do you think you are trying to do?!"

"You think you can get away?!"

"I'll get you for that!"


"That's it... my heart!"

"Hey, anybody out there? I'm in the storage closet!"

"Someone unlock this door immediately!"

"A rat!"

Scrapped mid-stage Emile flavor dialogue "wonder if that means more food."

"I hope it's cheese!"

"Yay Treats. Oh hehe"

"See it's the Simple things. The key is not to be picky."

"I'll have one of those and one of that... um and that... oh yea definitely that..."

"Oh, you mean like that yellow stuff I found yesterday."

"That sure wasn't tasty!"

"The Dinner bell is like music to my ears"

"Is that my stomach - grumbling? Sorry I'm a lil' hungry"

"Always save some food for later... not too much later though."

"Whoa... all this playing makes me hungry."

"Hrmm I'd try anything... twice"

"Oooh, hey? Like mini-cookies and mini-cakes? Sounds delicioius!"

"I wonder if there's an eating contest I can join?"

"Can't Wait... Much longer... Sooo Hungry..."

"I'm withering away here, I'm soo hungry. Let's go find some food."

"If I knew you were gonna take this long, I woulda packed a lunch"

"Do you think this will teach me how to control my appetite?"

Scrapped mid-stage Gusteau flavor dialogue "There is a world of culinary delights waiting for you!"

"I believe anyone can cook... including you!"

"There are wondrous culinary adventures waiting for you."

"The customers are getting hungry... So cook!"

"Tastes and flavors are everywhere... you just need to mix it up now and then."

"Remember you have many options..."

"There are many secrets when cooking."

"It is a chefs job to unlock the secret flavor in food."

"Never cheat... always follow the recipe!"

"Learn proper technique. Do not cheat yourself."

"Ah garnish... It's a bonus sure to bring a smile."

"Oui, Oui! I think you are learning the secrets of cooking!"

"To be great, you must learn first to be flexible."

"With all those moves you are sure to be a great cook."

"Pots and pans are music to a chefs ears."

"Flavors are like sounds. They can be loud or quiet."

"Always Save the recipe you have made."

"This is the key to Cooking."

"The ability to Control the flavors... allows you to control the meal."

Version Differences

  • In terms of graphics, the Xbox, Wii and PC versions are the best with the highest quality textures and lighting; PlayStation 2 is the middle ground with good textures but slightly worse lighting, though it really doesn't look much different in most cases; and GameCube is the worst with the most compressed textures and weakest lighting at some points.
  • The GameCube version is locked at 30fps while all the other console versions are locked at 60fps ...and then the PC version is locked at 500fps possibly due to the devs not expecting most at the time of release to have good enough specs to reach that high and thus not bothering to set it lower (foresight is for the weak).
  • Due to the game being mostly programmed with 60fps in mind, running the PC version above it causes slight physics differences.
  • All console versions have a draw distance system where far away objects and textures gradually fade in and out as you get near or farther from them; the PC version removed it resulting in objects instantly appearing and disappearing instead.
  • Most console versions have a 16:9 aspect ratio option in the main menu; the Wii and PC versions removed it and instead the aspect ratio on the former is based on the overall system settings and on the latter is based on the resolution selected on the seperate GameSetup executable, however the text for the option is still in their code thus making them unused.
  • The Disney Interactive Studios logo in the PS2 and Xbox versions has a dark blue color, a watery effect and it shows the full name; the Wii, GC and PC versions have the logo with a mostly white color and it's just written "Disney".
  • The music tracks in the Xbox version are stored in WAV files while all other versions use their own proprietary formats.
  • The audio for the FMV cutscenes in all languages in the console versions are encoded at 44100 Hz stereo; the english FMVs specifically in the PC version, for some reason, are at 22000 Hz mono while all other languages are the same as on consoles.
  • The audio for the demo FMV in the Wii version is encoded at 44100 Hz while all other versions have it at an astonishing low 11000 Hz.
  • The FMV cutscenes in the Wii and GC versions have a slightly higher resolution of 640x320 compared to all the others' 512x256.
  • The PS2 version has a stock image of Remy that's the first thing that appears every time the game boots up, the PC version also has the image stored at its root but it goes unused.
  • The Wii and GC versions have an unused copy of the Asobo Studio logo video named "00LOGO" whose only difference is its audio is encoded at 44100 Hz while the used one is at 48000 Hz.
  • As mentioned above, the Xbox version has leftover videos from a demo and the GC version has an unused japanese variant of its boot up warning screen.
  • The GC version has an empty text file named "rat.ini".
  • The Wii version has an unused copy of the GC version's normal boot up warning screen.
  • The Wii version has an unused copy of the demo FMV named "introsanslogo_wii".
  • The Wii version has additional minigames whose controls make heavy usage of the Wii remote. The files for them are also all present in the GC version but are unused and their size are smaller, whether that's just due to compression or there's stuff missing in them is unknown.