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Red Dead Redemption 2/Characters

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This is a sub-page of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: A model of a woman's naked (albeit censored) lower half.



Unused Characters

Cutscene/Mission PEDs

Adam Gray

In the game files, there is an unused Gray family member named Adam.[1] One of his appearances would've placed him inside of Caliga Hall's cut interior alongside other members of the Gray family.[2]


Men Appearing in Frank Heck's mission

Males intended for Frank Heck's mission remain in the files.


Featherston Chambers
  • There is an unused character named Featherston Chambers who remains in the files.[3] Of note, Dutch van der Linde uses a very similar name to this as a pseudonym in the mission "The Gilded Cage" in the final game.


Abe Maclean

A cut character named Abe MacLean exists who would've served as the owner of MacLean's House. He has a few cut missions involving him and his mail order bride.


Nial Whelan
  • There is an unused character known as Nial Whelan who is still in the files. He wears a recolored version of Billy Midnight's suit and pants in red and grey instead of blue and gold.[4] Nial was a part of the cut "tre2" mission, and animations exist for Dutch opening a window only for Arthur to throw Nial out of it.


Dr. Lane Higgins

There is an unused character named Dr. Lane Higgins who was leftover in the files alongside his voicelines,[5] he would've served as the subject of a cut stranger mission set on Guarma.[6]


Leon's Niece

A character known as Leon's niece would've been rescued by Bill and Arthur during a mission in Guarma. Cut dialogue notates that she would've been taken off the island.[7] Her dress uses the same model and textures as Mary Linton's, and she even has a funeral hat that is nearly identical to Mary's (which is used by Edith Downes in a trailer) except it also features a veil. Mary Linton also wears Leon's Niece's hair in her funeral outfit.


Scarred Miner

Parts of a model and textures for a miner who likely victim to an explosion exists in the game with a scarred face.


Senor Andreas Colon
  • Remnants of a cut character that would've appeared on Guarma exist called Senor Andreas Colon who used similar face textures to Leviticus Cornwall. His hat is nearly identical to that of Dr. Lane Higgins' and Samson Finch, and he would've given out missions to either Arthur or John.[8]


Seth Briars

There is an unused PED model for Seth Briars for Red Dead Online found in the game files, notably he shares John Marston's head model albeit slightly altered. He also has remnants of a different appearance, with a much older face and messed up hands.

Seth's Red Dead Online Model Unused Outfit
SethBriarsRDO.png SethBriarsUnused.png
Madeline Fussar
  • A character known only as "Madeline Fussar" has leftover files[9] as well as hair, a turban, and an open and closed veil in the files.[10]


  • There is an unused Acrobat performer.[11] Text and animation files suggest she would've performed at the Théâtre Râleur, and one of her three performance animations as well as animations for Aldridge T. Abbington's introduction and outro for her remain in the files.[12] She has an unused outfit with a ripped ankle, implying that booing her would've caused her to get injured.


Mrs. Fellows
  • In the game files, there is an unused character named Mrs. Fellows.[13]


"Oh, Brother" Unused Female Character

There is an unused female character that was part of the "Oh, Brother" stranger mission.[14] Her torso is unfinished and her right hand bears the Rockstar logo, the texture for it is called "righthandprincess" in the files.


"A Kind and Benevolent Despot" Unused Lady
  • A lady wearing a turban, originally intended to be used in "A Kind and Benevolent Despot", appears in the files.



A character known as a Cajun was cut from the game.


"Forgiven" Couple

One couple, which are labelled as having been "forgiven", appears to have been cut from the game.


Braithwaite Servant and Maid
  • A Braithwaite Servant and Maid was cut.



There exists a cut maid intended for Online named Mabel.


Suicidal Miner
  • A suicidal miner was cut from the game; only a few assets for him remain in the files.


Miss Timmins

There exist the remnants of a character known as Miss Timmins, who was intended to be Mayor Nicholas Timmins' wife. The only remnants of her besides a model skeleton are a pair of legs wearing lingerie.



There are leftover models for a cut judge, all that remains is his vest and hair.


A character known as Alfonzo has hair leftover in the files.

Gunslinger's Widow

There is a character known as a gunslinger's widow in the files, all that's left is a funeral hat similar to Mary Linton's.

Nelson Nemesis

Someone known only as "Nelson Nemesis" was cut from the game.

Hamish Sinclair's Wife
  • Hamish Sinclair had a wife at one point in development.

O'Driscoll Leader and Henchmen
  • There is a cut O'Driscoll Leader in the files, as well as some henchmen for him that also go unused.


Bounty Targets

Saint Denis Saloon Bounty
  • There exists a cut bounty target who was intended to have been found at the saloon in Saint Denis.


Mauled Outlaw
  • A mauled outlaw exists in the files who would've served as a bounty target. There is also a mauled O'Driscoll in the files who may have served as a counterpart to the outlaw.


Old Man
  • A bounty target known only as being an Old Man was leftover in the files.


Sleeping O'Driscoll
  • There is a cut sleeping O'Driscoll who would've served as a bounty target. It's possible he was originally going to take the place of Bart Cavanaugh due to similarities between the two.


Drunk O'Driscoll
  • A drunk O'Driscoll leftover in the files would've originally served as a bounty target.


Doc Wormwood
  • There is an unused bounty target named J.P. 'Doc' Wormwood.[15] He has a headless outfit variation, implying his head could've possibly been blown off at some point. His

cut bounty poster says he was wanted for poisoning people by posing as a traveling salesman, similar to Benedict Allbright. He would've been found at Cornwall Kerosene & Tar.

With Head Without Head
DocWormwood.png DocWormwoodHeadless.png
Lizzie Hicks
  • Lizzie Hicks is a cut bounty target who has audio relating to her leftover in the files.


Sheriff Owens
  • In the game files, there is an unused character named Sheriff Owens with outfits for both 1899 and 1907.[16]


Mr. Pattison

There is an unused official with voicelines named Mr. Pattison. He was intended to have appeared at the Wapiti Indian Reservation.[17]

Old Wise Man
  • An Old Wise Man wearing a Chinese Skull Cap was cut who would've likely been a shopkeeper at Manzanita Post. He also has a 1907 appearance and appearances featuring bandages.


Mexican Army
  • Members of the Mexican Army were apparently meant to appear in the game, based on cut text files for them.
Tallulah Jetty Bartender
  • A bartender for the cut location Tallulah Jetty was scrapped prior to release.


Van Horn Sheriff
  • A Sheriff for Van Horn was cut from the game, he would be seen frequently drunk.
Strawberry Bartender
  • Strawberry had a cut bartender.
Fort Wallace Shopkeeper
  • Old Fort Wallace had a shop with a cut shopkeeper.
Annesburg Cut Merchants
  • Annesburg had a cut general store owner, banker, doctor, and bartender. Unfortunately nothing remains of them in the files
  • Le Vilaj had a cut bartender and shopkeepers.
  • There is an unnamed lady who may or may not be unused.


  • Obese men and women were originally intended to spawn around the map as evidenced by the large amount of finished models (aside from a man from Butcher Creek who is missing his eyes) left over in the game for them, though it appears they ultimately went unused.
Obese Murfree Brood

An obese member of the Murfree Brood bearing a resemblance to the obese man from Butcher Creek can only be seen in the gang's compendium image and is otherwise unused.

Cut Member Compendium Member
MurfreeObese.png MurfreeCompendiumObese.png
Unknown Obese Man

There also exists an obese man with unknown affiliations,


Mail Order Bride

An obese "Mail Order Bride" who is a man wearing a dress, wig, and makeup, intended for Abe Maclean's cut mission


Obese Art Appraiser

An obese art appraiser, he possibly would have appeared in the side mission "The Artist's Way", most likely at Charles Chatenay's art exhibition


A discoverable Neanderthal was intended to appear frozen in something, though only a cut model and an animation still exists within the game files.[18] He has unused hair.


Strawberry Blackjack Dealers

Models exist for Blackjack dealers in Strawberry that do not appear in the final game


Valentine Blackjack Dealers

Models exist for Blackjack dealers in Valentine that do not appear in the final game


Annesburg BlackJack Dealers

Models exist for Blackjack dealers in Annesburg that do not appear in the final game


Deer and Reed Cottage Brothers

Deer Cottage and Reed Cottage were intended to be inhabited by feuding twin brothers. PED models and unique animations for both remain in the game files.[19] It seems during their final encounter, they would have been found dead. Josie Dawson has lines which still allude to them in the final game.[20]


Shack Serial Killer

Another unused character, known as a serial killer in the files, may have been part of the encounter with the twins and could have murdered them. He would've been found at Bayall Edge in his shack.


Ambient Foremen

Ambient foremen were supposed to spawn in the game at various locations, but their models go unused reason or another.[21]


Mentioned Character Models

Cutscene/Mission PEDs

Frank Heck

Frank Heck was meant to be a subject in the stranger side mission "The Noblest of Men, and a Woman". His model is within the game files but was left unused.[22]


Bessie Adair

There is an unused character in Red Dead Online named Bessie Adair. She has an eyepatch and was meant to be a daredevil as described in the "Aerial Amazement" newspaper article.


Grace Lancing

Grace Lancing, despite only appearing in a photo in Red Dead Online, has a full model that are never seen in-game implying that she was supposed to have a larger role.



Eliza, the woman with whom Arthur had a child, was intended to have a much larger role in the game. She has five cut missions with dialogue and animations for these missions. There are also remnants of textures and a model for her, including hair for 1907.[23] Eliza would've accompanied the gang across the various camps and then showed up in the epilogue; she was even intended to accompany the gang in Guarma at some point.



Arthur and Eliza's son, Isaac, who has a cut model for a blanket he was likely supposed to be wrapped in, was also intended to appear as a very small child and was intended to have frozen to death at the beginning of the game.[24]

The Giant
  • The Giant has cut animations,[25] models, lines,[26] and textures with alternate appearances for 1899 and 1907.
1899 1907
Giant1899.png Giant1907.png
Isabeau Katharina Zinsmeister
  • Though she was not entirely cut from the final game, Isabeau Katharina Zinsmeister has a cut adult model and text as well as animations relating to turning her in to the sheriff at Annesburg and putting her in a cell.[27]


Archibald Jameson
  • There is an unused model of the mentioned character named Archibald Jameson.[28] He also has a tuxedo intended for the mission "The Gilded Cage".
Regular "The Gilded Cage"
ArchibaldJameson.png ArchibaldJamesonTux.png

Dale Maroney
  • There is a cut character mentioned by an NPC in Smithfield's Saloon named Dale Maroney,[29] who has outfits for 1899 and 1907.[30] Cut animations reveal he has five encounters that were cut from the game. On the first, he would've been seen drunkenly stumbling out of the saloon; the player would've thrown him into one of the stalls at the stable. Then he'd be seen being beaten up a man in an alley in which the player could intervene. After this, he'd try to drunkenly steal something from a store only to be arrested by the sheriff. The player could then presumably meet him in a cell. Finally, the player could either watch him be hanged or intervene by shooting the rope in which he'd drunkenly stumble away.[31] He also has a cut vest and hair.
1899 1907
DaleMaroney.png DaleMaroney1907.png


Strawberry Doctor

The Strawberry Doctor was intended to physically appear at one point.

Rhodes Doctor
The Rhodes Doctor has an unused appearance in the files.


Existing Character Changes

Cutscene/Mission PEDs

Lemoyne Raiders Leader
In the files, there is a Lemoyne Raiders Leader who may have served as an early version of Lindsey Wofford.


Gilbert Knightly in "The Gilded Cage"

Gilbert Knightly's appearance in "The Gilded Cage" is random, although a model exists in the files for him.


Trailer Valentine General Store Owner
In a trailer for the game, the Valentine General Store Owner looks entirely different; this appearance was leftover in the files.


Camp Cook
In Red Dead Online, there exists an unused PED model for a camp cook.


Old Cajun
  • The Old Cajun originally looked much different than in the final game, this cut version of him can still be seen in the mission photo for "A Fine Night For It". It's possible this version of him was also intended to be an informant

for the Lemoyne Raiders, or perhaps an early version of Camille de Millemont due to his appearance and filename.

Old Cajun "A Fine Night For It" Mission Screen
OldCajun.png AFineNightForIt.png
Marko Dragic's Robot

Marko Dragic's robot has full functionality as an NPC and even drops unique loot, its 1907 appearance also works as an NPC.[32]

1899 1907
Robot1899.png Robot1907.png
Manmade Mutant
  • The Manmade Mutant has remnants for a fully functioning PED model within the game's files and thus it's possible it was intended to be able to move around at one point.


Jake Adler

Jake Adler's face model and appearance is starkly different in the photo inside of the Adler Ranch house than in Red Dead Online.

1898 Photo Model
JakeAdler1898.png JakeAdlerPhoto.png
  • William was originally meant to be a Native American, there exist textures and voicelines for this version of him in the files.


  • Seamus is listed as being the son of Eugene Wegner in the files.
Free Roam Gray's and Braithwaite's"
  • It was originally possible to encounter members of the Gray and Braithwaite families in free roam.
Hamish Unused Appearance
  • Hamish has an unused appearance. In the final build, his model is random.


Thomas Unused Appearance
  • Thomas has an unused model with a starkly different appearance.


Adler Family Differences
  • The Adler Family appears to have been intended to have been slightly bigger at an earlier stage in development; there exists files referring to a mother, father, and son.


Cut Valentine Sheriff

There exists a cut sheriff for Valentine, as well as an unfinished 1907 outfit for this sheriff.


Cut Saint Denis Fence

There exists a cut Saint Denis fence with multiple different outfits, including a tuxedo intended for "The Gilded Cage".


Armadillo Train Worker

An unused Armadillo Train Station worker (different from the one who appears in Red Dead Online) exists with bandaged appearances and an alternate appearance for 1907.


Tumbleweed Train Worker

An unused Tumbleweed train station worker (different from the man at Benedict Point) exists in the files.


Wendell Bishop

Blackwater has a train station worker that goes unused in the final game with a 1907 appearance, his name was intended to be Wendal Bishop.

Riggs Station Train Worker

Riggs Station has an unused train station worker with a 1907 appearance.

Ticket Man for Saint Denis Ferry

There is a cut character who may have been intended to have been used to sell tickets for the ferry in Saint Denis.


Unused Trapper Appearance

The Trapper has an entirely different version that was cut in which he would've looked much more rugged and older. It's possible the Trapper that appears in the final game was only supposed to operate in Saint Denis due to his filename.



Arthur Unused Face
  • Arthur has unused face textures, including high definition textures, but also, as seen in some trailers for the game one of his earlier face models would've more closely resembled his actor, Roger Clark. The model and textures themselves went through many iterations throughout development.


John Pre-Release Model
  • The playable John Marston has an unused pre-release model more closely representing his NPC counterpart which included the functionality for this model to lose and gain weight; he also would've worn his NPC hair and used different animations that more closely resembled his appearance in Red Dead Redemption.[33]
Beta Model Final Model
PreReleaseJohn.png FinalGameJohn.png

Character Name Discrepancies

Some characters have their names listed differently in the files or in-game, either due to a potential developer oversight or a name change at some point in development. These discrepancies are listed below:

  • Rains Fall was originally known as Rains Come.
  • One of the textures for Davey Callander's and Jenny Kirk's grave has the name inscribed as "Jenny Callender". Most of the files for Davey have his name spelled "Callender", implying his last name was spelled this way initially. It's also worth noting that in Arthur's journal the last name is spelt "Callendar" though this may be intentionally misspelled.
  • Amos Lancing is known as Amos "Lansing" in the files.
  • Hector Fellowes is referred to as Hector Hollowes in the game files.
  • Mama Watson was originally known as Mama Russell.[34]
  • Multiple times in the files the Downes family is known as "Downs" or "Down".
  • Trelawny is sometimes referred to as "Trelawney" in the files.
  • David Geddes is known as Mr. Michael Geddes on the sign for Pronghorn Ranch.
  • Iain Gray's name is sometimes spelled Ian, the more modern way of spelling the name.
  • One of the Bennett Brothers' graves has the last name spelled as "Bennet".
  • Andrew Milton is referred to as "Milton Andrews" in the files.
  • James Langton is known as "Langston" in the files.
  • Annabelle is referred to as "Annabel" by the subtitles.
  • Herbert Moon is known as "Herbet Moon" occasionally in the files.
  • Olive Calhoon is referred to as "Mrs. Calhoun" in the files.
  • Anthony Foreman is known as "Antony Foremen" in the files.


=====Molly in "The Gilded Cage" Molly O'Shea has an unused outfit for "The Gilded Cage" mission.


Javier in "The Gilded Cage

Javier Escuella has an unused tuxedo which was likely intended for "The Gilded Cage" mission.


Javier Robbery Outfit

Javier has an unused outfit for a robbery, where this was going to appear is unsure.


Javier Unused Beards

Javier also has several unused beards, possibly for when the gang is on Guarma


Jack Marston Unused Clothing
  • Jack Marston has unused pants, a vest, a hat, and two coats.

Angelo Bronte Unused Outfit

Angelo Bronte has an unused outfit with a towel and shaving cream on.


Bill Unused Outfits
  • Bill has an unused outfit that lacks a beard, this outfit was seen in one of the trailers of the game. More beards for Bill can also be found within the game's files. He also has an unused heist hat. In "Banking, The Old American Art", Bill wore his bandana instead of a full mask in trailers for the game. He also has three unused suspenders, an unused shirt, an unused gun strap, sleeves, a coat shawl, five unused pants, two unused holsters, a mask, five unused gun belts, and an unused coat part.
Bathing Ladies
  • The bathing ladies have an unused necklace, legs, and eyebrows.
Unused Band Outfits in "The Gilded Cage"
  • Various members of the band at the Mayor's party in "The Gilded Cage" have unused outfit pieces, including the singer's cut boots, the pianist's cut vest and hair, the drummer's cut vest and hair, and the bassist's cut vest and hair.
Ashton's unused Vest

Ashton has an unused vest.

Brutus' Unused Hair

Brutus has unused hair.

Bill's unused Hair
  • A bully named Bill has unused hair.
Brother Dorkins Unused Scar
  • Brother Dorkins has an unused scarf.
Aldridge T. Abbington Cut 1907 Appearance

Aldridge T. Abbington has a cut 1907 appearance.


Alberto Fussar Unused Hair

Alberto Fussar has unused hair.

Bronte's Butler Vest

Bronte's butler has an unused vest.

Brenda Crawley Unused Eye cap and Legs

Brenda Crawley has an unused eye cap and legs.

The Braithwaite's butler has an unused vest.

Jimmy Brooks has an unused vest.

One of the Blackwater photographers has an unused scarf.

The French Man who appears on Guarma has an unused vest and hair.

A living version of Agnes Dowd exists within the files.

Mabel has unused hair and boots.

The trailer for the game used an alternate appearance for Eagle Flies in the final mission featuring him. He also has an unused eye cap.

Archie Downes has a cut outfit featuring him being much younger and a slightly different outfit for the trailer.

Nathan Kirk had hair instead of being bald.[35]

Mayor Nicholas Timmins has an unused outfit for 1907.

Edith Downes wears an unused funeral outfit in the trailer as well as an unused skirt.

  • Edgar Ross has an unused gunbelt.
  • The old lady who appears during "Angelo Bronte, a Man of Honor" has unused hair.
  • A henchman intended for Red Dead Online has two unused masks and an eye cap.
  • Hans has an unused overall piece, eye cap, and teeth.
  • JB Cripps has four unused shirts, two vests, two unused teeth, two unused spurs, two unused pants, four torsos, three gunbelts, two heads, two unused hats, two hairs, two unused sets of eyes, two coats, two sets of eye caps, two sets of boots, and two beards.
  • Cliff has an unused scarf.
  • Mary Linton has two unused hats.
  • Lilly Millet has unused socks.
  • Lillian Powell has unused eyelashes.
  • Mary Beth has three unused hairs, a head model, and two unused eyelashes.
  • Molly O'Shea has two unused shirts, a torso, two sets of legs, hair, a coat, and two unused blankets.
  • Miss Marjorie has unused eyelashes.
  • Misfortune Martha has unused boots and hair.
  • Jeb has a strikingly different cut outfit with him being clean shaven and well dressed. He also has an outfit that was likely intended for 1907 with a blue coat and no hat.
  • Aldridge T. Abbington has a cut appearance featuring a different hairstyle and a mustache.
  • Guido Martelli has an unused 1907 outfit, vest, and a head.
  • Levi Simon has an unused vest.
  • Jon has an unused hairline.
  • Arthur Londonderry's son has an unused vest.
  • Leopold Strauss has an unused vest and boots.
  • Some generic males and females intended for the story have an unused vest, two hairs, and two sets of boots.
  • Dutch's winter coat has an unused coat shawl, he also has an unused heist hat, a striped red vest, two other unused vests, two unused ties, two unused shirts, two unused torsos, an unused holster, two unused coats, an unused chain, unused sleeves, and his bandana was originally maroon as seen in trailers for the game.
  • Some of the O'Driscolls present at Colm's execution have three unused hairs and three unused vests.
  • Desmond Blythe has unused hands.
  • Deborah MacGuiness has unused legs and a head.
  • Dorothea Wicklow has an unused hat and boots.
  • The conductor for Leviticus Cornwall's train has an unused vest and hair.
  • Leon Fuentes has an unused hat.
  • Micah's corpse has two variations: one without an eye, and one with an eye. The one with an eye is never used in the final game due to a developer oversight. He also has a cut vest, shirt, hair, two bangs, an eye patch, and two beards, as well as a cut robbery outfit.
  • The Meditating Monk has unused boots.
  • Meredith Buckley's mother has unused eye caps.
  • Jake Adler has a cut outfit that appears to have been intended for Story Mode.
  • Abe has an unused hair model, glove, and face texture.
  • Lenny Summers has unused hands, a vest, and two unused gunbelts.
  • Oswald Dunbar has an unused informal outfit with variations for 1899 and 1907.
  • Tom Dickens has an unused hair model and head texture.
  • Some of the Saint Denis street kids have unused hair, a hat, teeth, eyes, and an eye cap.
  • Charlotte Balfour has an unused vest, shirt, and head model.
  • Winton Holmes has an unused belt.
  • Hamish Sinclair has an unused vest.
  • There exists a pig mask which has functionality to be worn by an NPC.
  • Jean-Marc Mercier has an unused vest, likely intended for "The Gilded Cage".
  • The Vampire has unused hair.
  • Moira Calthorpe has an used vest and hair.
  • Anastasia and her friend have unused legs.
  • Acrisius has unused hair.
  • Uncle has an unused torso.
  • Tavish Gray has an unused vest.
  • Tilly Jackson has unused legs.
  • The Mysterious Maya has an unused skirt and shoes.
  • Sonny has unused hair.
  • Bob Brownlee has an unused 1907 appearance.
  • Trelawny has a cut sleeveless union suit, three vests, two ties, pants, a torso, legs, and boots.
  • Old Man Jones has a vest that isn't used in-game as well as a horn and coat.
  • Maggie Fike has unused pants.
  • Sheriff Freeman has an 1907 appearance that isn't used in the final game.
  • Lee has an unused coat, union suit, knife, belt, and satchel.
  • Jeremiah Shaw has an unused eye cap.
  • Margaret has cut hair and a vest.
  • The Chelonian Master has cut eyelashes.
  • Brynn Tildon has a cut outfit for use outside of "The Gilded Cage".
  • The bartender at the Blackwater Saloon has an unused outfit with a suit jacket and no apron.
  • Antoinette Sanseverino has an unused torso, hat, three unused legs, three hairs, and boots.
  • Black Belle has unused legs.
  • Emmet Granger has unused hair.
  • Jeremy Gill has an unused outfit without a vest or a coat featuring a bloody shirt and apron as well as unused hair.
  • Charles Smith has an unused hat for heists and a vest, gloves, as well as a gunbelt.
  • Algernon Wasp has unused frills, a shirt, a corset, and a coat.
  • Benjamin Lazarus has an unused piece of his hair.
  • Silas Crawford has an unused outfit with a red sweater, beige pants, and glasses. He also lacks sideburns or a goatee and uses a different hair model.
  • Wendell White has unused legs.
  • Sampson Black has an unused shirt and suspenders.
  • Marko Dragic has an outfit variation for 1907 that is never used as well as an unused hair.
  • Cleet has an unused coat.
  • A cattle rustler has an unused hair and vest.
  • Catherine Braithwaite has unused legs and hair.
  • Some of the cancan dancers at Théâtre Râleur have four unused boots, two hairs, and legs.
  • William has a cut outfit with a coat, black hair, normal eyes, and a closed undercoat.
  • Cooper has a vest that was cut.
  • A few of the shopkeepers (and Oswald Dunbar) from Blackwater and some from New Austin had 1899 outfits that were reused for Red Dead Online.
  • Hosea wore unique outfits in some of the trailers for the game. He also has a cut red scarf.
  • The Town Crier has an unused 1907 appearance and mask.
  • Kieran Duffy has a cut hair model, shirt, coat, and neckerchief.
  • Edmund Lowry Jr. was intended to have a gun belt.
  • Reverend Swanson has a cut arm, another arm and a stomach, as well as hair and half chaps.
  • Gwyn Hughes has an unused vest.
  • A Pinkerton has an unused vest and hair.
  • Penelope Braithwaite has unused pants, legs, and hair.
  • Karen Jones has two unused torsos, a loose blouse, hair, and knickers.
  • The man whom Karen attempts to rob in "Polite Society, Valentine Style" has unused hair and a vest.
  • Obediah Hinton has an unused vest.
  • Archer Fordham has an unused red vest, gloves, and pants correlating to an 1899 appearance, implying he was originally supposed to be a part of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency|Pinkerton Detective Agency. He also has cut hair.
  • Abigail has cut legs and a torso.
  • Tammy Aberdeen has cut legs and knickers.
  • Herbert Moon has cut appearances, including casual ones and a few where his face is thinner.
  • Eldin Grubb has cut outfits for 1899 and casual appearances.
  • Benjamin Lambert has unused hair.
  • Wilson J. Mcdaniels has an unused shirt and hairs.
  • Sadie Adler has two unused pants, a hat, a shirt, a shawl, a head model, hair, a belt, and a coat.
  • Many shopkeepers in New Austin and Blackwater have cut 1898/1899 bandaged appearances as they cannot be accessed in Red Dead Online.
  • Benjamin P. Lockhart Sr. has a cut 1907 appearance.
  • Sean MacGuire has two unused vests, a robbery outfit, and wound model.
  • Simon Pearson has unused pants and a sweater.
  • J. John Weathers has a cut holster.
  • Benedict Allbright's coat originally had a quilted pattern.
  • Frank Heck has a cut outfit which has him looking slightly different and it noticeably features fewer buttons on his coat sleeve.
  • Albert Mason has a cut opened vest.
  • Senator Antoine Ricard has unused glasses.
  • Samson Finch has an unused holster, Boutonniere, and belt.
  • Many workers including undertakers, barbers, shopkeepers and some lawmen have casual appearances that are never used.
  • Heston Jameson has an unused hat, as well as an appearance lacking gloves. This implies he was originally supposed to appear outside of "The Gilded Cage", perhaps patrolling the grounds at Sisika Penitentiary. He also has an unused torso and hair.
  • Hobart H. Crawley has two unused sets of hands.
  • Mother Superior Calderón has unused legs.
  • Susan Grimshaw has unused earrings and a corset.
  • John has many different cut clothing articles for his NPC version which includes a black closed coat, another coat for him being wounded as well as another coat, an unused variant for one of his shirts, a tie, two scarves, spurs, four other shirts, a pocket watch, a strap for his pants, five pants, a neckerchief, a torso, a head model, a gunbelt, globes, an eye cap, three hairs, two suspenders, a black vest, four other vests, his original Cowboy Outfit, brown textures for his hat, and a black hat as well as another hat.
  • In the mission "Advertising, The New American Art", both Arthur and Hosea would've worn complete hillbilly outfits with overalls and fake beards. Hosea would've also worn a similar hat to the one Arthur wears during the mission.
  • A cut unique red bandana could've been worn by the player.
  • There were two different variations of the duster coat that doesn't appear in the final game.
  • It was originally possible to remove the satchel.
  • The player could've worn both a full mask and a hat at the same time.
  • A quiver as well as an upgraded version was cut from the game that would've been used to store arrows.
  • It was originally possible to wear both a bandana and a necktie at the same time, this would've likely coincided with a cut animation involving the player tying their bandana each time they put it on.
  • The lasso was originally supposed to appear on the player's belt.
  • It was possible to tuck the neckerchief down into the player's shirt at one point.
  • The Legend of The East outfit has an unused special bandolier and knife sheath.
  • There was originally supposed to be a rifle holster the player could wear, similar to the first game.
  • Arthur has over a hundred remnants of and full cut outfits leftover in the files, most of which were completely scrapped prior to release.[36] His hat was more brown in the beta, it was originally possible to close the gunslinger jacket, he also has a cut pirate outfit leftover in the files which would've likely been taken from a cut pirate skeleton as well as a cloak. There are some cut outfit components including a mask, boots, and holster which appear to be for low honor players. His belt buckle was also flipped at some point in development (some NPCs still use the buckle as it was originally designed), and he wore his full Wittermore outfit during "Banking, The Old American Art". The high honor version also had a pocket chain.
  • There are some cut outfit components including a mask, boots, and holster which appear to be for low honor players and something similar for high honor players.
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