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Red Dead Redemption 2/Characters

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This is a sub-page of Red Dead Redemption 2.


Unused characters

Isaac and Eliza

Eliza was originally a member of the Van Der Linde gang, and the mother of Arthur Morgan's son Isaac. Isaac was intended to die in the snowstorm when the gang fled to Colter, and Eliza would have served as a second love interest (alongside Mary Linton) during the story. She would've ran away at some point, according to cut dialogue, and John could find her in the epilogue. Ultimately, the death of Isaac was cut and Eliza's role was also found not to be working well, so she was removed almost entirely from the game. She has lines of her talking to John as well as Arthur in which she would've run away.

Eliza's assets appear to have been repurposed for multiple other characters; Francis Sinclair's mother, the bath maid at the Saints Hotel in Valentine, and an unused character who was intended to be the niece of Leon Fuentes. The niece can be seen in an unused mission image for the cut smg1 mission in Chapter 5.

In the released game, Arthur talks about Eliza and Isaac to Rains Fall, in which their backstory was rewritten to them both being killed by thieves over ten dollars. A woman who may be Eliza can also be seen on a missing person poster in Edmund Lowry Jr.’s basement, in an apparent reference to her absence from the game.

Leon's Niece

A character who was supposed to be rescued and taken off the island by Bill and Arthur on Guarma, her outfit is nearly identical to that of Mary Linton and she also has a veil and hat that resembles Mary's funeral outfit.

Isabeau Katharina Zinsmeister

A princess of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg who disappeared during a trip the United States in 1884 at the age of 5. Her now-20-year old self is present but unused in the game, and would have served as the subject of a cut side mission in which the player could find her and bring her to the Annesburg Sheriff's Office for a reward.

There are many remnants of the character and mission still present in the game. A missing person poster for the princess can be found outside of the Old Light Saloon in Van Horn Trading Post, and patrons inside the saloon will talk about her disappearance. There is a chest in the Van Horn fence that is surrounded by child's toys and bears both her initials and the Luxembourg Royal Seal. A man in a random encounter will claim to be searching for her, and is heading to Van Horn to look for clues. Additionally there is a newspaper article marking the 15th anniversary of her disappearance.

Frank Heck

A fifth legendary gunslinger that was to appear in "The Noblest of Men, and a Woman". Frank could be found at a high stakes poker game in the Tumbleweed Saloon, where the player could rile him until he flipped the table and challenged the player to a duel. The player could either kill Frank, or disarm him which would result in him drawing his other gun and killing the player. In his mission photo, he has less buttons on his shirt and a few other details are different compared to his cut model.

The character and mission were evidently scrapped when it was decided late in development that Arthur should not be able to visit New Austin, as it would then be impossible to complete the stranger mission strand until the epilogue. Frank's photo doesn't mention Tumbleweed and instead says that he frequents parlors in Saint Denis, so it seems some attempt to relocate the mission was made before scrapping the character entirely.

Seth Briars

Returning character from the first Red Dead Redemption game. Seth looks younger and significantly more put-together here than he does in that game. He was intended to appear as a mission giver in Red Dead Online, but still has not been implemented to date.

Adam Gray

A member of the Gray family in Rhodes.

Featherston Chambers

It's not clear what purpose this character once held, but his name is used by Dutch as an alias at the Saint Denis Mayor's party in "A Gilded Cage".

Dale Maroney

There is a cut character mentioned by an NPC in Smithfield's Saloon named Dale Maroney, who has outfits for 1899 and 1907. Cut animations reveal he has five encounters that were cut from the game. On the first, he would've been seen drunkenly stumbling out of the saloon. Then he'd be seen being beaten up a man in an ally in which the player could intervene. After this, he'd try to drunkenly steal something from a store only to be arrested by the sheriff. You could then presumably meet him in a cell. Finally, the player could either watch him be hanged or intervene by shooting the rope in which he'd drunkenly stumble away.

Nial Whelan

There is an unused character known as Nial Whelan. Nial was a part of the cut "tre2" mission, and animations exist for Dutch opening a window only for Arthur to throw Nial out of it.


Would have appeared at the Vaudeville Theater during an act.

Archibald Jameson

Mentioned in-game as a wealthy industrialist who owns the mine in Annesburg. His brother Heston attends the Saint Denis Mayor's party in "A Gilded Cage". It's likely Archibald was originally intended to attend the party as well, or appear at some point in Annesburg.

Dr. Lane Higgins

A stranger who was meant to appear on Guarma and task Arthur with saving ancient relics. His dialogue still remains in the game's files.

Sheriff Owens

An unused sheriff, but it's not clear where he was intended to be located. Van Horn Trading Post has a burnt down Sheriff's office, so he may possibly have served that town originally. Another possibility is that Owens could have replaced Sheriff Jones in Armadillo following the latter's resignation or death.

Doc Wormwood

There is an unused bounty target named J.P. 'Doc' Wormwood. He has a headless outfit variation, implying his head would've possibly been blown off at some point. His cut bounty poster says he was wanted for poisoning people by posing as a traveling salesman, similar to Benedict Allbright. He would've been found at Cornwall Kerosene & Tar.

Mr. Pattison

An official assigned to the Wapiti Reservation. He carries a unique document that goes unused alongside him.

Mrs. Fellows

Possibly the wife of Hector Fellowes, although her name is spelled differently.

Feuding Brothers

Two feuding brothers who were each supposed to inhabit Deer Cottage and Reed Cottage go unused. Josie Dawson still refers to them and their feud in dialogue.

"Oh, Brother" Female

A cut female character intended for the "Oh, Brother" stranger mission.

Senor Andreas Colon

Remnants of a cut character that would've appeared in Guarma exist called Senor Andreas Colon who used similar face textures to Leviticus Cornwall. His hat is identical to that of Dr. Higgins', and he would've given out missions to either Arthur or John.


The Giant has unused models for 1899 and 1907, as well as animations and dialogue implying he would've been found outside of his cave.

Armadillo Train Station Worker

An unused Armadillo Train Station worker exists with bandaged appearances and an alternate appearance for 1907.

Saint Denis Fence

This shopkeeper was supposed to run the Saint Denis Fence and would've also appeared in "The Gilded Cage".

Abe Maclean

A cut character named Abe MacLean would've likely served as the owner of MacLean's House.

Obese PEDs

Many obese peds remain in the game files, including an art appraiser and a member of the Murfree Brood who only appears in their compendium photo.

Manmade Mutant

This creature has unused functionality to work as a character, as opposed to a static figure.


Marko Dragic's robot has functionality as an NPC and could even have been looted when killed by the player to give the unique Scrap Metal item.

Grace Lancing

She appears in a photo in Red Dead Online, but has a full model and a gun left over in the files.

Bessie Adair

This daredevil character who is mentioned in the newspaper was supposed to appear in Red Dead Online, and possibly story mode at one point.

Red Dead Online Camp Cook

This cook was supposed to appear in Red Dead Online, possibly at the player's camp.

Madeline Fussar

A turban, veil, and hairs exist for a character only known as Madeline Fussar.


A Neanderthal was supposed to be discovered frozen somewhere, he also has different hair in the files.


A cajun was cut from the game.

Forgiven Couple

Two characters labelled as being forgiven were cut from the game.

Braithwaite Servant/Maid

A Braithwaite Servant and Maid was cut from the game.


A maid cut from Red Dead Online.

Lemoyne Raiders Leader

The apparent leader of the Lemoyne Raiders.

Mexican Army

Files remain for the Mexican Army in the game.

Unused character variations

Gilbert Knightly

Gilbert Knightly's appearance in "The Gilded Cage" is random, although a model exists in the files for him.

Valentine Sheriff

A vastly different sheriff for Valentine appears in the game files.

Old Cajun

A different version of the Old Cajun appears in the mission photo for "A Fine Night for It". It's possible he was an early version of Camille de Millemont due to his filename and appearance.

Old Wise Man

An old wise man wearing a Chinese Skull Cap was cut who would've been a shopkeeper at Manzanita Post. He also has an appearance featuring a bandaged head and lighter robes.


A different version of the trapper appears in the files, who looks much older and more grizzled.

Molly O'Shea

Molly has a unique dress for "The Gilded Cage".

Javier Escuella

Javier has a unique tuxedo for "The Gilded Cage" as well as unused Guarma beards, a vest and shirt, and a robbery outfit.

Bill Williamson

Bill has unused beards, as well as a heist hat and an outfit completely lacking a beard which was seen in a trailer for the game. He also wore his bandana instead of a special mask during the Saint Denis bank heist in a trailer.

Agnes Dowd

A living version of Agnes Dowd exists in the files.

Eagle Flies

Eagle Flies had a different outfit in the trailer for the game.

Archie Downes

Archie Downes has a cut outfit where he's much younger, as well as a cut trailer outfit.

Nathan Kirk

Nathan Kirk has unused hair.

Mama Watson

Was originally known as Mama Russell according to the actor.

Hector Fellowes

Referred to as Hector Hollowes in the game files.

John Marston

Has unused face textures, head models, a vest, shirt, hair more closely resembling his NPC version, animations, his Cowboy Outfit on NPC John, and a black hat. The Legend of The East outfit has a cut bandolier and knife sheath.

Angelo Bronte

Has a cut shaving cream outfit and a suit that only appears in a picture.

Jake Adler

Has a different face model in the picture at Adler Ranch.

Nicholas Timmins

Has a 1907 outfit.


Has an outfit with him being clean shaven and well-dressed.

Aldrige T. Abbington

Has a cut hairstyle and mustache.

Guido Martelli

Has a 1907 outfit.

Dutch van der Linde

Has an unused coat part for his winter coat, a vest, bandana texture, and a heist hat.

Micah Bell

His frozen corpse with both of his eyes doesn't show up in the final game due to an oversight. He also has a cut eyepatch, beard and robbery outfit.


Has an unused hair model, glove, and face texture.

Oswald Dunbar

Has informal outfits for 1899 and 1907.

Tom Dickens

Has an unused hair model and head texture.


Has a cut sleeveless union suit.

Old Man Jones

Has a cut vest.

Sheriff Freeman

Has an unused 1907 appearance.

Town Crier

Has an unused 1907 appearance.


Has an unused coat and shirt.

Blackwater Bartender

Has an unused informal outfit.

Jeremy Gill

Has an outfit with a bloody apron and shirt.


Has an unused heist hat.

Silas Crawford

Has an unused casual outfit and different hair.

Marko Dragic

Has an unused 1907 appearance.


Has a cut appearance in which he looks healthier.


Has a cut vest.

Hosea Matthews

Has unused trailer outfits, a scarf, and an unused hillbilly outfit for "Advertising, The New American Art".

Edmund Lowry Jr.

Has a cut gun belt.

Kieran Duffy

Has a cut hair model.

Reverend Swanson

Has a cut hair model.

Archer Fordham

Has an unused 1899 appearance.

Benjamin P. Lockhart Sr.

Has a cut 1907 appearance.

Sean MacGuire

Has an unused vest, robbery outfit, and head wound.

J. John Weathers

Has an unused holster.

Benedict Allbright

Has an unused coat.

Albert Mason

Has a cut opened vest.

Heston Jameson

Has an unused hat and hands.

Susan Grimshaw

Has unused earrings.


He has a cut appearance.

Arthur Morgan

Has an unused red bandana and two unused duster variations. The high honor Wittermore outfit had a pocket chain. He wore his full Wittermore outfit during "Banking, The Old American Art". His belt buckle was flipped, it was possible to close the gunslinger jacket, and his hat was more brown in the beta.

The Player (Arthur/John)

The satchel could've been removed in earlier versions, and the player could've worn both a mask and hat at the same time. There was a quiver that got cut, as well as an upgraded version. The lasso was supposed to appear on the player's belt, and the neckerchief could've been tucked into the player's shirt. There also exists a cut rifle holster and a pirate outfit as part of a cut treasure hunt on Guarma.