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Red Dead Redemption 2/Missions

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This is a sub-page of Red Dead Redemption 2.


Story Missions

  • Textures for a saddle and a night stand as well as an audio file of Arthur spitting exists for a mission known as "Winter03" in the files. It would've likely taken place between "Enter, Pursued by a Memory" and "Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall?".
  • A cut mission for Chapter 3 named "tre2" (or "Trelawny2", as the mission was given by Trelawny) was intended to appear in the game which involved Arthur and Dutch fighting off bounty hunters from Boston while on a train.[1] There exist animations for the pair hiding in a bar in Saint Denis at one point in the mission. Two unique train cars were intended to be used in this mission, and variants of these cars were reused in later missions. Arthur has a cut bounty poster that may have been used in this mission, and the cut character Nial Whelan would've been thrown out of a window during this mission.
  • There is a cut Chapter 4 mission named "NTV0" (or "Native0"). There is a cutscene regarding the conversation between Arthur and Charles for this mission, though it was trimmed down, turned into a random camp interaction, and only rarely occurs during Chapter 4.[2][3] The mission would've consisted of Charles, Eagle Flies, and Arthur going to rescue some kids who were sent off to boarding school in a military convoy. The convoy would be attacked and at some point a soldier, who at some point says he was "just following orders", would've tried to kill one of the Native Americans who would beg him not to do so and would say that they have a family.
  • One of the cut missions, named "ind2" (or "Industry2") in the game files, was supposed to involve Arthur, Micah, Hosea, and Abigail trying to test the law response times prior to "Banking, The Old American Art".[4] The mission would've involved Arthur planting dynamite underneath the Cornwall Freight and Commodities building before having to stop a witness, blowing the fuses, and escaping a shootout involving an Iron Mule in a train before both the train and the Iron Mule would've crashed, leading to Arthur and Micah jumping off the train and escaping.[1] A model for the blown up Cornwall Freight and Commodities building still exists within the game files,[5] as well as a mission image featuring Arthur planting the dynamite.
  • A mission was cut from the game (referred to as "smg1" or "Smuggler1" in the files) which involved Bill and Arthur rescuing Leon's niece during the Guarma chapter. Only a mission photo and models for Leon's niece remain in the game files, though cut text implicates that Arthur and Bill would've helped her off the island. Roger Clark mentions that at one point, a scene would've taken place involving jumping into a lagoon.
  • A mission was cut from the game in which Arthur would assist Brenda Crawley in escaping her husband Hobart and his men. A crypt would be involved somehow and Brenda would express gratitude to Arthur for having helped her.

Side Missions

  • Eliza was the subject of a mission strand, known as "ELZ". The first mission involved her running off in Chapter 1 and Abigail telling Arthur to go look for her, wherein she would've set up camp not too far from Colter. Not much is known about the second mission other than Susan Grimshaw asking Arthur if he's seen Eliza while at Clemens Point during Chapter 3, and nothing at all is known about the third and fourth missions. In her final encounter, John could meet her in the epilogue just a bench away from where Tilly is encountered in Saint Denis, where he doesn't recognize her at first although she immediately recognizes him.
  • Text and animations leftover in the files have to do with a mission involving Arthur meeting with Mary Linton at the saloon in Rhodes, wherein she has rented a room. She mentions that the people who she is hiding from "may kill her" if Arthur does not help her.[6]
  • A cut character known as Senor Andreas Colon was supposed to give five missions in Guarma (referred to as "Coln" in the files) to either Arthur or John, though this was cut quite early in development and there are only remnants of what would've happened. He would've been met at a table for the first four missions (though he does not seem to have a physical role in the second), and each time he would be asleep with a bottle or a glass of wine and his opium pipe. During one encounter, there would've been a camera involved. During the final encounter, the player could find him sitting down on the ground writing in a book with an umbrella before he would've stood up, and joined the player in a boat. He'd look around and get frustrated at one point, before pointing excitedly in presumably different directions. Cut text suggests he also would've given the player a map, and the opium pipe belonging to him can be found inside of a room during a random encounter in Valentine.[7]
  • The cut character Dr. Lane Higgins was intended to be encountered on Guarma and was the subject of a stranger mission strand. Cut voicelines depict him asking the player to stop members of the Cuban Military from desecrating a sacred site in order to steal post-Columbian artifacts, which he believes "belong in a museum".
  • A mission known as "MCAT" in the files would've involved the cut character Abe Maclean asking the player to herd some cattle for him. All the while, he'd be ordering a bride from a catalog who would show up as an obese man in a dress and the two would make way to Emerald Ranch where they could be found looking at a dress.
  • Eleven bounty hunting missions (including Doc Wormwood's, which would've taken place near Cornwall Kerosene and Tar) were cut from the game, this includes one near Watson's Cabin, one at Beryl's Dream, one at Quaker's Cove, one at Old Fort Wallace, two near Bluewater Marsh, one near Ringneck Creek, one near Mattock Pond, one at Clemens' Point, and one near Braithwaite Manor.

Existing Mission Changes

  • Though possibly an oversight, in "Horse Flesh for Dinner" Arthur mentions the horses they steal to either be English Thoroughbreds or Arab Chargers (a non-existent horse breed) and Tavish Gray mentions the horses to be Thoroughbreds. Despite this, neither Thoroughbreds or Arab Chargers appear in the mission though it's also possible neither knew exactly what breed the horses were. A similar occurrence happens in "He's British, of Course" and "A Kind and Benevolent Despot" where the mule is referred to as a donkey and vice versa.
  • In "Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor" a small cutscene with Arthur and John leaving the scene of the graveyard was cut.
  • During "Eastward Bound" a cut cutscene featured Bill getting into a fight with someone and Arthur trying to break it up, either successfully or with backlash from both parties.
  • Slightly different dialogue was cut from "The New South".
  • Arthur has cut dialogue for yelling out in "Welcome to the New World".
  • During "A New Future Imagined" there exists a cut cutscene involving John and Abigail arriving home after their date.[8]
  • In "The Noblest of Men, and a Woman", Billy Midnight was originally meant to be found running an establishment called Midnight's Saloon in Annesburg, as evidenced by cut text and an earlier version of his photograph for the mission.
  • During the mission "Good, Honest, Snake Oil", Benedict Allbright was originally supposed to be found in the Valentine Oilfields according to a poster in the back room of Ben Calloway's office and location coordinates in the files, similar to the cut character Doc Wormwood. He would've apparently tripped over a crate of chicken and bystanders including a woman would be present during this bounty.
  • Molly, Javier, the cut Saint Denis Fence, and Archibald Jameson all have outfits for "The Gilded Cage", implying they would've been in that mission. Molly in particular has cut dialogue pertaining to the mission.[9]
  • During the mission "Bare Knuckle Friendships", John and Uncle were supposed to be seen riding to Riggs Station in a cutscene instead of immediately getting off of the train.[10]
  • Bill Williamson and Lenny Summers were originally supposed to be part of the mission "Pouring Forth Oil IV".
  • "Duchesses and other Animals" has a cut cutscene that was likely intended to be used for John. The animations differ, and certain actions differ such as John refusing to let Algernon hug him.[11]
  • Many stranger missions appear to have unique animations for both Arthur and John, though John's animations go unused in the final game.
  • Bill was originally supposed to be part of the mission "Country Pursuits" instead of Dutch van der Linde.
  • Originally Javier Escuella was supposed to be a part of the mission "Just a Social Call", as pre-release images showed him fighting alongside Arthur in a shootout in Annesburg.[12]
  • Frank Heck was intended to have a mission in "The Noblest of Men, and a Woman", wherein he would've been encountered playing a game of cards in the Tumbleweed Saloon (an attempt was made to relocate it to the Saint Denis Saloon) with four other gunslingers. The player needed to have a certain amount of money and they needed to be dressed in specific clothing in order for the guard to let them into the room. The player would request for Frank Heck to pose for a photo, to which he would agree. Afterwards, the player would've participated in a game of cards with him. At some point, the player would've insulted Frank Heck which would result in him flipping over the table and drawing irons. It was possible to disarm one of his guns, which would result in him attempting to shoot at the player with the other. Only a mission photo, music, some animations, the photo Theodore Levin would've given Arthur of Frank Heck (which can still partially be seen in the first mission), and Frank Heck's model remain in the files.[13]
  • An unused female character would've taken part in the mission "Oh, Brother".
  • Arthur has a far more intimidating line cut from interrogating the O'Driscoll in "Outlaws from the West".[14]
  • "He's British, of Course" is known as "Here, Kitty Kitty" in the files and would've likely featured a camel as well as the Bradley Brothers in Saint Denis.
  • "The Artist's Way" is known as "For My Art" in the files.
  • "The Mercies of Knowledge" is known as "Ride The Lightning" in the files.
  • In "The Noblest of Men, and a Woman", unused voicelines reveal that originally Ged Calloway was named Matt (or Mac) Calloway.
  • Arthur has cut dialogue for completing "A Test of Faith" despite him never being able to collect all of the dinosaur bones without the use of glitches.[15]
  • Arthur has cut dialogue for completing the mission "A Fisher of Fish" despite him never being able to catch all of the legendary fish without the use of glitches.[16]
  • A cut cutscene shows Dutch and Arthur exiting from the Saint Denis Tailor in their new outfits prior to "The Gilded Cage" mission.[17] There also appears to be a follow-up to this involving the player getting in the carriage afterwards as lines for Bill exists for this sequence.
  • In the mission “Red Dead Redemption”, there are extended cutscenes that are hidden behind the Coyote and the Buck scenes.
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