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Red Dead Redemption 2/Weapons

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This is a sub-page of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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An unfinished model exists for a Blunderbuss.



A cut model for a Derringer can be found in the game files.


Buffalo Rifle

There exists a model for a Buffalo Rifle in the files.


Brass Knuckles

An icon, model, and textures exist for Brass Knuckles, which could've been equipped by the player.

Compendium Image Model
Brass Knuckles.png BrassKnucklesModel.png

Cut Special Arrows

Confusion, Drained, and Disoriented were all statuses that could've been inflicted by special arrows or throwing knives.

Folding Shotgun

Pre-Release images feature Arthur wielding the folding shotgun.


John's Revolver

The compendium image for John's revolver depicts a slightly different appearance than in the final game.

Compendium Image Model
JohnsCattleman.png JohnsCattlemanIngame.png