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Robot Wants Fishy

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Title Screen

Robot Wants Fishy

Also known as: Pedro's Space Adventure 2
Developer: Hamumu Software
Publisher: Max Games
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: August 20, 2010

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Robot gets what it deserves.

Unused Graphics

Robot Wants Fishy-Placeholders.png

More placeholder sprites.

Revision Differences

A reskin for a site called Boy's Life was made called "Pedro's Space Adventure 2", featuring the donkey mascot of the site. The two versions are identical apart from the following:

Robot Wants Fishy Pedro's Space Adventure 2
Robot Wants Fishy-title.png Pedros Space Adventure 2-title.png
  • The walls have been recolored and there's no links to any websites from the main menu. The title graphics, player character, and fish have also been changed.
Robot Wants Fishy
Pedro's Space Adventure 2
  • The player character is also completely different of course, and the weapon of choice was changed from bombs to...mail.
  • Chronox Shards are recolored from green to red.
  • The story has been rewritten so that instead of trying to get a fish, the player needs to get a rocket up and running.