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Robotech: The Macross Saga (Coleco Evolved)

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Title Screen

Robotech: The Macross Saga

Developer: Lucky Chicken Games
Publisher: Coleco
Platform: Coleco Tabletop Arcade
Released internationally: 2019

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Coleco's Robotech: The Macross Saga is just a port of the Game Boy Advance game on a smaller screen, housed in Coleco's famous Tabletop Arcade shell. Adding insult to injury is that this was pitched (and funded!) through a Kickstarter campaign by Coleco which didn't disclose that this was a port.

And if that wasn't bad enough...

Unused Text

Starting at 0x2CA48 in the ROM is text left over from the PokeGear, an unlicensed Game Boy Advance clone system. None of this was in the original game's ROM.

For some mysterious reason, the Kickstarter campaign was also rather vague about the "new" hardware that Coleco's "new" games would be using.

      Play Game      

PokeGear is a GBA system plat-form that runs GBA games, GBC,
It can update the built-in gamethrough TF and read out the
built-in game to TF, which is a good choice for game lovers and game developers.

Software function introduction:

The game files in TF can be
written into the built-in ROM of
the platform through the UPDATE/BACKUP function.

We provide games, game memory
function is perfect, can be ret-
ained forever, update the new
game,the platform built-in game 
can be written back to the TF
card, but keep in mind the built
-in game and the game in the TF 
card. Same, so the next time you
write the files in TF into the
built-in ROM, the memory of the 
previous game can be reused.
Please note that this platform
can only see 200 game files in
TF, which will not be obvious.

If the user writes in the game 
by himself, the game must patch 
to SRAM save type, you have to
use the patch tools as GBATA,
it has the function of permanent
memory only without updating the
new game.
At the end of the game,
he can press RESET key, return
to the main menu and re-enter
GAME PLAY, select the SAVE func-
tion, write the memory into ROM,
and turn off the power After the
new game is updated,the last ga-
me will be rewritten,and memory 
will no longer exist. We are so-
rry that the games that users   
write into the builtin ROM will 
not always run.                 
Hardware parameters:            
CPU: 32BIT ARM7;                
LCD:320X240 IPS interface;      
Battery: 650MA/H                
Working current: 230MA          
Matters needing attention:      
 When you enter the update/back-
upfunction, please plug in the  
power supply to ensure that the 
function can be successfully    
 TF Card's file system must be  
------------- End --------------
BuiltRom  Information  Serial Num : MS002E    LCD Driver : 9325C     Game Name :                                   
File Information       Serial Num : MS002E    LCD Driver : 9325C     Game Name :                                   
 X=Update   Y=Backup 
 Update: A=Yes  B=No 
 Backup: A=Yes  B=No 
(Source: Original TCRF research)