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Rockford (Amiga)

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Title Screen


Developer: Icon Design
Publisher: Melbourne House
Platform: Amiga
Released internationally: 1989

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Developer Message

On an original copy, a developer message can be found between 7A049 and 7A1FF. However, the message is cut off, continuing at AA818 and ending at AA9C6.

 Greetings to all you budding hackers out there, I hope you
 find this a little difficult to crack, 'though knowing you
 Tim it probably won't take much longer than 15 minutes!
 I must apologise for the use of amigados file format, but we
 were in a bit of rush and we needed to get it out on time, so
 we couldn't be bothered to use Trackdisk or do our own disk
 format. Never fear though! I have nearly perfected my mega-hard-to-hack
 disk format that I may use on future Melbourne House/Mastertronic
 games, to add a little spice to your lives!

 In the meantime, dig out Devpac, put the black coffee on, and get to

 So, a big round "Rot In Hell" to:
 J0lly R0ger (of BAUG), Kent Team (& Bamiga Sector One), Star Frontiers,
 Tel, The cat, and all you other budding hackers out there

 Love, kisses, and Cyanide,

 P.S. Jason Hattrell- go fuck yourself!