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Rush'n Attack (NES)

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Title Screen

Rush'n Attack

Also known as: Green Beret (JP)
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Platforms: NES, Famicom Disk System
Released in JP: April 10, 1987
Released in US: April 1987
Released in EU: 1988

LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Rush'n Attack is a conversion of the arcade classic but features two additional stages, a two players simultaneous mode and a catchy soundtrack. "Let's Go Ben!" "Ok Steve!"

Regional Differences

Although the Japanese Famicom Disk System version is roughly the same as the NES version, there are a few differences.

Title Screen

Japan USA Europe
Green Beret JP-title.png Rush'n Attack US-title.png Rush'n Attack EU-title.png

Game Over

Green Beret Rush'n Attack
Green Beret-game over.png Rush'n Attack-game over.png

The Japanese version allows the player to continue up to three times after a game over. The international versions lack continues and repositioned the text slightly.

Hud Glitch

Rush'n Attack-hud glitch.png

The North American version introduced a glitch where part of the score digit 5 sometimes turn grey.

Hidden Tunnels

Green Beret-tunnels.png

If you destroy some of the landmines in stages 2, 4 and 5, a few ladders will be revealed, which leads to a secret tunnel area. In the tunnel, you will encounter all standard enemies as well as supply runners and landmines. In order to get back to the ground level, you must use one of the ladders on the upper floor. Each exit ladder leads you to a random location of the same stage. These tunnels were removed in the international versions.


Green Beret Rush'n Attack
Green Beret-intro.png Rush'n Attack-intro.png

The text in the intro was cleaned up and some additional graphic details were added to the background.

Stage Clear

Green Beret Rush'n Attack
Green Beret-stage clear.png Rush'n Attack-stage clear.png
Green Beret-stage clear2.png Rush'n Attack-stage clear2.png

The Japanese version doesn't feature the stats in the stage clear cutscenes. Also, the text and the animation of the flag were touched up as well.


Green Beret Rush'n Attack
Green Beret-ending.png Rush'n Attack-ending.png

Once again, the text was revised with punctuation and exclamation marks. The ending cutscene also freeze-frame your character(s) in the international versions and uses the sky background palette as the background for writing its text.


Green Beret Rush'n Attack
Green Beret-credits.png Rush'n Attack-credits.png

The special thanks credit was altered between versions. Additionally, the green-clad soldiers were repositioned.

Other Japanese Differences

  • As per FDS standard, there is loading time between stages. You will need to switch to side B before the title screen, and back to side A before the final stage.
  • In the Japanese version, you start with three lives instead of five.
  • If you lose a life, you will respawn at the very spot where you died instead of being sent to the last checkpoint (in the international versions, instant respawns are only allowed in 2-players mode).
  • Each secondary weapon you pick up only adds one use to your arsenal instead of three. However, there are more supply runners, and you can carry a maximum of nine rounds instead of three and keep your weapon between stages.
  • At the secret weapon on the last stage, enemies rushes in from both sides of the screen instead of just the right side, making this part much more difficult.

Level Select

Also only in the Japanese version, hold A+B+Down on controller 2 and one of the below buttons (corresponding to the desired level) on controller 1 at the title screen, then press Start to go to the desired level.

Level Button
2 Down
3 Left
4 Up
5 Right