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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky/Unused Audio

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This is a sub-page of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

Unused Dialogue

The voice lines have been based on subtitles lines in st_subtitles.xml. Though some of them changed later, the subtitles for them still remained the same. This article uses the in-game subtitles rather than direct transcripts, so there might be subtle differences both in Russian and English files.

Evading Helicopter

It was planned that, apart from Faction War between Clear Sky and Renegades, the player was going to meet a hostile military helicopter out for their blood. According to the voice files, to get away you just needed to get to hide in the reeds and wait for it to go away.

Name Sound Text Comments
Base, this is oh-one-two. I see a mercenary in the marsh. Instructions, over? This one has a notable slip: the voice actor says "oh-two-one" instead of "oh-one-two". The subtitles and Russian variant are right here though.
Oh-one-two, this is Base. Terminate him!
That's affirmative, Base. Proceeding.
Shit! The bastard hid in the reeds! Now unless we burn the whole thing, we ain't got a chance in hell of finding him!
Oh-one-two, this is Base. Keep patrolling.
Ten-four, Base.

Nimble's Starting PDA Tutorial

Xrcs pda fraction war.jpg

During the tutorial, where Nimble describes the various features of Scar's PDA, one line goes unused. It's mar_csky_tactic_pda_tutorial_15.ogg, which, according to its number, goes right after Nimble describes what quantity and resource meters mean. The described features don't appear to be in the final game, however, they do in concept arts. The feature is a supposed leftover of the idea of not only resource points, but also science points, allowing the faction to gain access to new equipment. In the final game, both of these types were just merged, and all that's left over is this phrase.

Sound Text
The symbols shown at the very bottom reflect the distinctive features of our combat equipment.

Unused Sounds

Limansk Gunfire

gunfire_lim_1.ogg to gunfire_lim_4.ogg are ambient sounds that were likely supposed to play in Limansk.

Daylight Lamp

daylight_lamp_1.ogg and daylight_lamp_2.ogg are uhh... sounds of a daylight lamp. There's little to talk about, apart from the fact that the both sounds are never used.

Radio Music

SoC had a few radio tracks used to play as ambient sounds near radios. Two of them were different fragments of slightly distorted "Dirge for the Planet" by Firelake, while another was "Intro. Part 2" by Atroxis. While the latter was removed, the former two were carried on to the next game, named called megafon_music_1.ogg and megafon_music_1.ogg.

This is an unlikely leftover due to the aforementioned deletion of the other track, the fact that their location has been changed (from gamedata/sounds/characters_voice/scenario/megafon to gamedata/sounds/ambient/megaphones) and the fact that the bitrate of the tracks has been improved, but other than that it's not clear where exactly those tracks were going to be used.

Mine Squeak

mine_squeak_2.ogg is an unused squeak sounds which was intended to play at Red Forest mineshaft. A few similar sounds are used but this one cannot be heard.

Hunting Rifle Reloading

A set of reloading sounds for the Hunting Rifle go unused; these sounds more closely match the style of the Sawn-off Shotgun's reloading sounds, instead of reusing the ones from SoC.

Regional Differences

Since S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky is a world-wide, international release with all the languages packed in different .db-files and the only files being changed are text and sounds, there are no regional differences in terms of look or gameplay. However, there are still some oddities between languages.

Unused Dialogue

There are some phrases in the game's files that exist only in the English version of the game, while the Russian version just has nothing more than unused text for them. That is quite odd, considering that the game was originally made in Russian and then translated into other localizations.

Early Zvyagintsev Dialogue

An early Zvyagintsev dialogue for the shooting range minigame. The fact that it's located in subtitles rather than in st_dialogs_agroprom.xml implies that Zvyagintsev originally talked with the player without going into dialogue state... Or the developers just put these lines in the wrong file:

Name Sound Text Comments
День добрый. Провериться на меткость не хочешь?

Hello. Let's find out how good you are with a weapon!

This one particularly is used as a greeting line.
Неплохо, неплохо! Ну, раз так, тебе награда.

Not bad, come on over for your reward.

This one particularly is used as a victory line.
Жизнь - такая штука... Не повезло сейчас, повезёт потом. Ты приходи ещё, не стесняйся.

Better luck next time. Come here and we'll talk.

This one particularly is used as a defeat line.
Захочешь ещё пострелять - заходи.

Drop in when you feel like shooting some targets.

This one particularly is used as a farewell line.

Lebedev's Talk About Red Forest

Levedev lines that could've been used before and after going through the Red Forest:

Name Sound Text
Merc, I don't have any information about a path through the Red Forest. There are many rumors about these woods, but we don't have any other option - we must find a way through the Red Forest and find Forester.
Well done, merc - you made it through the Red Forest. Forester's hut is really close.

Inquisitor's Greeting/Goodbye

Unused Inquisitor lines that he should've said when the player approaches him and when the player goes away. Similar phrases are here for all other important characters.

Since meet/bye phrases got no subtitles associated with them, there are no Russian variants of these phrases. The text in these tables was transcribed.

Name Sound Text
Another visitor for my menagerie!
My critters won't harm you. Just don't stick your fingers in their cages!
Don't be afraid, stalker, come closer. I ain't like the rest of them.
Stop by sometime to pet my little animals!
Stay in touch, you are a fine specimen yourself, hahaha!
My zoo is always open to visitors!

Greeting Scar

Someone (presumably one of Dutiers near Forester's home) greeting the player after coming out of the Red Forest. In the final game, no one reacts.

Name Sound Text
Давно не видел никого, кроме монстров, выходящих из Леса. Ну, подходи, герой! Давненько я ни с кем не разговаривал...

It's been a while since I've seen someone other than monsters come out of the Forest. Well, come on over, big guy - let's have a chat.

Agroprom Base Guard Dialogue

A clearly unfinished raw version of a dialogue can be found leftover within the English localization too. It's impossible to tell which leader is mentioned: Orest or Krylov. Scar's lines, obviously, have no voice line.

The last phrases are meaningless in both Russian and English versions. If that is a raw placeholder, then it's strange that developers actually voice acted it. That is probably the reason it got cut from the final.

Name Sound Text
Та-ак... и куда это мы собрались?

Hey... Where do you think you're going?

agr_dialog_go_to_leader_01 Мне необходимо встретиться с лидером.

I need to see your leader.


Go on then.

agr_dialog_go_to_leader_0111 Спасибо.


Ничего не знаю.


agr_dialog_go_to_leader_0122 Я понял.

I gotcha.

Valerian's Unused Greeting

Unlike other important characters, Valerian got just two voice lines for greeting the player, not 3. The third one lies buried in the game's files and appears only in localizations, for reasons unknown.

Name Sound Text
Want another truth about the Zone? So do I! Let's share.

Unused Leshiy's Phrase

Out of all stuff found only within the English localization, this one is the strangest, because this is a Russian phrase, which does not appear in the Russian version.

The game uses only mil_hires_in_bubble_thanks_1.ogg, while mil_hires_in_bubble_thanks_2.ogg is identical to the first file, only differing in one subtle part: Leshiy says 'Heck!' (originally "Чёрт побери!") instead of 'Hot dang!' (originally "Твою мать!").

Name Sound Text
Чёрт побери! Мы выбрались из этого заколдованного круга! Вы слышите?! Мы выбрались из аномалии! Движемся в сторону Лиманска!

Heck! We're free! You hear me? We made it out of the anomaly! We're heading for Limansk!

(Source: Original TCRF research)