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Saboteur (NES)

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Title Screen


Also known as: Ghost Castle, Clown's Mission, Hell, Contest 2004, Butterfly, Spider Man 2, Masked Man II, Unwonted Space
Developer: Nice Code
Platforms: Unlicensed NES, VT03

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Saboteur is an unreleased Atari 2600 game, ported to bootleg NES hardware, and published on Atari-licensed plug & plays, which would later be extensively hacked and included on non-Atari-licensed plug & plays.

Revisional Differences

To do:
  • Add differences from the prototype version.
Ghost Castle (VT02) Clown's Mission (VT02) Hell (VT02) Hell (VT03)
Ghost Castle-title.png Clown's Mission-title.png Hell (VT02)-title.png Hell (VT03)-title.png
Ghost Castle-main.png Clown's Mission-main.png Hell (VT02)-main.png Hell (VT03)-main.png

As with many of Nice Code's Atari and Intellivision ports, the game was later hacked to create variants for generic plug & plays/multicarts. In Saboteur's case, the first level was turned into Ghost Castle, Clown's Mission, and the wonderfully-titled Hell; the latter additionally has a VT03 variant. There are only five floors in the hacks (compared to the original game's six), and the playfield is slightly wider.

Contest 2004 (VT02) Butterfly (VT02) Spider Man 2 (VT02) Masked Man II (VT02) Unwonted Space (VT03)
Contest 2004-title.png ButterflyNESTitle.png Spider Man 2-title.png MaskedManIITitle.png Unwonted Space-title.png
Contest 2004-main.png Butterfly-main.png Spider Man 2-main.png Masked Man II-main.png Unwonted Space-main.png

The second level was turned into Contest 2004, Butterfly, Spider Man 2, Masked Man II, and the VT03 Unwonted Space. These variants were hacked to be much easier, with slower pacing and more forgiving A.I. Spider Man 2 and Masked Man II lock the controls to four directions, while the other versions allow the player to move in eight directions. Some variants of Masked Man II feature a generic insect (pictured), while others retain Dr. Octopus from Spider Man 2.

Developer Credits

Contest 2004 (VT02) Butterfly (VT02) Spider Man 2 (VT02) Masked Man II (VT02)
Contest 2004-devcreditscreen.png ButterflyNESCredits.png SpiderMan2NCCredits.png SpiderMan2NCCredits.png

As with many Nice Code games, pressing Up, Down, Up, Left, Right, Left, B on the title screen will briefly display a credits screen. Doing this in Saboteur does nothing, but it functions in Contest 2004, Butterfly, Spider Man 2, and Masked Man II. NCG stands for Nature Color Game, one of several aliases used by Nice Code, and PJ most likely refers to the Power Joy series of Famiclones which many Nice Code games have been released on.