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Scud Race

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Title Screen

Scud Race

Also known as: Sega Super GT (US)
Developer: Sega AM2
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Arcade (Sega Model 3 Step 1.5)
Released internationally: December 1996

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.

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One of Sega AM2's finest racing games where, instead of NASCAR-style stock cars from previous games like Daytona USA, we got European supercars that were sponsored for the 1996 BPR Global GT Series.

To do:
Rip all unused sounds from the sound test (document this), excluding multiplayer sounds (as of April 1, 2013, Model 3 Emulator now supports multiplayer but we have to wait for it soon.)

Super Beginner Course

Download.png Download Scud Race (export) Super Beginner Save File
File: Scud_Race_regular_Super_Beginner.rar‎ (5.09 MB) (info)

Entering the course select address to 28D4F86 and setting the course value to 4 (only works on the export version of the game), will load the nearly-finished Super Beginner Course. This was later playable in the Japan-only update called Scud Race Plus (although changing to USA will appear as Sega Super GT Plus). The type of start was originally just a standing start because the value for this course was next to Expert Course. The cartoonish music from Scud Race Plus is present but named 'extra' in the sound test, implying that this course was originally going to be a bonus course. This course takes place inside a house, with the vehicles being the size of a toy car. A cat can be seen chasing a mouse around the entire house. Unlike regular courses, the rival cars consists of toy vehicles, such as a rocket car featuring a crude looking driver, a tank that has a World War II soldier's head stuck on the top, and a bus featuring pictures of AM2 employees inside the windows. The bowling was not implemented yet, and as such, has no collision. There are no Race Start screens for this course, furthermore, the course icon is that of Beginner Day.

The rocket car and the tank's special abilities were not implemented until Scud Race Plus, possibly due to the time constraints. The game will load the head model at a distance, but if approached, the heads will disappear due to the LOD issues. Trying to load Super Beginner Course in attract mode will cause the game to hang on a blank screen, playing only the attract music.

All of the sounds related to this course were unused and despite being called "Extra" in the MPEG Sound Test, there is an announcer for this course:

Unused Sounds

Scud Race has some unused sounds in the game ranging from an alternate "Go!" voice, the aforementioned Super Beginner course, and of course, an alternate coin sound.

Sound Description
An alternate coin sound. In the final game, only Coin1 was used.
A female voice screaming "Go!". It is unknown where this was used, most likely an earlier version of "Go!" before the current announcer says "Go!" instead.
A sound of the car horns passing by, it is unusual to have traffic cars in the game.
A Japanese female voice saying "Waiting for your entry", it supposed to be played on the Japanese cabinets before the other player joins.
These were originally going to be used when the player won in the linked game. However, since the game cuts to a cutscene of the player cheering when being placed first, this goes unused.
A line that supposed to be said after you choose a transmission during a linked game.
An alternative take on "Perfect race!" line when you placed 3rd and below.
This was originally going to be said during the name entry screen.
The announcer was originally going to commend your driving skills after you placed first. In the final game, only the announcer says "Perfect race!" was said instead.

(Source: lum225jp)