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Secret of Mana (Windows)/Unused Text

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This is a sub-page of Secret of Mana (Windows).

This page contains all the unused text from the scrtxt_en.bin file.


Each playable character would have a prologue. Probably during the chat in the inns.


Several years before %S(0,0) met %S(1,0) and %S(2,0)...
the seeds of heroism were planted within the young %S(0,0).
Here's how it all began.
%S(dhi):Now listen here, fighting is not allowed. Understand?
%S(bob):It's this loser's fault! He's dumb and we don't want to play with him.
%S(nes):Yeah, he can't do anything right! Plus, he's not from around here!
%S(bob):Yeah! They just found him and took him in! He wasn't born in the village!
%S(bob):Can we go now? Come on, Timothy. Let's play over there.
%S(dhi):Kids say such mean things...
%S(dhi):Listen, I was the same as you when I was young.
%S(dhi):Because of my power, I was shunned by those around me.
%S(dhi):O-oh, never mind about that. Just know that even if you're having a hard time now, things will get better.
%S(dhi):You'll understand one day, and I'm sure you'll find friends that will last a lifetime. Just like I did once I grew up.
%S(dhi):But don't give into the bullies; no matter what they say, you mustn't fight them. Got it?
%S(dhi):Good to hear. Now that I've finished my business at the Water Palace, I need to return to Pandora and report.
%S(dhi):Remember, you're not alone. Understood?
%S(0,0):That man must be with the Pandora military. I wonder if I'll ever be that strong...
%S(0,0):Guess I'll head back to the elder's house.
%S(0,0):It's too dangerous to wander around. Guess I'll head back to the elder's house.
%S(non):Hey, you! Have you seen Dyluck?
%S(non):He's a handsome, capable, young soldier and I think he came this way. You seen him?
%S(0,0):A soldier? Yeah, I think I did—
%S(0,0):He went...Uh, um... Where was it again?
%S(non):Hey, I asked you first! Do you know or don't you?
%S(0,0):I-I think he went to the Water Palace...
%S(non):Yes, but I already went there and he'd left by then!
%S(0,0):I-I think he said something about telling the people of Pandora...
%S(non):Pandora?! But that means he went back the way I came! Ugh! I don't want to go home yet!
%S(non):Well, thanks for your help...
%S(non):You look troubled. Don't frown so much or it'll stick that way, okay?
%S(non):No one wants to bother with a guy who's down in the dumps!
%S(non):Plus, nothing good is gonna happen to you unless stop letting stupid things get you down!
%S(0,0):No one will like me if I'm upset?
%S(0,0):Maybe if I visit the Water Palace like that girl and the soldier, I'll become stronger!
%S(0,0):...Okay! That's the plan—leave the village and head east to the Water Palace!
%S(0,0):I can't believe that girl and the soldier managed to get to Potos from the Water Palace so easily...
%S(0,0):I-I can do it! Just a little...further!
%S(0,0):Oh wait, this isn't the way.
%S(0,0):Is this the Water Palace? I did it!
%S(0,0):Since I'm here, I should probably go inside.
%S(non):So many visitors today. What business do you have here, young man?
%S(non):I'm sure you're wondering what a little lady like me is lecturing you for, is that right?
%S(non):Hm, no need to hide it.
%S(non):There are many things in the world that are not what they seem. You yourself are one of those.
%S(non):You may seem weak at first glance, but I sense a strength sleeping deep within your heart.
%S(non):Never lose sight of it, for perhaps one day you may be called upon when the world is in dire peril.
%S(non):You could save the world—or even save whatever is most precious to you.
%S(0,0):Strength in my heart?
%S(non):Yes...a strength known as courage.
%S(non):That is all I can say for now. You should return to your home, young man.
%S(lka):Hmm...perhaps I should test him.
%S(0,0):Whoa! Where'd all these monsters come from?! They weren't around when I got here!
%S(0,0):Whew! That was close...
%S(lka):This might have been the most important meeting in all my two hundred years...
%S(lka):Like father, like son. Isn't that right, Serin?
%S(0,0):I've got courage within me... Okay!
%S(0,0):I'll protect Potos, just like the legendary knight! But I need to get stronger!
%S(0,0):I can do it! Let's go! Just a little more...


Several years before %S(1,0) joined %S(0,0) on his journey...
%S(1,0) met the love of her life.
%S(1,0):Ugh! I can't believe my dad!
%S(1,0):He says he wants me to get married and then forces me to meet these pathetic losers!
%S(1,0):Who cries after a playful whack on the arm? My dad could have at least found someone with personality!
%S(1,0):He can't expect me to marry one of them! I won't, I won't, I won't!
%S(1,0):What dad doesn't let their daughter have a say in their future husband these days? Get with the times!
%S(1,0):I haven't found anyone in Pandora that I like. It's time I hit the road and made my own way in the world.
%S(1,0):I suppose I'll start off in Kippo Village. I hear the people there are more lively anyway.
%S(1,0):I can't let my life be decided for me. I need to get out there and face my destiny!
%S(1,0):Maybe instead of staying put and fighting with my dad, I'll find the man of my dreams during my travels!
%S(1,0):No! No more Pandora! I need more excitement in my life.
%S(1,0):I'll start off in Kippo Village. I hear the people there are more lively anyway. Time to go!
%S(1,0):Hmph! This is nothing! You think this can phase me?
%S(1,0):No way! I can't handle this all by myself!
%S(non):Are you all right, miss?
%S(non):Miss? Do you need assistance?
%S(1,0):Huh? Uh, no. No, thank you, I'm all right now.
%S(non):Oh, well that's lucky!
%S(non):But, I'm afraid it's very dangerous to travel alone in this area. Do you need an escort?
%S(non):Kippo Village is my hometown. If you stay here with my parents until I return, we can travel together.
%S(1,0):Your parents? I-I mean, yes! I would be happy to!
%S(non):Glad to see you're still so energetic. You must not have been injured too badly. Let's head to Kippo Village for now.
%S(1,0):O-of course!
%S(non):Father, Mother, would you please look after this young lady?
Dyluck! You only just came back and you're heading off already?
%S(dhi):I'm sorry, Mother. Official business calls me to the Water Palace.
Word of your accomplishments have reached the village! They say you're the most capable man in the ranks.
%S(dhi):I'm honored, Father, but please don't exaggerate.
Your modesty serves you well, my son!
%S(dhi):I will return as soon as I am able.
%S(dhi):Please make yourself at home, Miss. I will be back shortly. Until then, goodbye.
%S(1,0):"Dyluck"... He must be the pride and joy of Kippo Village.
%S(1,0):I never expected to meet such a great person on my journey...
%S(1,0):Oh! What am I saying? I can't just sit here and let destiny pass me by! This has got to be fate!
%S(1,0):Where did Dyluck say he was going? The Water Palace? I better follow him!
Dyluck has business at the Water Palace. My son's always taken on lots of responsibilities.
Miss, you are welcome to stay as long as you like.
%S(non):Oho! I am Sage Luka. What do you need, young woman?
%S(1,0):Um, have you seen a handsome young man named Dyluck come through here?
%S(lka):Yes. He came here before heading toward Potos Village.
%S(lka):Yes, it's a small settlement to the east of here.
%S(1,0):East? Got it! Thanks so much!
%S(lka):You would do well to wait, young woman.
%S(1,0):Wait? I can't! I don't want to miss my chance!
%S(lka):Impatience leads to mistakes. Heed my words and I'll give you some advice.
%S(1,0):Advice? I don't know what advice I need from a little girl.
%S(lka):Hm. I am wiser than you think. Besides, this concerns you.
%S(lka):You are destined to find two trusted friends that will be your allies.
%S(lka):They will change the course of your whole life. Remember this.
%S(1,0):Two friends? Well, Pamaela's been my friend since forever.
%S(1,0):...I guess that means I'll make another friend sometime soon!
%S(1,0):Right now, though, I'm more interested in finding Dyluck. But, uh, thanks for the advice, I guess!
%S(lka):More interested in a lover than a friend, I see?
%S(lka):The one you seek, Dyluck, is headed east to Potos.
%S(1,0):Such a helpful kid. Cute and precocious to boot!
%S(1,0):Hey, you! Have you seen Dyluck?
%S(1,0):He's a handsome, capable, young soldier and I think he came this way. You seen him?
%S(non):A soldier? Yeah, I think I did...
%S(1,0):Where did he go? Tell me!
%S(non):He went...Uh, um... Where was it again?
%S(1,0):Hey, I asked you first! Do you know or don't you?
%S(non):I-I think he went to the Water Palace...
%S(1,0):Yes, but I already went there and he'd left by then!
%S(non):I-I think he said something about telling the people of Pandora...
%S(1,0):Pandora?! But that means he went back the way I came! Ugh! I don't want to go home yet!
%S(1,0):Well, thanks for your help...
%S(1,0):You look troubled. Don't frown so much or it'll stick that way, okay?
%S(1,0):No one wants to bother with a guy who's down in the dumps!
%S(1,0):Plus, nothing good is gonna happen to you unless stop letting stupid things get you down!
%S(non):No one will like me if I'm upset?
%S(1,0):Of course! Now, be happy! That's an order!
%S(non):Y-yes, ma'am!
Oh no, that little boy got picked on yet again.
The monsters are multiplying. It's harder than ever to get to the Water Palace in the west.
There've been a lot more monster sightings in these parts lately.
That soldier from Pandora was amazing! I wanna be like him when I grow up!
Nothing here for someone your age but water, milk, or medical herb juice.
Once you're a little older we can play together.
I wonder what I should make for dinner.
%S(1,0):What's a strong one like that doing in a place like this?
%S(1,0):But I know I can make it! I'll rely on my love to get me through this!
%S(1,0):My desire to see Dyluck again lends me strength!
Oh, look! It's Dyluck, the finest soldier in the king's guard!
Have you ever seen such a cool soldier?
%S(1,0):Dyluck?! He's here?
Would you listen to those cheers? I'm jealous, Dyluck!
You must have a hundred suitors by now!
%S(dhi):Men, we need to focus on our mission. Besides, I've already fallen for...
Fallen? Fallen for whom?
The famous Dyluck has fallen for someone? Do tell!
%S(1,0):Yes! Do tell! Please!
You must tell us the story, Dyluck! Do you have a lady love hiding somewhere?
%S(dhi):...Fine. Better to be honest than wait for the rumors to spread.
So, what kind of lady managed to snag a man like you?
%S(dhi):She was very spirited, and surprisingly strong for such a young lady.
%S(dhi):When I approached her, I was so enamored that I forgot to ask her name. It...it was love at first sight.
%S(dhi):But I had a mission. After we defeated the monsters in our path, I left her with my parents to keep her safe.
%S(dhi):I-it's you!
%S(1,0):...And that's how Dyluck and I first met. It was just like a story from a fairy tale!
%S(1,0):The brave soldier helped the beautiful heroine and the two fell in love at first sight... It's so romantic!
%S(1,0):I remember the whole thing like it was yesterday... Oh, Dyluck!
%S(1,0):...Hey, you two!
%S(1,0):You guys are the ones who asked me how Dyluck and I got together!
%S(1,0):And now you're falling asleep in the middle of my story?!
%S(1,0):I can't believe the both of you!


This is a tale from the past; back when %S(2,0) was known as "little one"...
%S(fji):Listen close, little one. This is your first time out alone, but I need you to visit the Wind Palace for me.
%S(cib):Come on, Grandpa! I'm not a little kid anymore!
%S(fji):This is still your first time out on your own! You do have a tendency to let your mind wander.
%S(cib):Aw, I'm not that bad! Don't you trust me?
%S(fji):Oh, would you do one thing for me before you head to the Wind Palace? Go check on the moogles.
%S(fji):If you complete that errand, I'll be less worried.
%S(cib):Okay, I'll check on the moogles for you first.
%S(fji):Stay on task. With my sharp eyesight, I'll see if you're slacking off.
%S(cib):Oh yeah! You've got the best eyes in the village! I won't dawdle!
%S(fji):Good. Moogle Village is to the north of the summer forest; don't forget.
%S(fji):Moogle Village is to the north of the summer forest; don't forget.
%S(fji):Good job, little one! I'm sure you can handle the Wind Palace. Now go make an offering to the Mana Seed.
%S(fji):It's east of the summer forest. Talk to the Cannon Travel operator and he will help you to get to the land below.
Hi there, little one! Off running errands in the Moogle Village?
%S(cib):Hmph! I don't want anyone but Grandpa calling me "little." But...it is my name; I guess I'll just deal with it.
This village is fantastic! As long as we look out for monsters, we have our pick of any kind of food imaginable!
It's so peaceful here. I wish other lands would learn from our example.
As long as we have the Wind Palace, the sprites and moogles won't have anything to worry about!
Morning, little one! Head north if you want the Wind Palace.
%S(cib):...Wait a sec! I'm supposed to go to Moogle Village before I head to the Wind Palace!
%S(cib):Looks good! The moogles are doing fine.
%S(cib):Moogles, check! What was next?... Oh, right! The Wind Palace.
%S(cib):Hah! And Grandpa was worried I'd forget! Wind Palace, here I come!
%S(cib):...Did the Mana Seed always look like this?
%S(cib):Last time I was here with Grandpa it looked more like a normal seed...
%S(cib):Meh, whatever! Guess I'll report back to Grandpa!
%S(fji):Hm? The Mana Seed seemed strange? Could it be...?
%S(fji):Be wary, little one. The Time of Calamity may be upon us.
%S(fji):It is a time of turmoil foretold in the oldest of sprite legends.
%S(fji):"When the Seed of power fails, the young sprite must begin their journey to face the Time of Calamity"...
%S(fji):It is your destiny to journey out into the world, little one. You must leave before nightfall!
%S(cib):Huh? Up until now you've never let me leave the forest alone...
%S(cib):Alright! So long, Sprite Forest! I'm off on an adventure!
%S(fji):This isn't a vacation, little one!
%S(fji):Visit Sage Luka at the Water Palace in the lower land to tell her that our Mana Seed is reacting. Understood?
%S(cib):Got it! Lower land, Water Palace, something-or-other-Luka!
%S(cib):So I gotta go talk to the Cannon Travel Center to get to the lower land, right?
%S(fji):Yes. Go east of the summer forest. Talk to the Cannon Travel operator and he will help you to get to the land below.
%S(fji):Oh, before you go you need some GP. Here's 50 GP. Now, don't lose this, okay?
%S(fji):You need to give this to the Cannon Travel operator. Then he'll help you get to the land below.
%S(cib):Oo! I'll take that! I can use this GP to get more stuff out there on my adventure.
%S(cib):Got it, Grandpa! I'm off to see the world!
%S(can):Welcome, welcome!
%S(can):If it isn't the littlest sprite! You wanna use the cannon? Nuh-uh! It's not a toy!
%S(can):Oh, you're running errands for your gramps? You need to go to the Water Palace? Hmm...
%S(can):Think you'll be okay down there by yourself? Lemme give you a little test.
%S(cib):Ugh, is this homework?
%S(can):Yep. Lately the monsters around here have been going crazy.
%S(can):Defeat five monsters in the Forest of Seasons, then come back here.
%S(can):If you can do that, you can handle the beasts down below! And then you can use the cannon.
%S(cib):Defeat five monsters in the Forest of Seasons... Really?
%S(cib):Ugh, more chores? Oh well, I'll get it done in no time flat!
%S(can):Welcome, welcome!
%S(can):If it isn't the littlest sprite! You wanna use the cannon? Nuh-uh! It's not a toy!
%S(can):Defeat five monsters in the Forest of Seasons, then come back here.
%S(can):If you can do that, you can handle the beasts down below! You can use the cannon.
%S(can):This time, defeat ten more monsters in the Forest of Seasons, then come back here.
%S(can):If you can do that, you can handle the beasts down below! You can use the cannon.
%S(can):A quick trip to the Water Palace, right? That's 50 GP!
<center>No way!</center>
%S(cib):Hey, there! I got those five monsters for you! No sweat!
%S(can):Really? You didn't cheat, right?
%S(cib):Rude! Me? Cheat? As if!
%S(can):Well I'll be! Lemme just tally those up and make sure. In the meantime, how about you hunt a few more?
%S(can):But this time, defeat ten monsters in the Forest of Seasons, then come back here.
%S(can):If you can do that, I'm completely sure you can handle the beasts down below! I'll even help you get there!
%S(cib):Bleh, what a pain...
%S(cib):But ten monsters isn't too bad. I can defeat them in no time!
%S(cib):I'm back! I got those ten monsters for you, as promised! No sweat!
%S(can):Oh boy! Then, one more thing—stand there and spin around three times.
%S(cib):Spin three times?
%S(can):Yep, yep! Now bark once.
%S(cib):Lemme get this straight—after defeating all those monsters, you want me to spin around and yip like a puppy?
%S(cib):What do you take me for, a performing poodle?! Why I oughtta...
%S(can):Okay, okay! My bad! I'll give you a proper send off to the lower land to make up for it.
%S(cib):Hmph! As long as you're sorry! Now send me to...where was it? Oh yeah! The Water Palace!
%S(can):Wahaha! Got it. It's 50 GP for a quick trip to the Water Palace!
%S(can):Never seen another sprite like you, tyke! So small, with such a big voice.
%S(cib):Lean down and say that to my face!
%S(can):Wahaha! I got the cannon ready for you... Wait! Don't move! Ah! Now the target's off!
%S(non):Ow, owowow! Someone should fire that operator...
%S(non):Huh? Wait, where am I?... Who am I?
%S(non):Um...was I...? Wait, um...uh... I don't remember!
%S(non):Oh well! I think I'm supposed to go to a water something...
%S(non):Water...Water something.
%S(non):Whoa! What's that? Think you can sneak up on me!
%S(non):Guess the land below's pretty dangerous. Now, where was I...?
%S(non):Oh, right! The water...something! I gotta find that place!
%S(non):Wahoo! I made it! This looks like a Water Palace to me!
%S(non):Okay, so...what do I do now that I'm here?
%S(non):So why did I go through all this again?
%S(non):What did I do this for anyway? I can't remember why I'm here!
%S(non):Arg! Now what? I didn't sign up for something so frustrating!
%S(non):Whoa! The water is rushing this way... Did I cause this?
%S(non):Ack! It's a flood! I'm gonna get washed away! Heeelp!
%S(eld):This little thing just washed up! Are they breathing?
%S(eld):Wait! What's a sprite doing down here? Especially such a little one...
%S(eld):They're alive! Gotta get them to safety for now, figure out the details later!
And thus the little sprite got washed up in the accidental flood and washed into Dwarf Village
The elder dwarf took care of the amnesiac sprite until the rest of our heroes found their way into the caves.
Until then, the sprite waited...

Unused Quests

New quests that were not used - some probably could only be played after finishing the game.

King Rabite

A quest about a King Rabite desire to create a utopia for Rabites. Probably given by King Truffle.

%S(tor):There you are! Good timing, you guys! I have a favor to ask you heroes.
%S(0,0):A favor?
%S(tor):You remember that dragon cave where you found Flammie? Well, we've got a problem...
%S(1,0):What's wrong?
%S(tor):Now that the dragon's out of the way, the rabite population in the area is going crazy!
%S(tor):Think you could help out with our rabite problem? It should be easy-peasy for a legendary hero, right?
%S(2,0):Ain't that a little beneath a legendary hero? Pest control isn't in the job description.
%S(0,0):But it is partly our fault that Flammie isn't around here to keep the rabites in check.
%S(1,0):And we owe Flammie and King Truffle for helping us out of a tight spot in the past.
%S(2,0):You mean the imperial palace? Well, I guess there is that…
%S(tor):Fantastic! I helped you, you guys help me. Then we'll be even!
%S(tor):Head out to the Cave of the White Dragon. There's an entrance on the first floor to the right.
%S(tor):Head to the first floor entrance on the right and get rid of all those rabites near the Cave of the White Dragon!
Oh my! You're journeying across the world on the white dragon I saw! How heroic!
%S(min):You are the heroes of legend!
%S(min):King Truffle has done a splendid job ruling our country! Thank you for all your help!
%S(1,0):Whoa! Look at all these rabites!
%S(2,0):Usually they're so cute...but this is too much!
%S(0,0):I wonder what caused this rabite infestation? We should head further into the cave.
%S(2,0):What is with that giant rabite?!
%S(1,0):I bet that's what's causing all the rabites to gather in the area!
Ohohoho! I never thought I'd see humans come this far. My children haven't been guarding the lair as they should.
%S(0,0):Did that rabite just talk?!
%S(krb):I am King Rabite, leader of the rabite clan.
%S(krb):We rabites have banded together to make a kingdom! We will create a utopia where the candy is plentiful!
%S(krb):To realize our dream of candy for all, we must increase our territory and, of course, our wealth!
%S(2,0):...I can't decide if they're dumb or honorable, but it's bad news either way.
%S(krb):We will expand and multiply until we can take over Matango!
%S(1,0):You're starting a war over candy?!
%S(krb):We need a kingdom run by rabites, for rabites, full of rabites! And we demand candy!
%S(krb):Soon the whole world will bow down before rabites!
%S(0,0):We won't let you have your way, no matter how cute you are!
%S(krb):Wait! Stop! If you defeat me, my children will have no place to go! They'll be alone in the world!
%S(krb):You can't leave my children with no one! Spare me!
%S(2,0):You're the one starting a war! What do you think will happen to the kids in the countries you invade, huh?
%S(1,0):King Rabite, you're no better than the empire!
%S(krb):...Y-you're right.
%S(krb):How foolish of me... I cannot sacrifice other lives just to benefit my people.
%S(krb):Rabites aren't a strong species. Without me, my children will not stand a chance.
%S(krb):From now on, we'll stay here in the caves and live peacefully side-by-side with Matango.
%S(krb):Please forgive me and spare my people!
%S(0,0):Do I have your word?
%S(krb):You do! I swear we will be peaceful!
%S(2,0):The king looks like he means it.
%S(1,0):I think he's being truthful.
%S(0,0):Okay, we will go and talk to King Truffle for you. But if you try and double-cross us...
%S(krb):I won't! I promise on my fuzzy honor!
%S(tor):A rabite kingdom for rabites to live in peace and prosperity?
%S(tor):Hmm... Sounds like he's got his heart in the right place, don't you think?
%S(2,0):Right place?!
%S(tor):It's for the sake of his children, right? We only had a problem because we were his enemy!
%S(1,0):I suppose...
%S(tor):In that case, I think we can spare some candies for the rabites. I can even show them how to run a country!
%S(0,0):Wow, really?
%S(min):Oh, how kind! How benevolent is the king! I'm so moved!
%S(tor):On one condition—if the rabites ever try to attack this country again, we won't hold back!
%S(tor):I'll call upon the legendary heroes and they'll show no mercy! Hahaha!
%S(2,0):Wait, why do we always have to clean up the mess?
And so began a long and prosperous union between the young rabite and Matango kingdoms.
King Truffle's magnanimity was talked about for years to come as a just and diplomatic decision.
Despite their previous tensions, the two lands formed a bond that overcame their differences.


A quest about a dungeon on Mavolia. Probably happens on the inns.

%S(0,0):I think we've done all we can...
%S(1,0):You're right. We can discuss it all night, but there's so much we don't understand.
%S(2,0):Let's ask a pro! Hey, Shade! Come on out!
%S(sha):I am Shade, the elemental of darkness and former king of Mavolia.
%S(2,0):That's exactly what we wanted to ask you about. What was it like in Mavolia?
%S(2,0):What powers does the underworld have? We gotta know!
%S(sha):Oh, so you wish to know the true power of darkness?
%S(0,0):It might help us figure out what the empire has in store for us. Any information would be useful.
%S(sha):...Very well. You must experience it to fully grasp such power.
%S(0,0):Experience...? Wait! That's not what I—
%S(sha):Silence! You all must come with me to the underworld...
%S(1,0):Come with you WHERE?! No way! I don't want to go to Mavolia!
%S(0,0):This...is the underworld? It's not what I expected.
%S(1,0):It's a lot less...malevolent than I imagined.
%S(2,0):Hey, Shade? What is this place?
%S(sha):This is Mirage Tower. Here my brethren and I would battle to prove our strength and develop our powers.
%S(0,0):So it's training grounds.
%S(2,0):Mirage Tower, huh?
%S(1,0):But that means that all the monsters here have dark powers! Why did we have to come here?!
%S(sha):The only way to leave the tower is to reach the top. Forfeit and be destroyed. You must fight to progress.
%S(sha):If you wish to know the true power of Mavolia, you must defeat dark entities from my memories.
%S(1,0):But we didn't want to be here in the first place!
%S(2,0):Is the only exit really at the top of the tower?
%S(1,0):I guess we're supposed to climb for our lives!
%S(0,0):And we have to defeat all these enemies that can tap into the powers of the underworld?
%S(sha):Correct. Show me what powers you truly possess.
%S(0,0):We gotta do what we can to get to the top. Let's get going!
%S(2,0):Phew! I'm beat! Can we take a breather here?
%S(0,0):If you'd thought about what to ask Shade before you called him, we wouldn't be in this mess...
%S(2,0):Wait! Are you saying this is my fault, Bro?
%S(0,0):No, but if you'd phrased your question a little better in the first place—
%S(2,0):So you do think it's my fault!
%S(1,0):Come on, you two! Now is not the time for this!
%S(1,0):The forces of darkness will try to exploit any weakness we've got, including rifts in our teamwork.
%S(2,0):Uh-oh, you're right! I think the endless battling was getting to me. Sorry, Bro.
%S(0,0):I'm sorry, too. This wasn't your fault.
%S(1,0):That's better. We've gotta get to the top of this tower together!
%S(sha):You have come to understand the potential of the underworld's power.
%S(sha):Power is life. Those with the strength rule over the weak.
%S(sha):Anger, hatred, resentment... These negative emotions are what feed the subjugation of lesser beings.
%S(sha):That is the true power of Mavolia.
%S(0,0):I think I could do without that type of power. I've been on the other side of the equation, after all.
%S(1,0):I agree. My dad tried to use his status to force me to do whatever he wanted.
%S(2,0):Yeah, power doesn't solve anything! All it does is hurt the little guy.
%S(sha):That is one belief. Now prove your convictions by making it through the underworld.
%S(sha):That will prove that power is all that matters.
%S(2,0):Mavolia is not the place for me! Can't catch a break here!
%S(sha):Those who live in the darkness do not wish for tranquility. Nor do those who make contracts with the underworld.
%S(sha):Besides, power is simply the means to tempt humans into defiling their souls with the dark.
%S(1,0):Defiling their souls? What?
%S(sha):When a human makes a contract with Mavolia, they gain the power they seek in exchange for their pure heart.
%S(sha):They may live in the human realm, but their body is reclaimed by the underworld.
%S(0,0):So the empire wants to rule the world with the strength they gain after darkness invades their hearts...
%S(0,0):...No, I won't accept a world run by fear and brute strength. That can't be right!
%S(1,0):People will just get exploited! No one should have to shut up and do as they're commanded like that!
%S(2,0):There'd be a constant power struggle! It'd be a fight to the finish just to survive!
%S(sha):And so it shall be, for as long as Mavolia exists, humans will seek its power. Greed is a powerful emotion.
%S(2,0):Hang on, I can use Shade's powers, right? Does that mean I've made a contract with the underworld?!
%S(sha):I am no longer a denizen of the underworld. I am merely the Mana elemental of darkness.
%S(2,0):O-oh. That's good to hear. Had me worried for a moment!
%S(1,0):Hah! There's no way their heart is defiled with darkness!
%S(0,0):Yeah, can you imagine them as an evil sprite?
%S(2,0):Eek! Bro, don't go there! I don't wanna be evil!
%S(nik):Meow? What a strange place to bump into each other, purrr... Do mew need anything?
%S(0,0):What's that?
%S(2,0):Are we nearly at the exit?!
%S(1,0):We made it to the highest floor of the tower! Finally!
%S(sha):Interesting... It appears that you three do not need the powers of Mavolia to succeed.
%S(sha):You now know about Mavolia and the powers the underworld possesses. I will return you to your world.
%S(1,0):We made it! Can we sleep now? I don't want to go on any more adventures tonight!
%S(0,0):So Shade was the ruler of that whole place? That's really impressive.
%S(2,0):And since I can control Shade's powers, that makes me even more impressive! Come at me, dark minions!
%S(sha):I see, so you wish to fight more of the monsters in the underworld. Shall I send you to another dungeon?
%S(2,0):No! Nope! I'm fine! I was kidding! Please don't send me there again!

Return To Potos

A quest about returning to Potos. Probably happens on the inns.

%S(lka):Listen... Listen to me...
%S(2,0):Whoa-ho! There's a voice in my head! You better answer, 'cause this is weird.
%S(lka):Can you hear me?
%S(0,0):Is that you, Luka?
%S(1,0):Luka? Does she need something?
%S(lka):You must return to your village. Potos is in danger!
%S(0,0):Potos? What's wrong?
%S(lka):Several terrifying monsters have appeared around the village!
%S(lka):The people have taken cover, but they cannot leave their homes. You must go to their aid!
%S(0,0):B-but, I can't go back. I've been exiled and...and...
%S(1,0):Don't worry about that now!
%S(0,0):I-I want to help them, but...
%S(1,0):Oh, come on! Who cares that you're breaking the rules!
%S(2,0):Bro! You can't just sit by and let your home town get attacked by monsters!
%S(lka):I cannot allow this tragedy to befall the village.
%S(lka):You may have reservations, but you three must travel to Potos! You cannot delay!
%S(lka):You're now outside of Potos Village.
%S(lka):You see how dangerous the situation is. Can you really leave the villagers to fend for themselves?
%S(lka):Ask yourself what the hero of legends, the wielder of the Mana Sword, should do.
%S(0,0):There's no question; I want to help Potos! But I broke the rules of the village and they threw me out!
%S(2,0):Who cares? There's more important stuff to worry about—like the monsters we gotta defeat to save the village!
%S(1,0):Besides, you don't need to set foot in the village to protect it from the outside!
%S(lka):The monsters are on the move! They'll reach the village soon, unless you stop them!
%S(lka):What say you?
%S(0,0):I-I'll do it. I gotta save the people of Potos!
%S(2,0):That's the spirit! Now let's go defeat some monsters!
%S(1,0):Even you get worried about stuff sometimes, I see. Make sure you're focused during battle.
%S(2,0):Yeah, if you get your rear kicked, then there'll be no one to save the village!
%S(0,0):I know... But it's hard being this close to Potos.
%S(2,0):These monsters are tough! Why couldn't it be cute little weak monsters for a change?
%S(1,0):Do you think the monsters are getting more vicious because the empire is using up all the Mana?
%S(2,0):But that'd mean these attacks will keep coming! There might be more villages in danger as we speak!
%S(0,0):Huh? Oh, sorry...
%S(1,0):You're distracted. Still worried about getting thrown out of your village?
%S(0,0):N-no, nothing like that. Come on, let's finish this!
%S(0,0):I remember this place... I used to come here a lot before...you know.
%S(0,0):I've got too many memories of these areas. I can't help but remember what everyone said...
%S(0,0):...how they looked at me...
%S(1,0):I...can't imagine.
%S(0,0):It's all right. I'm fine! We need to hurry and get to Potos right away!
%S(2,0):There we go! That's more like you, Bro!
%S(0,0):This place looks familiar, too. We should be in Potos soon!
%S(2,0):Great! That means we're nearly done with these monsters!
%S(1,0):We can't stop now! Let's save Potos!
%S(0,0):...I don't think I would have made it here without you two.
%S(0,0):If you hadn't pushed me along, I would have lost my nerve on the way.
%S(0,0):Thanks, you guys.
%S(1,0):Hey, isn't Potos the other way? Where are you going?
%S(2,0):Well, that's the last of the big baddies! Are we done here?
%S(1,0):Aren't you glad we came and helped out?
%S(2,0):Right? Helping people in trouble is what being a hero is all about!
%S(0,0):Yeah, but I'm only here because you two supported me along the way.
%S(lka):Good work. The monsters that threatened Potos Village have been eliminated.
%S(lka):I knew you would do what's right in the end.
%S(lka):Now, what is your next move?
%S(0,0):What do you mean?
%S(lka):Do you wish to visit your hometown of Potos, or shall I send you back to the inn? It is your choice.
%S(2,0):I think you should go back and see your old place!
%S(1,0):They're right. This is the perfect chance, and you did just save the whole village.
%S(2,0):Hey! I helped!
%S(0,0):...No. I think I'll go back to the inn.
%S(2,0):What? Why?
%S(0,0):I don't want to go back to Potos until we've defeated the empire and saved the world. It just wouldn't feel right.
%S(2,0):Whoa... You're really something, Bro! Almost brought a tear to my eye...
%S(1,0):That's really admirable of you.
%S(0,0):Aha ha. I'm not trying to be admirable; I just want to do what I set out to do.
%S(0,0):There you have it, Luka. Send us back to the inn!
%S(lka):As you wish.
%S(lka):He is as worthy of a hero as his father before him.
%S(lka):You'd be proud of his determination, Serin...

Scorpion Army 3

A quest about a third encounter with Scorpion Army. Probably happens after endgame.

%S(1,0):Can't someone do something about this heat?
%S(0,0):You okay?
%S(1,0):You were the one who decided to continue our journey to protect the new world. Are you sure about this?
%S(0,0):The world wasn't magically fixed when we defeated the empire. There're still lots of people that need help.
%S(0,0):Besides... I'm sure our companion and Dyluck would want us to do as much as we can to keep the world safe.
%S(1,0):Yes... I think you're right about that. Those two sacrificed everything for the sake of the world, after all.
%S(1,0):We're nearly at Kakkara Desert. Let's keep going!
%S(nik):We meet in the strangest places, purrr... Do mew need anything?
%S(1,0):We made it to Kakkara! What's next, leader?
%S(0,0):Uh, what was it that Admiral Meria said back in Tasnica...?
%S(mer):Thank you for coming all this way. I have an important task for you.
%S(mer):Molten water has started welling up from the area in Kakkara Desert where the republic's sandship sank.
%S(mer):Now that Mana is gone, along with the sprites and spirits, people think that molten water could be a new power source.
%S(mer):But an unknown group of interlopers has attacked our research team and we lost communications.
%S(mer):We need energy to save the people of the world! I need you to stop those invaders. Can you help?
%S(1,0):So we need to find the sunken sandship...but how?
%S(0,0):We should be able to spot the soldiers that are investigating the molten water. It's near there, right?
%S(1,0):That's pretty vague, but I suppose we have to try.
%S(kam):Molten water is our hope for the future! It could be just the kind of energy source that we need!
What's "molten water"? Who wants water that you can't drink anyway?
Now that the empire is no longer at war, I might take this opportunity to move!
Maybe Salamando left us molten water as a thank you when he left the Fire Palace.
%S(1,0):It took some time, but at least we're out of the sun and inside the sandship.
%S(0,0):We have to get under this thing to find that weird water and those mysterious invaders.
%S(1,0):Then what are we waiting for?
Commander Morie went down below to confront those interlopers all by himself!
I didn't realize he was so brave. Maybe I've misjudged him.
Right after the molten water was discovered they attacked! Where did those invaders hear about it?
The area under the sandship is connected to underground caves. That's where we found the molten water.
They're calling them a group, but it's just three interlopers.
But we can't let anyone know that three people managed to take out our troops. That'd be too embarrassing!
%S(0,0):Hey look! There really are caves under the sandship!
%S(1,0):So the molten water must be a little further in, right?
%S(mor):Didn't expect you guys... I tried my best, but I was no match for them. I'm not fit to call myself a military man.
%S(0,0):Don't say that! You're doing your best for your countrymen!
%S(1,0):Your wounds aren't deep. You should be fully healed in no time.
%S(sc1):If it isn't those little brats from before! Long time, no see.
%S(1,0):Not you again!
%S(sc1):Welcome to the Scorpion Army's newest plot for world domination!
%S(sc1):Or should I say the New-and-Improved Scorpion Army! Haha!
%S(sc2):Great name, boss!
%S(0,0):So you were the interlopers who attacked the research team!
%S(sc1):Sure was! And we're using this powerful molten water energy to complete our new robot—
%S(sc1):—the Super Special Deluxe Mega Robot Final Form, Mach 3!
%S(sc1):This indestructible machine is known as "Bloodthirsty Ted"!
%S(sc2):Nice one, boss!
%S(sc1):Now, show us your destructive power, Ted! Time to make these pipsqueaks run for cover!
%S(sc1):No! Ted... He was so young! You won't get away with this!
%S(sc2):Wait for us, boss!
%S(mor):You did it! Now we can continue operations with this molten water.
Commander! Are you all right? We saw the invaders retreating.
The commander defeated those interlopers! I'm proud to work for him!
%S(mor):N-no, it wasn't me! The true heroes are these two.
%S(mor):I didn't help at all. I was too weak...
%S(non):No, Morie. You're wrong.
%S(mer):You've acknowledged your own failings. That's important.
%S(mer):You must first come to terms with your own limitations before you can become truly strong.
%S(mor):Gramps... No—
%S(mor):Admiral Meria! Thank you for the advice, sir!
%S(mer):You two saved the day yet again. I want to thank you on behalf of the people.
%S(0,0):U-uh, really. It was no big deal...
%S(1,0):We can't stand by and let evil continue in this world.
%S(mer):I don't just mean thank you for the molten water.
%S(mer):My grandson would never have grown into the fine leader he is now without you.
%S(mer):He's well on his way to becoming a top-tier admiral in his own right.
%S(mer):As a fellow military man and his grandfather, I'm glad you came along.
%S(mer):Thank you both.
%S(1,0):I guess this is our cue to move on.
%S(1,0):There are bound to be more people that need help out there.
%S(0,0):You're right. Let's move out!