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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Developer: FromSoftware
Publishers: Activision, FromSoftware (JP)
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: March 22, 2019

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

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Debug Menu Texts

Hidden inside the game's executable are some strings for debug menus.

%s Test Info:
%s WorldBlockIdx:%d
%s WorldBlockIdx:%d AreaBlockIdx:%d IsLock:%d CeremonyId:%d
Add Item Test Event (push enter)
Add Item Test Grade0(push enter)
Add Item Test Grade1(push enter)
Add Item Test Grade2(push enter)
Add Item Test Skill (push enter)
Add Money Test(push enter)
AreaNo:%d WorldAreaIdx:%d WorldBlockIdxTop:%d BlockNum:%d IsLock:%d
Debug AutoMatching
Debug Draw Mode : ALL
Debug Draw Mode : By ID
Debug Draw Mode : Correct
Debug Draw Mode : Incorrect(DbgDash)
Debug Draw Mode : None
Debug Hungup
Debug MatchingServiceError
Debug Move(Push Enter)
Debug Play Speed %.3f
Debug Save Load
Debug Save Load - Option
Debug Stop : %s
DragonsCoughRate : %.4f
 Draw Avoid State On Chr:%d
Draw Axis %s
Draw Battle State On Chr:%d
Draw BoneName
Draw chr state:%s
Draw Corpse Pos : %s
Draw Direction:
Draw Door Flg On Chr:%d
Draw Entity ID On Chr:%d
Draw Extract Motion
Draw Goal On Chr:%d
Draw goal:%s
Draw ladder end point:%d
Draw Ladder Flg On Chr:%d
Draw Last Sight Pos : %s
Draw Last Target : %s
Draw Layout Disp Pos:%s
Draw Layout on Cursor:%s
Draw Layout only Last:%s
Draw Layout only Registed:%s
Draw Low HP Friend Target : %s
Draw Memory Target Pos : %s
Draw Path Finding Result %s
Draw Path Finding Result Idx %s
Draw Penetration Points
draw pos x (screen space)
draw pos y (screen space)
Draw Prev Root Position
Draw Ragdoll [%s]
Draw Ragdoll Bone [%s]
Draw Ragdoll Bone by BodyIndex [%s]
Draw RagdollParamId of Pwv [%s]
Draw Scale(Debug Only)
Draw Searching Area Box : %s
Draw Searching Area Height : %s
Draw Searching Area Width : %s
Draw Sensor AABB %s
Draw Skeleton
Draw Target %s
Draw Target Parry Timing Region %s
draw team detail %s
Draw Top Enemy Target : %s
Draw TriggerRegion:%d
Enable Debug Color A
Enable Debug Color B
Enable Debug Color G
Enable Debug Color R
Enable Debug Value
ExecAction:%d RequestExec:%d Change:%d
Exit Test Boss Guage Data[push enter]
Exit Test Semi Boss Guage Data[push enter]
Material> ArmorSE1:%02d ArmorSE2:%02d ArmorSFX1:%02d ArmorSFX2:%02d SoundSpace:%02d playRegionId:%d
Material> Floor:%02d(%03d)(%s) FloorAlpha:%0.2f MapNameId:%d