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Serious Sam: The First Encounter/Enemies

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This is a sub-page of Serious Sam: The First Encounter.

Coding for unused enemies exists in the game's files, but can only be read by humans in the game's SDK.


The Fishman is a low-health aquatic enemy (45 HP) that could either fire projectiles or stab the player with a spear. It would be able to fight the player underwater or on land.

The model for the Fishman's projectile is in the final game's files.


An enemy named Thief. Only an empty folder bearing its name is left in the game's files.


The Catman is a ground-based enemy that had very low HP and could only attack by throwing projectiles at the player. What makes it interesting is that it is very basic coding; it only has code that makes it barely work. This suggests that it was either designed early on or scrapped soon after coding on it started.

Despite its barebones coding, it has a projectile model in the final game's files, which is a copy of the final Harpy's projectile.


The Dragonman is a flying enemy. There are three versions of it coded; Soldier, Sergeant and an unnamed powerful variant, with the difference being the amount of health and points given each variant has. It appears it would alternate between firing a weak and a powerful projectile. Its coding suggests that it was made after the Harpy was coded, as a comment for its anti-friendly fire code mentions the Harpy (“woman cannot harm woman”, woman being the internal name for the Harpy).

The model for its projectile is still in the game's files.

Of note is that the Dragonman actually appeared in pre-release images.


A class of enemies called the Elementals were almost completely eliminated from the final version. The only Elemental that survived the purge was the Lava Golem. They are essentially reskinned versions of the Lava Golem, right down to coming in small, medium and large sizes.

All of the attributes for each of the scrapped elementals (health, score, etc.) have been deleted.

Air Elemental

The Air Elemental is an Elemental that would toss whirlwinds at the player. The whirlwind model and a texture for the Air Elemental exist in the game's files.

It appears the Air Elemental was brought back for Serious Sam: The Second Encounter as the first boss in that game. It behaves very similar to the scrapped air elemental, uses the coding for the Air Elemental's whirlwinds (twister.es) and its model folder is called “airelemental”.

Ice Elemental

The Ice Elemental would throw ice pyramids at the player. The texture for the ice pyramid projectile is still in the game.

Of note is that the Ice Elemental is the only scrapped Elemental enemy that appeared in pre-release screenshots.

Water Elemental

The Water Elemental would throw a water projectile at the player. The model for the projectile exists in the final game's files.

Stone Elemental

The Stone Elemental would throw large stones at the player. The model for the stone projectile can be found in the final game's files.


The Mamut is an enemy with a large amount of health (700) that would fire bullets and stomp the ground in order to kill the player.

The word “Mamut” is the Croatian word for the wooly Mammoth, so it is likely that the Mamut would look like one.


The Mamutman is an enemy that would ride the Mamut mentioned above. It has very low health (45) and would only be able to fire bullets at the player. It would be ejected from the Mamut if the player managed to take 600 HP off of the Mamut.


The Cyborg is a robotic enemy that would fire lasers and toss bombs at the player. A separate file indicates that it would also be able to ride a motorcycle and attack the player with it.

What is most interesting about the Cyborg is that two enemies use coding from it; the Blue Biomech uses the Cyborg's laser code, while the Beheaded Bomber uses the Cyborg's bomb code.


The Mantaman is an aquatic enemy that could fire projectiles and hit the player with a melee attack.

Its projectile is in the final game's files, but is the same as the Fishman's.


The Huanman is an enemy with medium-low health (100) that would be able to fire a projectile at the player and use a melee attack.

The model for the Huanman's projectile can be found in the final game.

Unused Arachnoid Variant

An unamed variant of the Arachnoid exists in its coding. According to its stats, it would have more health (1200 vs 600), do double the amount of melee damage (80 vs 40) and fire much faster (8.0f vs 4.0f) compared to the red Arachnoid, which is the strongest one in the final game.

Flying Robot

Coding for an enemy type called “Flying Robot” exists. According to its code, there would be two variants; kamikaze and fighter. The kamikaze is a sphere-shaped robot that would charge the player and explode when it got close enough, while the fighter would be a spaceship that would fire lasers at the player.

It appears this enemy never received proper sounds before being scrapped, as the listed sounds for it are the Harpy's.

Driving Robot

Another robot enemy type called “Driving Robot” has code in the SDK. It appears there were two “driving robots” planned; one named R2D2 and a spider robot. Statistically, they appear to be the same, but would have different shapes. They would be able to fire a laser and bombs. Despite the name, there doesn't seem to be any actual references to driving in the code.

Most of the actual coding seems to be lifted from the Biomech's code, as most of it references the “walker”, the internal name for the Biomech. The Driving Robot's sounds are also directly lifted from the Biomech.

Interestingly, the listing for the Spider's texture is called “ball.tex” while the model is called “spider.mdl”.