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Shadow Warrior (1997)

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Title Screen

Shadow Warrior

Also known as: Shadow Warrior Registered, Shadow Warrior Classic (previously known as Shadow Warrior Original)[1] Shadow Warrior Classic Complete[2]
Developers: 3D Realms, Sunstorm Interactive (Wanton Destruction)
Publishers: GT Interactive (DOS), MacSoft (Mac), Eidos Interactive (Europe), Devolver Digital (Classic, Classic Complete)
Platforms: DOS, Mac OS Classic
Released internationally: May 13, 1997 (DOS), October 1997 (Mac), September 9, 2005 (Wanton Destruction)[3]

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Shadow Warrior is a story of one Lo Wang, who goes out on a mission to stop a corrupt executive from taking over Japan. Wang is prepared to slay any enemies in his path and make some cheesy jokes along the way.

Basically, a slightly Asianized Duke Nukem 3D.

To do:
Unused earlier sprite of the dying Master Leap, indications the dog statues were supposed to be a fourth key type, among other typical unused stuff in the .GRP file similar to Duke3D.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Graphics

Shuriken Icon

Shadow Warrior-alt cursor.gif

A shuriken cursor that would have been for the main menu. The final version uses a yin-yang symbol instead.

This cursor is used in several prototypes.

(Source: Hendricks266)

Old Player Design Head

Sw97 1744.png

Tile 1744 contains a texture featuring the head of an older player design. This design can be seen in several prototypes, but oddly, the sprite itself has never appeared in any prototypes where this design was in the game.

Unused Sprite Old Player Head
Sw97 1744.png Swjun11th 1722.png

Spikeless Sticky Bomb

Sw97 2370.png

Inside the game's files is a first person sprite of a Sticky Bomb armed, but without spikes on it, and a world sprite of a Sticky Bomb without spikes. Some prototypes did feature a spike-less Sticky Bomb that could not stick to things.

Unused Skies

Inside the game's files are two unused skies. Larger versions of these are used in the April 4th prototype, though.

Portable Medkit

Sw97 dukeportablevoxel.png

Among the game's voxel files is one called "medkit2". When opened, it reveals a voxel version of the Portable Medkit from Duke Nukem 3D. This does not appear anywhere in the game.

Seppuku Girl


Inside the game's files are a full set of animations for a naked anime girl killing herself with a katana. She appears in a texture found in Master Leep's Temple, suggesting she was meant to appear there.

Unused/Undocumented Commands

To do:
See what these commands do: -net, -control, -allsync, -name, -ten, -col, -s, -ddr, dmo

On top of the commands seen by entering sw -?, many other command line options were programmed into the game. These can be entered in the command line like the documented commands (such as sw -cheat -cacheprint -level1).

Command Line Argument Effect
autonet Unknown.
cacheprint Enables CachePrintMode, which prints to stdout whenever a sound effect is cached/loaded.
setupfile Used by setup.exe, possibly no longer used in source release.
f8, f4, or f2 MovesPerPacket = 8, 4, 2
(tweaks how movement is encoded during netplay)
demosyncrecord Enables DemoSyncRecord, records demo sync information to a file.
demosynctest Enables DemoSyncTest, which reads previously recorded demo sync information
and errors out if demo playback doesn't match.
cam Enables CameraTestMode, which tests third-person demo cams during an actual game.
cheat Makes the player invulnerable and gives them every single item and weapon,
complete with the maximum amount that can be stored for each one.
coop# Cooperative, # parameter refers to number of players. In single-player, only effect is keeping keys around after pickup, as getting killed still restarts the level.
commbat# Single-player commbat play, # parameter refers to number of players. Simply displays an (empty) scoreboard on Lo Wang's death.
nopredict Disables prediction for network play. The game will no longer try to guess the "actual" location of other players.
short Multiplayer: Reduces kill limit to 1/10th, and time limit by half.
ddr Demo recording, with debug mode.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Regional Differences

Shurikens to Darts

Sw97 2510.png

Because of "video nasty" laws in the United Kingdom which at the time prohibited the use of ninja weapons (or the term ninja, at all) in media, the Shuriken was changed into darts in order to be sold in that region.

The commercial Shadow Warrior Redux port allows the player to swap between darts and shurikens at any time.

Unused Code

Fists of Fury

The Fists of Fury support more than one type of attack mode, two of which vary the damage, and one of which reduces damage to one third. Only the default strike has a condition available in the source code, all other instances are commented out or filtered by the pre-processor.

(Source: Source code - Weapon.c:6107, Search result)

Multiplayer Bots

Shadow Warrior includes bot play, for single-player multiplayer games. Of course, they can't be enabled, as the "-bots" command line parameter is commented out.

Based on the source code, it appears the bots attempt to emulate a player. Default decisions take place in the following order:

  • Always operate everything (even if it means rapidly opening/closing certain doors).
  • Picks a visible player, uses them as a target. Disengages only if the target is too far away, out of vision, or dead.
  • Selects the weapon to use. Gives priority to the nuke, then from "highest-tier" weapons to the lowest.
  • Uses the portable medikit.
  • Jumps if a rocket is fired, otherwise tries some evasion.
  • Attacks the target using whichever weapon. Attacks are made more frequently if gameplay is set to a higher skill level.
(Source: Source code - Game.c:4156, jplayer.c)

Hidden Messages

Three levels contain hidden messages, two of which require cheats to see them.

Killing Fields

Sw97 killingmessage.png

The message "monkey mappers say hi" can be found in a lava pool just past the main entrance to the room with the Bronze Key. It is at the bottom of the large pit the player can fling himself. This makes it the only secret message that can be found without cheats, as the player can see it while rotating his head after dying. If this was intended is unknown.

Raiders of the Lost Wang

Sw97 raidersmessage.png

"Monkeys say what ?" can be found past the waterfall at the far left side of the large area the level starts in. Either noclip or the jetpack gained from God Mode are required to see it.

Auto Maul

Sw97 automaulmessage.png

The parking lot seen at the very end of the level has the message "Follow Me To XXX-Stacy's" behind an orange car. "XXX-Stacy" refers to the level in the Atomic Edition of Duke Nukem 3D. Noclip is required to go through the invisible wall blocking the parking lot from the rest of the level.