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Side Pocket (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Side Pocket

Developer: Data East
Publisher: Data East
Platforms: Arcade (Custom)
Released internationally: June 1986

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

Side Pocket is a billiards game about billiards.

Developer Messages

Three hidden messages are stored in the audio CPU.

Address Comment Notes
Biliyerd bilibili
Biribiri is an onomatopoeia usually denoting an electric-like sound.
Here, it's just part of some silly wordplay.
Fukuda baka      
Testuo Fukuda, founder of Data East, may or may not be an idiot.
Mitchiyan !      
The name (pseudonym?) of the sound programmer, the late Michiya Hirasawa.

Unused music

To do:
Get OGG rips. Or at least replace the broken Youtube links.

The Bonus Round theme, which was rearranged in the Game Boy version, is clipped. Here's the full version.


This Round Clear jingle was not used in the game. Possibly meant for the Bonus Round?