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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

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Title Screen

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

Developer: GSC Game World
Publisher: THQ
Platform: Windows
Released in US: March 20, 2007
Released in EU: March 23, 2007
Released in AU: March 22, 2007

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
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ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl casts you as an amnesiac that must travel through the Zone - the area around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant - to kill a person called Strelok. Unfortunately for you, the Zone is filled with terrifying monsters, strange anomalies, surly treasure-hunters, and well-armed factions fighting for control of the Zone and its secrets. Around the halfway point, the game becomes about collecting as many weapons, ammo, and artifact powerups as possible, then letting most of it rot in a chest.

This game spent years in development hell, so there's a lot of unused content left over in the code and files.

To do:
I'm positive there's some code relating to disabled A-Life functions for NPCs and the ability for NPCs to toss grenades. My understanding of the game's scripting isn't that good, so could someone look through some of the scripts and see if they're there?


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Unused Graphics
Graphics that just stood there and didn't come in.
Unused Items
Dog food is more valuable than these unused items.
Unused Text
Biographies for every character in the game, from random NPCs to the faction leaders. Plus, dialogue from a removed area!
Unused Scripts
Meet unused factions (such as NASA and the KGB), see a giant list of levels, and chit-chat with some test scripts.
Unused Characters
Say hello to the many faceless NPCs that were removed from the final game.

Unused Weapons

SoC has a ton of unused weapons.


A modern weapon in Stalker? MY IMMERSION.

The P90 is a personal defense weapon that would've used 5.7x28mm ammo. The code for it has been removed, but the model and texture for the gun and its ammo can be found in the game's files.

An early design document for the prequel/sequel, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, shows that the P90 was meant to make a belated debut in that game, but this didn't come to pass.

Mounted PKM

Incoming turret section in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

A model and code for a mounted PKM machine gun can be found in the game's files. According to the file, the mounted PKM has a .60 hit power, while it would use the 7.62x54_7h1 ammo type. There is no ammo limit listed, so it probably would have unlimited ammo.

An unused inventory icon suggests that the PKM could be used as a normal weapon at one point.

TOZ-34 Shotgun

Sleeker than a side-by-side.

The TOZ-34 (TOS-34 in-game) is a double barrel shotgun, similar to the Sawed-Off Shotgun except... not sawed-off. It has a slightly different design, too. The most notable thing about this weapon is that each shot has 1.5 hit damage, effectively making it the most powerful weapon in the game! This was most likely a mistake, as the usable TOZ-34s in various prototypes are not death cannons. It could use all three shotgun shell ammo types.

The hands on the first-person model have a smoothing problem, which wasn't present in any prototypes the gun appeared in.

The TOZ-34 would eventually go on to appear in Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat as a common weapon.

Browning Hi-Power

No..no...not another futuristic weapon in STALKER!!! The devs don't care about MY IMMERSION!

The Browning Hi-Power (HPSS-1m in-game) is a pistol that uses the 9x19mm round. It has a 13 round magazine and weighs .88 kg. Its hit damage is 0.70, which makes it stronger than any pistol or assault rifle in the game. It works fine when placed in the game.


This one is interesting, as the only proof of its existence is some code for it. Based on the name, it was supposed to be a MAC-10 sub machine gun... but the code is just an earlier copy of the AK-74's. Presumably it never got much further than the idea stage.


I would use a quote from the Heavy here but that shit is cliche.

SoC was supposed to have a minigun at one point. While it was usable in some very early prototypes, the only remnant in the final game is the texture and some bump maps.

Of note is that the Minigun texture found in the final's files are different compared to the one used in early prototypes. Even though the Minigun was removed after Build 1154, it seems they continued to work on the art assets for at least a little while longer.


This pistol looks anorexic.

Inside the weapon texture folder is a texture for a GSh-18 pistol. There's no code referencing this item nor is there any icon for it in the final's icon texture sheet. The texture sheet is also fairly rough-looking and doesn't have the front of the gun on it.

An icon for this weapon can be found on an early inventory icon sheet found in the game's files.

Interesting bit of trivia: one of the textures for this gun comes from a picture of the real GSh-18 found on this site.


In the "grenade" model folder are models for two mines. Each of them has "wpn" in their file name, suggesting they were meant to be usable weapons at one point. However, they have no first-person view model nor code, so there's no way to re-enable them.

There are minefields in the final game, but these models never appear in them.

Weapon Variants

Three weapon variants cannot be found in the final game.

Bulldog-6 M209

Stalker approves of grenade spam.

This is the Bulldog-6 (RG-6) grenade launcher modified to use the M209 grenades that the M203 grenade launcher and the F2000's grenade launcher use.

"Farshooter" SVDm2


This is a modified SVDm2 sniper rifle. Compared to the normal SVD, its scope zooms in more and has 50% less recoil. There's nothing really special about it, which is probably why it was removed.

"Farshooter" SVD Normal SVD
Creeping on an NPC. He's dead.

Storming SIP


The Storming SIP is a SIG 550, but with its weight reduced to 2.38 kg. However, it cannot mount a grenade launcher, like the normal SIG 550 can. This was probably removed because there is already a reduced-weight version of a weapon out there, the Lightened IL86, that doesn't remove one of the big selling points of the weapon.

Other Unused Weapons

An old HUD icon sheet can be found in the game's files, showcasing many unused items.

  • PKM.
  • RPK-74.
  • AK-74 with full-sized stock.
  • AK-47.
  • VSK-94.
  • Full-length Double Barrel Shotgun.
  • Stechkin APS automatic pistol.
  • GSh-18 pistol.
  • 9K32 Strela-2 anti-air missile launcher.
  • GM-94 grenade launcher.
  • Zarya-2 & RGO/RGN grenades.

No code can be found for most of these items in any of the prototypes released. The exceptions are the full-length Double Barrel Shotgun, which appears in the 21xx-22xx series of prototypes, and the GSh-18, whose texture appears in the final game. The AK-74 with the full stock did appear in Build 1844 as the AK-74's icon, but the in-game model in that build is the final's. Of particular note is that AK-47 should use an ammo type (7.62x39) which is (rather conspicuously given the game's setting) not present in the final game, and is the only non-explosive among these eleven where that is the case.

Semi-Unused Weapons

Beretta 92

Choice of action movie heroes around the world.

A Beretta 92 pistol (Martha in-game) can be found in the game, but only in one location. It is found on Bullet's buddy when you need to rescue him from bandits in Dark Valley. He never uses it, but it does appear in his inventory, so you can pick it off his corpse should his escape ultimately fail for one reason or another.

This pistol has a 15-round magazine, but has very low reliability. Using 9x19mm PBP rounds, the gun will start jamming after a few magazines worth of shots. There doesn't seem to be any obvious reason why this weapon was removed, as it fits well as a "good damage and accuracy but bad reliability" weapon, like the L85 assault rifle.

A look at Clear Sky's design document, Anarchy Cell, shows that the developers considered the Beretta to have been removed from SoC, as it is listed as a new weapon in Clear Sky's design doc. Bullet's buddy having a Beretta was most likely an oversight.

Unused Attachment

It looks even cooler with a silencer.

When the F2000's model is opened in an editor, it has a silencer attached. However, it's impossible to do this in the final game. It might've been removed to prevent the F2000 from being a better all-in-one weapon than the LR-300 assault rifle, which can equip a silencer, grenade launcher, and scope.

The ability to attach a silencer to the F2000 was added in Clear Sky, but was taken away again in Call of Pripyat.

Unused Mutants

Shadow of Chernobyl has a ton of unused mutants. In fact, there are about as many unused mutants as there are used ones. Some of the unused mutant's models appear in the final game as background props, but not as actual enemies.



The final game has brain-dead human NPCs with guns called zombies, but hidden in the game's files are a more traditional take on zombies (rotting flesh, moaning, shuffling around slowly, all that good stuff). They have a ton of health and do a decent amount of damage per swipe. Zombies will normally shuffle around until you shoot them. When you do, they will start walking towards you to swipe at you. If you take off a decent amount of their health, they will slump down and pretend to play dead. However, you'll know they're still alive because their body has not ragdolled yet. Eventually, they'll get back up and continue attacking.

Their models were recycled for various corpses you find scattered around the Zone, such as the hanged bodies you see when approaching the Bar from Garbage.


This is a zombie? NO WAY.

The Ghost is a zombie with a semi-transparent effect on his body and does slightly more damage per swipe. Otherwise, he's the same as the normal zombie.


Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller disapprove of this enemy's name.

This is a mutated human with a really long right arm that walks on all fours. Their max health is 200. He will charge the player as soon as he sees the player. This enemy's model filename is "Izlom", but the enemy code calls it "Fracture".


That ain't no housecat!

The Cat is your ordinary mutated housecat. Its behavior is similar to the Pseudodog, which is probably why it was cut.

This enemy's model can still be found as a stuffed animal in the Duty base.


Little people, big psychic abilities.

The Burer is a dwarf with mutated skin and a leather jacket. He has two attacks; melee and a psychic attack. The psychic attack is a shockwave that does more damage the closer you are to his attack. Based on the visuals, the Burer's shockwave fires small orbs that spread more the further they get from the Burer.

Normally, the Burer's eyes are closed. However, when he attacks, his eyes open. In addition, the screen will start to tint red and a beeping sound will play if the player gets to him.

There are two Burer models in the game's files. One has a brown coat, while the other has a black coat. The black coat model's file size is smaller than the brown coat's. However, only the black coat model is used in-game.

The Burer finally made its debut in Call of Pripyat, where he received new attacks and a lot more health.


Where's the giraffe head?

The Chimera is a dog-like creature with two heads. The creature will either pounce the player or simply walk over and bite the player. After he attacks, he will run away, run 180 degrees around the player, then attack again. He has a medium amount of health.

An alternate model with "undead" in its name can also be found. The texture on the model has no skin on the heads, no eyes, and darker fur. There are no hints as to where this would be used.

While you can't fight the Chimera in-game, a mounted Chimera head (or heads) can be found in Freedom's base in the Army Warehouse.

The Chimera became a regular enemy in Call of Pripyat, where he received a huge boost to his damage and a lot more health.


You rat bastard!

The Rat is different from the skeleton-like rat that appears in the final game. This one is your normal rat, but with a small patch of blood on it. Unlike the skeleton rat seen in the final game, the unused Rat will relentlessly attack.

Dark Stalker

I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with LIIIIIGHT!

A model of a bandit called "dark_stalker" can be found in the monster model folder. This is a leftover from a cut faction called "Sin", which consisted of religious fanatics that believed the Zone was divine. They would attack anyone and were nicknamed "dark stalkers". When Sin was removed, their models were repurposed as bandit models.


Phantoms are semi-transparent enemies which attack you in certain locations, such as in the Radar level prior to the player powering down Brain Scorcher. Psydogs will also summon phantom variants of itself while engaging in combat. Phantom versions of the boar, bloodsucker, pseudodog, rat, and snork can be encountered in the game. However, present within a subfolder of the "monsters" folder called "phantom" are a handful of phantoms which don't appear under any circumstances.

Removed Areas

The game's script files mention several areas that were removed from the final game. However, only one of them was fleshed out in the game's script files.

Note that all of these areas appear in the Build 1938 prototype.

Dead City

Dead City is, as you would expect, an abandoned city. It is small and divided between Mercenaries and bandits because of a ceasefire between the two sleazy organizations. The player and Doctor, and important NPC, would be captured and sent here by the Mercenaries. The player has several goals in this map; escape the prison he and Doctor are in and pry a map of the area from the body of either the Mercenary or Bandit leader to sell to your faction of choice.

Interestingly, the text for this map shows that the player would learn that they are Strelok from Doctor and would get the key to Strelok's stash in Pripyat in Dead City. After Dead City was scrapped, they moved your little chat with Doctor into the Agroprom Underground.

The loading screen image for this map is still in the game, giving a glimpse into what it would look like if it survived.


Swamps was to be a decent-sized swamp area, complete with towers and a bridge. Several pre-release screens feature military stalker NPCs walking around in the Swamp. No text nor missions for this location can be found in the game's files. Either they didn't add anything to it, or they wiped the files of quest info after it was scrapped.

This area was reused for the swamp area in the prequel, Clear Sky.


This area was supposed to be the area behind the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. No information about this area exists in the final game outside of a name on a file for it, but a full map can be found in Build 1935.


Another map that whose only remnant is a filename in the final game. As usual, it can be found in Build 1935.

The entire area was recycled and released in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, as the X-8 laboratory.


Abandonded Stalker and Garry's Mod crossover?

A map for a level called "test" can be found in the game's files. It is just a small grass field.


Fun in Garry's Mod!

Another test map. Based on its leftover mini map, this is in a green field, but with some weird-looking buildings here and there.


Citadel's younger brother.

Believe it or not, it's a removed test level with its mini map left over in the files. It's a small room with concrete floors and lots of small pillars.


Testers_mp_bath is a removed mulitplayer level. It looks like this would take place in a medium-sized city environment with a large drained pool in the center of the map. This is the only removed multiplayer level that has a loading screen image, thumbnail and map.


Another removed multiplayer map. It seems this one would take place in Pripyat's main plaza. No map exists for this level.


Somebody REALLY liked this layout for testing.

This deleted multiplayer level looks a lot like test_andy. It was probably a modified version of that map for testing mulitplayer.

Semi-Unused Items

There are some items in the game that are used, but the ways to get them are so unusual that it seems they were left in the game by mistake.

All of these items can be found in the Dark Valley level, suggesting that the developers didn't put as much effort into removing unused content in Dark Valley than other levels.

Soldier Armor

D'aww! It looks like a Kirby enemy!

A semi-removed armor vest can still be picked up. It is called "Leather Jacket", but when dropped, it looks like the uniform the basic soldier NPCs wear. When used, it makes the player look like one of the soldier NPCs, but with a bacalva on their head instead of a beret or bandana that most soldier NPCs have. It provides only 30% rupture resistance and has a base selling price of 5000 RU. The armor is still obtainable, but most likely because of an oversight by the developers. This armor is completely in the game in some later prototypes.

The armor can be found as a random item in a box in the Cordon. Go to the military blockade to the right of the Rookie Village, then circle the perimeter of the blockade until you see some junk near a concrete fence. Jump over it and hop on the urinal. From there, hop into the attic of the barracks. You'll find some boxes. Save here because the boxes will not always spawn the armor. Destroy the boxes and reload until one of them drops the armor.


A Clap-On flashlight would be cooler.

At one point, the flashlight (torch) was meant to be a separate item instead of something permanently attached to you from the start. Some unused enemy types, like rookie Mercenaries, still have flashlights listed in their inventories. Some prototypes have the flashlight as a separate item that need to be put on a part of the inventory called the belt in order for it to be used. NPC inventories do have it, but it is impossible to take it from them.

This item is used in multiplayer mode. It costs 50 RU.


Johnny Guitar's revenge.

A guitar, along with some other items, can be found hidden in Dark Valley. This item cannot be used and sells for about 30ish rubles.

NPCs will occasionally take out a guitar and start playing it near a camp fire, but you cannot get it from them, even if you kill them while they're playing it.



A strange item called the "hand_radio" can be found in the same location that has the guitar. This item has no description and uses the graphic that the unused Torch item has. There is no way to use it.

Unused Anomalies

Some removed anomalies can be found. However, only one of them has their code remaining.


Much like the Martha, this anomaly was intended to be removed from the retail release, yet there still remains code, an unused PDA description and a single instance of the anomaly in the final product.

A harmless anomaly, temporarily negating normal gravity. 
Manifests itself as an area - usually several meters in diameter - where Earth's gravitational pull is greatly reduced. Forms the Pellicle artifact.
GroupControlSection = spawn_group_zone
$spawn    = "zones\nogravity"
class   = Z_NOGRAV

ef_anomaly_type   = 7
ef_weapon_type   = 19

hit_impulse_scale = 0.5
effective_radius = 0.75 ;ðàçìåð ðàäèóñà â ïðîöåíòàõ îò îðèãèíàëüíîãî, ãäå äåéñòâóåò çîíà
sound   = zone_mosquito_bald
postprocess  = postprocess_new

artefacts  =
BirthProbability = 0.0

;----------- Anomaly settings -----------------------
min_start_power  = 0.99
max_start_power  = 1.00
attenuation   = 1
period    = 1
min_artefact_count = 0
max_artefact_count = 0

hit_type  = shock

disable_time  = -1 ;âðåìÿ èãíîðèðîâàíèÿ íåæèâîãî îáúåêòà â çîíå (-1 åñëè íå íóæíî)
disable_time_small = 500  ;âðåìÿ èãíîðèðîâàíèÿ ìàëåíüêîãî íåæèâîãî îáúåêòà â çîíå (-1 åñëè íå íóæíî)
disable_idle_time = -1 ;âðåìÿ îòêëþ÷åíèÿ idle ïàðòèêëîâ

ignore_nonalive  = false;
ignore_small  = false;
ignore_artefacts = false;

awaking_time    = 500
blowout_time    = 1000 
accamulate_time    = 5000

blowout_light  = off
idle_light   = off

visible_by_detector = on

blowout_wind  = off

;ðîæäåíèå àðòåôàêòîâ âî âðåìÿ ñðàáàòûâàíèÿ
spawn_blowout_artefacts = off
It is somewhere around the right corner of the small hill, south of the crashed helicopter's tail rotor

Though incredibly obscure, you can actually visit and interact with the anomaly in all retail builds of the game. Enter the stadium through the hole in the fence right of the main entrance building, skipping the fly-over and teleport to CNPP-1, dispose of the RPG Monolithians at the northern podiums however you see fit, and walk/jump around the encircled area until you find it. The physics are clearly a little rough around the edges for the player, but bolts, corpses, weapons and other such props float around about as you would expect them to. This was probably cut because it was generally worthless, or there was no time, ideas or desires to make any scenarios involving the anomaly.

Time Machine

Another anomaly whose description is the only remaining element.

A true miracle of an anomaly: an area several meters in diameter where the time flow is significantly slower than usual. 
Appears to have no negative effect on human health. However, the Time Machine can be very difficult to get out of. 
Interestingly, removing Mama's Beads - an artifact usually found in the center of the anomaly - causes the Time Machine to disappear.

Note that, if it was in the final game, this would be the only anomaly that could be removed by picking up an artifact near it.

Rusty Hair

That's gross. You need to shave dude.

This anomaly is the only removed anomaly that still has code and a model associated with it in the game's files. It would be able to spawn the Thorn, Crystal and Sea Urchin anomalies. The full code for the anomaly can be found below:

GroupControlSection	= spawn_group_zone
$spawn 			= "zones\rusty hair"
;$prefetch 		= 16
class			= Z_RUSTYH
visual			= physics\anomaly\anomaly_liana

ef_anomaly_type			= 7
ef_weapon_type			= 19

hit_impulse_scale	= 0.5
effective_radius	= 0.75 ;размер радиуса в процентах от оригинального, где действует зона
sound			= zone_mosquito_bald
postprocess		= postprocess_new

artefacts		= af_rusty_thorn,0.7,af_rusty_kristall,0.25,af_rusty_sea-urchin,0.05
BirthProbability = 0.1

;----------- Anomaly settings -----------------------
min_start_power		= 90
max_start_power		= 100
attenuation			= 1
period				= 1
min_artefact_count	= 1
max_artefact_count	= 2

hit_type		= shock

disable_time		= -1	;время игнорирования неживого объекта в зоне (-1 если не нужно)
disable_time_small	= 500		;время игнорирования маленького неживого объекта в зоне (-1 если не нужно)
disable_idle_time	= -1	;время отключения idle партиклов

ignore_nonalive		= false;
ignore_small		= false;
ignore_artefacts	= true

awaking_time				= 500
blowout_time				= 1000	
accamulate_time				= 5000

attack_animation_start		= 0
attack_animation_end		= 1000

blowout_light		= off
idle_light			= off

visible_by_detector = on

blowout_wind		= off

;рождение артефактов во время срабатывания
spawn_blowout_artefacts = off

Unused Sounds

Old Stalker Sounds

Inside the "monsters" folder located in the "sounds" folder is a folder with early sounds for NPCs. What's interesting is that all of the sounds used during attacking are spoken in English, not Russian. It seems that they wanted to translate most of the NPC chatter at one point, but didn't get around to doing it.

The full set of sounds can be found File:Stalkersocoldstalker.rar.

Trading Sounds

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Apparently, NPCs could say yes or no to you wanting to trade with them. In the final game, all you need to do is hit the trade button.

Old Detector

Inside a folder called "detectors" is an old detector sound called "bomb_beep". This sound was used in some prototypes, such as Build 1935.

Unused Used

Unused Weapon Sounds

There are quite a few unused weapon sounds laying around in the weapon sound folder.


An unused sound of a TOZ-34 firing both barrels can be found in the "weapons" sound folder. It's impossible to do this in the final game, but some prototypes, such as the 15xx series of prototypes, allow you to do it as an alt-fire mode for the TOZ-34. The alt-fire function was removed from the game, so the ability to fire both barrels at once went with it.


The F2000 has an unused sound effect for equipping it.

Walther P99

There are actually two unused P99 firing sounds. They both sound different from the final game.

Unused 1 Used
Unused 2 Used


The Fort-12 pistol also has some old firing sounds.

Unused 1 Used
Unused 2 Used


The AK-74 has two unused firing sounds, both of which sound weaker than the used one.

Unused 1 Used
Unused 2 Used


Much like the AK-74, the AKS-74U has 2 weaker-sounding firing sounds.

Unused 1 Used
Unused 2 Used


An older SVD firing sound lacks the after report sound that the final sound has.

Unused Used


Rather strangely, the P220's dedicated firing sound goes unused in favor of an older version of the USP's.

Unused Used

OTs-14 Groza

The OTs-14 Groza has an unused, weaker-sounding firing sound.

Unused Used


The SPAS-12 has an unused firing sound that lacks most of the end of the used one.

Unused Used


The RPG has unused sounds for it firing and its rocket exploding. Of note is that its unused explosion sound is identical to its used firing sound.

Unused firing Used firing
Unused explosion Used explosion


Monolith Sounds

Monolith NPCs has a full set of sounds (like campfire jokes, asking you to put your gun away, etc.), but none of them are used because they never do anything but try and kill you. They appear to be sounds used by the Loner NPCs, probably as placeholders.


A file called "dialogue.rar" can be found in the base folder that has all of the human NPC voice acting. When opened, it has all of the original Russian lines for the Barman and Sidorovich, even if you have the English version. There doesn't seem to be any reason why this package is still in the game.

Unused Gamemode

In the "textures" folder is a folder called "andy". Inside it are textures with names such as "andy_sniper" and "andy_charselect". Based on these names and graphics, it seems these are some sort of unused game mode, probably for multiplayer. What few details show that it was supposed to be some sort of class-based game. There would be three classes; assault, sniper, and technician. Nothing else about the game mode can be found.


The player was supposed to be able to drive vehicles at one point. Drivable vehicles include your average car, a large truck, a jeep used by the military, and a freaking APC. Fuel would have to be purchased in order to make them work. Despite being in the game as early as the 756 build, they were removed from the final game. Their models can be found scattered throughout the game.

Some mods re-enable vehicles and remove the need to purchase fuel for them.

Prototype Footage On TVs

If you watch this in-game, does this mean you're experiencing Stalkerception?

TVs in the game actually show footage from a prototype build. Judging by the gloves, the footage is from the 14xx-19xx series of builds.