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Title Screen


Also known as: sora - SUGURI II
Developer: Orange_Juice
Publisher: Fruitbat Factory
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: January 5, 2016
Released in JP: August 15, 2010
Released in US: June 1, 2012

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Sora (also known as ソラ sora - Suguri II) is a fast-paced 2D horizontal shooting game in which you play as a girl named Sora. Your main goal is to fight through hordes of enemies to advance to the next level.

Its initial official English localization in 2012 was done by OmegaTH, which later turned out to be a fake company name orchestrated by a troll, and the translation was deemed to be terrible. However, it was still regarded as the official localization for years, until Fruitbat Factory released theirs in 2016.

To do:
  • List all of the dialogue and text differences in a sub-page.
  • Visual resolution difference between the Japanese and international versions. [1]

Unused Text

Unused Star Breaker Dialogue


[ 300 ] [ sora_0007.wav ]
Sora "Why! Why do you have to keep doing this!?"
// ソラ「なんで! こんな事を続けるんですか」
[ 400 ] [ star_voice005.wav ]
Star Breaker "Don't you remember we're in a war? Not killing is wrong here."
// スターブレイカー「これは戦争なのよぉ?
[ 300 ] [ sora_0008.wav ]
Sora "I'm asking why you keep fighting that war."
// ソラ「だから なんで戦争なんて続けるんですか」
[ 500 ] [ sora_0009.wav ]
Sora "No one wants to die! Everyone just wants to live in happiness!"
// ソラ「死にたい人なんていないのに!
[ 350 ] [ star_voice006.wav ]
Star Breaker "Because there are people who want to kill and to make others unhappy."
// スターブレイカー「殺したい人がいて 不幸にしたい人がいるから」
[ 250 ] [ sora_0010.wav ]
Sora "That thought is warped."
// ソラ「そんな考えは歪んでます」
[ 310 ] [ star_voice007.wav ]
Star Breaker "That warped thought is what keeps the war going."
// スターブレイカー「その歪んだ考えが戦争を支えているのよ」
[ 150 ] [ sora_0011.wav ]
Sora "That's not right."
// ソラ「そんなの間違ってる」
[ 450 ] [ star_voice008.wav ]
Star Breaker "If so, then why does the war still carry on when the world is like this now, I wonder?"
// スターブレイカー「だったら何で 世界がこんなになるまで
[ 1 ] [ EOE ]
// 最後のダミー


[ 470 ] [ star_voice009.wav ]
Star Breaker "When someone on one side gets killed, someone on the other side will be killed... That has happened tens of milliions of times, and deaths have piled up."
// スターブレイカー「殺されたから殺しかえす…
[ 300 ] [ star_voice010.wav ]
Star Breaker "And in this very moment, the entire world is on the verge of death."
// スターブレイカー「今や 世界全体を殺そうとしているのよ?」
[ 320 ] [ sora_0012.wav ]
Sora "But there actually exist people trying to stop it from happening."
// ソラ「でも それを止めようとしてる人だっています」
[ 480 ] [ star_voice011.wav ]	
Star Breaker "Who could possibly eliminate the hatred caused by those millions of murders?"
// スターブレイカー「何万回分もの憎しみよ?
そんなもの もう誰にも断ち切れない」
[ 350 ] [ sora_0013.wav ]	
Sora "Even so, the planet will really be dead unless someone does that."
// ソラ「それでもやらないと 本当に星が死んでしまう」
[ 180 ] [ star_voice012.wav ]	
Star Breaker "Yes, that it will."
// スターブレイカー「そう それよ」
[ 250 ] [ star_voice013.wav ]
Star Breaker "The war will end with the death of the planet."
// スターブレイカー「戦争の最後は 星の死」
[ 100 ] [ sora_0014.wav ]
Sora "What..!?"
// ソラ「な…!?」
[ 350 ] [ star_voice014.wav ]
Star Breaker "And I was born to liven up that final event."
// スターブレイカー「私はその最後を飾るために生まれてきたの」
[ 350 ] [ star_voice015.wav ]
Star Breaker "I am Star Breaker... The ultimate weapon built to kill the planet."
// スターブレイカー「私はスターブレイカー
[ 300 ] [ sora_0015.wav ]
Sora "Star... Breaker."
// ソラ「スター…ブレイカー」
[ 280 ] [ star_voice016.wav ]
Star Breaker "Well, the war is entering its final phase now."
// スターブレイカー「さぁ 戦争も終局を迎えるわぁ」
[ 600 ] [ star_voice017.wav ]
Star Breaker "The first and final glorious moment in my life... Be sure to help make it perfect... Ahahahaha."
// スターブレイカー「私の最初で最後の晴れ舞台…
[ 300 ] [ sora_0016.wav ]
Sora "I will... stop you!!"
// ソラ「あなたは…僕がやっつけます!!」
[ 1 ] [ EOE ]
// 最後のダミー

(extraneous symbols removed and linebreaks adjusted for easier readability)

Unused dialogue, seemingly intended for the fight against Star Breaker in Stage 6. Given their formatting and filenames, this may have been intended to be typed out for a cutscene rather than the dialogue box (text intended for the latter is stored in files named TEXT_TALKXX, with XX being any number). It's completely untranslated in the OmegaTH build, but is fully translated in English in the Fruitbat Factory release. None of the audio files pointed at here remain in the game's sound files.

Misc. Text

Sample Comment
// < COM_SAMPLE > < コメントサンプル。 >

A sample comment found in the game's TEXT_COMMENT file.

// < COM_WEAPON_GUNBARREL > < ガンバレル。 >
// fumi - i think this is a pun. ganbareru also means 'i can do my best'.

A translator's comment left in the TEXT_STORY regarding the gunbarrel weapon's description.

Revisional Differences

Due to the poor quality of the initial 2012 English translation, courtesy of OmegaTH, the translation was completely redone years later by Fruitbat Factory and released as version 1.2.0, with some minor updates released later. As such, the dialogue is completely different between versions 1.1 and 1.2.x.

v1.1 (First English release) v1.2.x (Steam re-release)
Sora-intro-v1.1.png Sora-intro.png

Oddly enough, the intro, credits, and post-Stage 1 cutscene used Comic Sans for their text. The 2016 Steam re-release changed that to a more professional font. Also, the Steam re-release talks nothing about reploids, likely due to that term already being coined by the Mega Man X series.

Title Screen and Menus

v1.1 (First English release) v1.2.x (Steam re-release)
Sora-title-v1.1.png Sora-title.png

The kanji in the logo was removed in the 2016 Steam release. Also, the text for the side-scrolling menu was made slightly smaller and had their alignment improved, and the orange line was centered. Additionally, the logo was made a little bigger and the background was stretched.

v1.1 (First English release) v1.2.x (Steam re-release)
Sora-title-postEX-v1.1.png Sora-title-postEX.png

The text saying "SUGURI II" was made allcaps and had its font changed to match SUGURI's Steam logo for the 2016 Steam release. The background is also stretched here in the Steam re-release.

v1.1 (First English release) v1.2.x (Steam re-release)
Sora-levelselect-v1.1.png Sora-levelselect.png

The font used for the menu titles, level titles, level slogans, level descriptions, weapon selections, etc. were all changed for the 2016 Steam release. The stage number was shifted to the right as well, and the level titles were changed.


v1.1 (First English release) v1.2.x (Steam re-release)
Sora-load-v1.1.png Sora-load.png

The loading screen was changed. Also, the loading times were reduced by using a more optimized engine.

v1.1 (First English release) v1.2.x (Steam re-release)
Sora-dialogue-v1.1.png Sora-dialogue.png

The text used for the character names in the dialogue boxes was also changed. In addition, the HUD was made smaller, the arrows at the bottom-right of the corner were made slightly smaller, and the shadow in the dialogue box was made smaller.

Also, while there's significantly less space for text due to the new font being bigger, it is also much easier to read.

v1.1 (First English release) v1.2.x (Steam re-release)
Sora-PR-v1.1.png Sora-PR.png

Text was added to the gameplay sections of the tutorial stage.

Stage 3 Text Error


There are two variants of the pre-battle dialogue against Mira in Stage 3; which one shows up depends on whether the player dodges or gets hit by their blades right before the boss fight. The variant for getting hit is incomplete in the initial English release, as there's only one partially complete line of dialogue ("Goodness! Your reflexes are"), after which only Japanase text displays, seemingly the original Japanese dialogue, though only partially working (notice how the text sticks outside the box and the text string displays dialogue for both Sora and Mira). This was fixed in the 2016 Steam re-release.

Boss Names

To do:
Get the original Japanese names as well for comparison.

Names in bold signify changes between translations.

Stage OmegaTH Fruitbat Factory
1 Alte Alte
2 Telos Tsih
3 Mira Mira
4 Siri Sham
5 Nadius Nath
6 & 7 Starbreaker Star Breaker
EX Hime Hime
EX Suguri Suguri

Other Changes

  • Widescreen support was added to the menus and the fight against Suguri.
  • Higher resolution support was added to the game in the Steam re-release.