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Spec Ops: The Line

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Title Screen

Spec Ops: The Line

Developer: Yager Development GmbH
Publisher: 2K Games
Platform: Windows
Released in US: June 26, 2012
Released in EU: June 29, 2012
Released in AU: 2012

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

See, this is why game preservation is important.
This game is defunct.
Do note the game no longer works at all without modifications. This is most likely due to the game's servers being shut down. As a result, further official developments with the game are unlikely to happen.

Spec Ops: The Line served as a reboot and final installment of the B-list Spec Ops franchise. It gained a cult following after release for its intense campaign storyline and less-than-impressive multiplayer mode.

Do you feel like a hero yet?

To do:
  • There are many more cut textures relating to multiplayer that should be documented. Most can be found in SRGame.upk.
  • Also, get the unused level preview textures showcasing earlier versions of the campaign's scenes.
  • Document the 2010 Multiplayer Beta released on the Xbox 360. In addition to featuring radically different MP mechanics, it also included earlier weapon designs and cut models from earlier stages of development.
  • Go through the pre-release trailer featuring actual gameplay to document level differences. Prominent changes can be seen, such as the heavy presence of civilians in the refugee camps of chapter 4.
  • Even more unused text is the SRGame.INT localization file, like Exodus level briefings and early level names/descriptions.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Models

XM8 Model

A scoped XM8 Assault Rifle included as the sole model in the YGAMEINFO_TESTMPLOAD_SF.upk file. The default texture it is assigned is labeled as "MORON" in the files. It is fully functional and can replace weapons like the M4A1 and 417. A working texture for the gun can be found in the 2010 multiplayer beta.

SO-TL cut XM8 assault rifle .jpg

Beta Gun Models

Some of the prerelease weapon designs slipped into the final game, either as decorations in the multiplayer lobby or unused LOD models.

Spoils of War Loot

The small, medium, and large collectible pieces of loot meant for the cut Spoils of War multiplayer mode. The models and other mode-related assets can be found in the YGAMEINFO_SW_CONTENT_SF.upk file, though it does not function when forced to load.

Jim Multiplayer Head

An unused head option for members of the Exiles multiplayer faction, featuring a scarred man with a thick beard, long hair, and a bandana. It works without issue when re-enabled. It is noted in the DefaultGame.ini file that the Jim head was "no longer being used," though a reason for its exclusion is not given.


White Phosphorus Grenade

For war crimes on the go! Fully modeled and textured, but possibly cut to not diminish the impact of Chapter 8's mortar scene.


Unused Textures

Beta Weapon Icons

Less-detailed icons for the game's singleplayer and multiplayer weapons. The cut Flamethrower weapon is included among the other guns. In the final game, the icons are shaded and better reflect the used gun designs.


Early Multiplayer UI Icons

A sheet of early icons for the multiplayer modes, including an older version of the Damned's emblem.


Cut Multiplayer UI Icons

An even earlier version of the minimap icons intended for multiplayer.

UI MP HUD.Textures.Minimap ICONS.png

Menu Icons for Cut Modes

Icons for 5 scrapped multiplayer modes: Chopper Attack, Delivery, No Perks, Special Delivery, and Spoils of War. Some leftovers remain for Spoils of War and Delivery, though both modes do not function when re-enabled with mods.

Beta Weapon Textures

Many of the textures for the prerelease gun designs are still present in the final game. These textures lack unique models to go with them, though some can still be applied to their final models without issues.

Beta Multiplayer Class Art

The UI art for 2010 multiplayer beta's classes. Some of the models were repurposed for the co-op DLC missions.

Early Kastavin Body Texture

A body texture that fits the model of Agent Kastavin, an antagonist in Chapters 3 and 4. The texture itself is labeled as belonging to "Fari," a minor character intended for a larger role in Spec Ops' cut co-op campaign. It is included in Chapter 13 with Fari's corpse model standing in for Lt. McPherson.


Obsolete Texture

Found in several .upks, including the multiplayer YGAMEINFO files.


Unused Areas

Boxes Beneath Levels

Most levels have large boxes with default textures hidden beneath their geometry. It is likely that the player characters are relocated inside of them during cutscenes.

Unused Modes

Exodus Versus/Co-op

Many leftover pieces of text remain for "Exodus," a cut mode following the Grey Fox CIA team before Delta's arrival in Dubai. Players would have the option to play it competitively or in a traditional co-op format against bots. Grey Fox would always have 3 players, while the Damned could have up to 5 players on its side. Both sides had competing objectives to complete over the course of 9 levels. The mode is referred to both as "Crossplayer" and "Exodus" in the SRGame.INT localization file.

[GameInfo_CP YUIDataProvider_GameModeInfo]
Description=EXODUS - Discover what happened to Riggs, Gould and Daniels during the first american mission in Dubai since the catastrophy. Play the american squad with 2 other 
players... or play as The Damned's men with 4 other players to try to stop them.

Of note is that Brian Kastavin, one of the Gray Fox members in the final game, is never mentioned in the Exodus briefings and loadouts. Instead, his role is filled by Fari, a insurgent guide who briefly appears in Chapter 3. It is also said in the briefings that Agent Daniels led Gray Fox and that Agent Riggs took over after his capture.

Horde Mode

Much like Left 4 Dead, Spec Ops was going to have a mode where a team of 4 players battled unending hordes of enemies. Agent Riggs would join Walker, Adams, and Lugo as they held out against an onslaught of foes. Each character's loadout has inconsistencies with their preferred weapons in the story mode: Riggs lacks his signature .44 Magnum, and Adams is given Lugo's TAR-21. Some multiplayer-exclusive weapons, such as the Glock 18, are also listed among the starting weapons the players had access to. The game alternatively refers to the mode as Holdout and uses the prefix HRD for its unused text references.

[GameInfo_Horde YUIDataProvider_GameModeInfo]
Description=HOLDOUT - Slaughter thousands of waves of enemies.

In addition, there is a reference to a cut level called "HordeCity" that likely relates to the mode.

[HRD_City YUIDataProvider_MapInfo]
Description=First test map to play up to four people supported.
FriendlyName=CITY TEST MAP
FriendlyNameSmall=City Test Map

Spoils of War

A cut multiplayer game mode where the Damned and Exiles would collect loot and return it to their base. Small, medium, and large loot models still exist in the game files. The Radioman also has voice lines for announcing the start of the mode. Internally, it is abbreviated as "SW".

[GameInfo_SW YUIDataProvider_GameModeInfo]
ShortDescription=- Find and return loot to your base.\n- Loot periodically gets banked and banked loot cannot be stolen.\n- The team that collects the most loot wins.
Description=- Find and return loot to your base.\n- Loot periodically gets banked and banked loot cannot be stolen.\n- The team that collects the most loot wins.
FriendlyName=Spoils of War
FriendlyNameSmall=Spoils of War

A shorter description is also included in the localization files.

Description=Collect all the gold.
GameName=Spoils of War

Some rules about carrying loot are referenced as well.

m_goldFullMessage=Carrying too much weight
m_pickupMessage=<StringAliasMap:Term_Hold> <PlayerActionButton:PickUp> Pick up gold
m_sameTeamPickupMessage=Can't steal from your own team

Chopper Attack

A cut MP mode where one side would protect targets against helicopters called in by the attacking team. Icons and text references remain.

[GameInfo_CA YUIDataProvider_GameModeInfo]
Attacker=Attackers:\nMark enemy satellite targets.\nCall the helicopter from one of the two com stations to attack marked targets.\nHave the helicopter destroy all enemy 
targets to win the round.\nYour team only has 3 helicopters; losing all 3 results in defeat.
Defender=Defenders:\nStop the attacking team from destroying your targets.\nProtect at least one satellite from being destroyed to win the round.\nEnemy helicopters can be shot 
down.\nShoot down all 3 helicopters to win the round.
Description=CHOPPER ATTACK - Attackers: Mark enemy targets  then call helicopters to destroy the marked targets.\n\nDefenders: Defend your targets.
FriendlyNameSmall=CHOPPER ATTACK

There are also control prompts and messages remaining for Chopper Attack.

m_playerActionMessagesCA[1]=<StringAliasMap:Term_Hold> <PlayerActionButton:PickUp> MARK BASE
m_playerActionMessagesCA[2]=base has already been marked
m_playerActionMessagesCA[3]=MARKING BASE
m_playerActionMessagesCA[4]=<StringAliasMap:Term_Hold> <PlayerActionButton:PickUp> CALL IN ATTACK
m_playerActionMessagesCA[5]=<PlayerActionButton:PickUp> MARK BASE
m_playerActionMessagesCA[6]=HELO READY IN:
m_playerActionMessagesCA[7]=HELO INBOUND


A cut Counter-Strike-like multiplayer mode. One side plants and detonates a bomb at one of two sites while the defenders fight them off or disarm the bomb. Icons and text references remain.

[GameInfo_Delivery YUIDataProvider_GameModeInfo]
Attacker=Attackers:\nPlant and arm the bomb at one of the enemy's two base.\nDestroy an enemy base to win.
Defender=Defenders:\nPrevent the enemy from detonating the bomb at either of your bases.\nYou can disarm the bomb.
Description=DELIVERY - Attackers: Plant and detonate bomb at one of the enemy's bases to win.\n\nDefenders: Defend your bases.

Control prompts also exist for the Delivery mode.

Arm=<StringAliasMap:Term_Hold><PlayerActionButton:PickUp> arm the package
Arming=package will be armed in
Disarm=<StringAliasMap:Term_Hold><PlayerActionButton:PickUp> defuse the package
Disarming=package will be disarmed in
PackageArmed=Package armed. Detonation in
Pickup=<StringAliasMap:Term_Hold><PlayerActionButton:PickUp> pickup the package

Special Delivery

A modified version of the cut Delivery multiplayer mode where both sides have bombs. Icons and text references remain.

[GameInfo_SD YUIDataProvider_GameModeInfo]
ShortDescription=- Both teams have bombs.\n- The first team to destroy the enemy base with a bomb wins.\n- Only planted bombs can be disarmed.
Description=SPECIAL DELIVERY - Both teams have bombs. The first team to blow up the enemy's base wins.


A cut mode seemingly revolving around reviving teammates and surviving matches.

Description=Revive your Teammates. The surviving Team wins.
EndOfMatchRulesTemplateStr_Scoring=The team that suvives most of `g rounds wins.
EndOfMatchRulesTemplateStr_Time=The team that has most players alive in `t mins wins.

Prototype Game Mode

An unfinished game mode referred to as a "Special Game Mode." No specifics are given for it outside of the internal name and description.


Unused Text

Hunting Rifle

A cut weapon mentioned in the localization files. Only the text reference to it remains.

m_ammoName=Hunting Rifle Ammo
m_weaponName=Hunting Rifle


A weapon shown in promotional materials that got cut from the final release. References exist for a player-usable version and an AI-only version, similar to the Scout Tactical.

m_ammoName=Flamethrower Ammo
m_ammoName=Flamethrower Ammo

PKM A Machinegun

A scrapped machine gun presumably based on the Soviet PKM GPMG. Its model is present in the 2010 multiplayer beta.

m_ammoName=MG Ammo
m_weaponName=PKM A Machinegun

Laser Sniper

An unknown weapon cut from the game. Only its text references exist.

m_ammoName=Laser Sniper Ammo
m_weaponName=Laser Sniper

Prototype Weapons

Presumably weapons used to test out the game. Like the other guns listed above, only their text references exist.

m_ammoName=Pistol Ammo
m_ammoName=SMG Ammo

Surrender Weapon

Apparently, you could surrender at some point in development! Maybe it was meant for campaign enemies or a cut multiplayer mechanic? Only a text reference remains.


Final Slice Message

A message from Yager likely intended for testers upon completing a demo of the game.

FinalSliceEnd_Message=Thanks for playing the "Final Slice" of<Scale:S=1.3> The Line</Scale>.\n<Scale:S=1.0>Stay tuned as we polish the final experience.\n\n- The Line 
Development Team\n\n\n\n\nPress </Scale><PlayerActionButton:Cover> <Scale:S=1.0>to continue</Scale>
FinalSliceEnd_Header=End of Final Slice

Cut Radioman Speakers Objective

At some point in development, a side objective was to destroy the 33rd's speakers left around Dubai. You can still shoot and break them in the final game, which stops certain voice lines or music from playing in the area. Text references and a briefing remain, along with a list of speaker locations.

Tut_RadiomanSpeakers=These speakers are spread all over Dubai. Find and destroy them all.
Tut_RadiomanSpeakers_Header=Radioman Speaker Collectibles
m_radioSpeakerDestroyed=SPEAKERS FOUND:

They are also listed alongside the Intel collectibles, suggesting they would also be tracked like the Intel recordings.

IntelCollectibles=Intel Collectibles
RadiomanSpeakers=Radioman Speakers

Prologue Description

You can't access the helicopter chase prologue from the Level Select menu - only by choosing the New Game option. As such, the description of the level goes unused.

[SP_M00 YUIDataProvider_Mission]
m_Description=A rough start...

Original Campaign Names and Briefings

Earlier versions of the briefings used in the Level Select menu. These also list the game as having 11 levels instead of its final 16, suggesting that some chapters were added or split into multiple entries during development.

[SP_Chapter1 YUIDataProvider_Chapter]
m_Description=A distress signal has been picked up in the dead city of Dubai. A Delta Force recon team has been sent to investigate.
m_Name=1 - THE DESERT
m_SubName=CHAPTER 1
[SP_Chapter2 YUIDataProvider_Chapter]
m_Description=Delta Squad follows the Looters back to their nest, in hopes of rescuing a kidnapped soldier.
m_Name=2 - THE NEST
m_SubName=CHAPTER 2
[SP_Chapter3 YUIDataProvider_Chapter]
m_Description=The 33rd has gone rogue. To find Konrad, Delta must connect with CIA Agents operating in Dubai-- one of whom has been taken captive.
m_Name=3 - THE GORGE
m_SubName=CHAPTER 3
[SP_Chapter4 YUIDataProvider_Chapter]
m_Description=Delta and the CIA have joined forces against the rogue 33rd and their leader: The Radioman.
m_Name=4 - THE GATE
m_SubName=CHAPTER 4
[SP_Chapter5 YUIDataProvider_Chapter]
m_Description=In their darkest hour, Delta is confronted by the true leader of the 33rd-- John Konrad.
m_Name=5 - THE ROAD
m_SubName=CHAPTER 5
[SP_Chapter6 YUIDataProvider_Chapter]
m_Description=Delta has no choice: Stop Konrad and evacuate Dubai. To do that, they'll need help.
m_Name=6 - WATER
m_SubName=CHAPTER 6
[SP_Chapter7 YUIDataProvider_Chapter]
m_Description=Separated from his squad, Walker must face the consequences of his actions.
m_Name=7 - THE SQUAD
m_SubName=CHAPTER 7
[SP_Chapter8 YUIDataProvider_Chapter]
m_Description=Without water, Dubai is dying. Delta heads for the Radioman's tower, hoping to organize an evacuation.
m_SubName=CHAPTER 8
[SP_Chapter9 YUIDataProvider_Chapter]
m_Description=Scattered by the storm, Delta has but one goal: Survival.
m_SubName=CHAPTER 9
[SP_Chapter10 YUIDataProvider_Chapter]
m_Description=Delta begins their final assault on Konrad's stronghold.
m_Name=10 - THE TOWER
m_SubName=CHAPTER 10
[SP_Chapter11 YUIDataProvider_Chapter]
m_Description=Two weeks later...
m_Name=11 - EPILOGUE
m_SubName=CHAPTER 11

Unused Squad Commands

Remnants of more complex commands that Walker could issue to Adams and Lugo.

m_contextCommands[0]=(m_text="None", m_longText="None")
m_contextCommands[10]=(m_text="SCAN", m_longText="Scan the Area")
m_contextCommands[11]=(m_text="DEPLOY MORTAR", m_longText="Deploy Mortar")
m_contextCommands[12]=(m_text="RECALL MORTAR", m_longText="Recall Mortar")
m_contextCommands[13]=(m_text="MORTAR AIM", m_longText="Mortar Aim")
m_contextCommands[14]=(m_text="WEAPON AIM", m_longText="Weapon Aim")
m_contextCommands[15]=(m_text="FIRE MORTAR", m_longText="Fire Mortar")
m_contextCommands[16]=(m_text="CANCEL ATTACK", m_longText="Cancel Attack")
m_contextCommands[17]=(m_text="OPEN FIRE", m_longText="Open Fire")
m_contextCommands[19]=(m_text="PREPARE FAST ROPE", m_longText="Prepare Fast Rope")
m_contextCommands[1]=(m_text="REGROUP", m_longText="Regroup")
m_contextCommands[20]=(m_text="USE FAST ROPE", m_longText="Use Fast Rope")
m_contextCommands[21]=(m_text="USE FAST ROPE", m_longText="Use Fast Rope")
m_contextCommands[22]=(m_text="ZIPLINE", m_longText="Use Zip Line")
m_contextCommands[23]=(m_text="USE TURRET", m_longText="Use Turret")
m_contextCommands[24]=(m_text="SUPPRESS ENEMIES", m_longText="SUPPRESS ENEMIES")

E3 Demo Leftovers

An unused prompt to play the E3 2008 demo of Spec Ops.

[PlayDemo YUIDataProvider_DemoMainMenuItems]
Description=Play the Spec Ops E3 2008 Demo.
FriendlyName=PLAY E3 DEMO