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Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion: HD Renovation/Changes from the Freeware Version

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As HD Renovation is a remake of the original Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion, several things were changed between them.

General Changes

  • The game is now built off of the Unity engine, instead of GameMaker.
  • The HUD no longer gets covered by on-screen images or overlays (such as the static from Specimen 8, the fog from Specimen 5, and flickering images).
  • All of the specimens in the game now use fully 3D models instead of 2D sprites.
  • When a specimen hits down a door, it naturally falls down instead of being pushed to the side, unlike the original version.
  • The player can no longer swing the Axe or the Sword if they don't have enough stamina. They also cannot swing it as fast as before.
  • There are a number of new rooms and layouts, mainly multi-layer rooms that change elevation up and down, as opposed to the all-flat rooms of the original.
  • Health regeneration has been changed, now rapidly regenerating after going a few seconds without taking damage instead of slowly regenerating over time.
  • The title and options screens are far more dynamic and fluid, and offer more options. The resolution and FOV can be adjusted, and both specimens and jumpscares can be disabled. In addition, the player can switch between using 3D models or 2D sprites for most assets in the game, as well as change the lighting engine. Button mapping has also been added.
    • If the player were to complete the game with both specimens and jumpscares disabled, a brand new ending is achieved.

  • Karamari Hospital can now be selected from the title screen, instead of having to launch a different executable file. It is also packaged with the game, instead of being optional DLC.
  • The "Load Game" option now shows all saved games (Story Mode, Karamari Hospital, Spookys Dollhouse, and Endless Mode), along with stats for each one, such as the number of saves, loads, the room number, and the number of deaths (not applicable to Endless Mode, as the file is deleted upon death). This does not apply to Karamari Hospital; it only says "Keep exploring..."
  • Up to 5 specimens can chase the player in Endless Mode at the same time.
  • Steam Achievements, Trading Cards, and Steam Leaderboards were added to the game.
  • VR support with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and OpenVR compatibility is available in HD Renovation.

Specimen Changes

Story Mode Specimen

Specimen 1

  • Specimen 1 spawns closer to the player than in the freeware version.
  • Upon hitting them with the axe, they will be cut in half, with the piece falling on the ground.
  • Unlike the original game, the jump scare sound isn't cut off if the player destroys the cardboard cutout.
  • Additionally, an uncommon event where three instances of the same Specimen 1 variant spawn at the same time can no longer occur.
  • It no longer stops the player automatically once it pops out.
  • Additionally, when Specimen 1 appears in an area where there is no wall, a metal pole will appear, from which Specimen 1 will pop out.
  • The pepper cutout in Karamari Hospital is replaced with a soda can.
Freeware HD Renovation
SJMPepper.png SJMHDRSoda.png

Specimen 2

  • Specimen 2 now moves at the same speed of the player, making it a slightly bigger threat.
  • Specimen 2 is no longer knocked away when hit by the axe, but will instead collapse into a puddle after being hit and will naturally regenerate after a few seconds.
  • Specimen 2 can no longer phase through walls, but can float over pits.
    • If Specimen 2 is hit when over a pit, it will fall down and despawn, unable to chase the player for the duration of that room.

Specimen 3

  • Specimen 3 has been given a unique death scene, which it lacked in the freeware version.

Specimen 4

  • Specimen 4 first appears in Room 167 instead of Room 166
  • Specimen 4's endless variant's static ability now creates a dome of static around the player, which slowly closes in until it covers the entire screen, before resetting.
  • Specimen 4's speed was increased, being slightly faster than the player's walking speed.

Specimen 5

  • Specimen 5's speed has been slightly increased.
  • Specimen 5 now leaves a trail of red after-images behind her as she walks. These after-images can sometimes appear on their own around rooms.
  • The fog now appears to be absent, instead replaced with a dim static effect.

Specimen 6

  • When Specimen 6 teleports, he will now ascend into the ceiling, then choose a descension point near the player.
  • The overall mechanics of Specimen 6 have been overhauled, causing it to sporadically teleport less and to stop teleporting inside walls.

Specimen 7

  • Specimen 7 is now displayed at a 10 degree angle when moving.
  • Specimen 7's starting room has been drastically changed. Now, the player will see a hallway with the threshold of consciousness sign on the floor. The player will have to run into the wall, breaking it down. Then, a massive room is seen with a huge clock in the middle of it.
  • Specimen 7's speed has been decreased.

Specimen 8

  • Specimen 8 has received a mechanical overhaul. When the view between the player and Specimen 8 is obstructed by a solid wall (doesn't account for railings, iron bars or small objects), Specimen 8 will open a rift between itself and the player and warp forward to catch the player. This warp will always take one second, so the further Specimen 8 is from the player the faster it will travel. When not able to use its rift ability, it behaves like a floating corporeal entity, floating over pits and following the path when no solid walls are present.
  • The player is now able to roam freely in the forest area after getting killed, as well as use the axe.
  • The deer that appears before meeting Specimen 8 now ragdoll on the floor when killed

Specimen 9 (Normal)

  • Specimen 9 is much faster and instantly kills the player on contact.

Specimen 10

  • The old Specimen 10 will not crawl toward the player before being ruptured by the new Specimen 10.
  • The worm form now deals as much damage as the first form. It is also unaffected by the axe and will not transform into its worm form when hit.
  • When in it's humanoid form, Specimen 10 moves faster.

Specimen 11

  • It has a teleporting animation when it gets hit with the axe and no longer speeds up when close to the player.

Specimen 12

  • In regard to the mansion, the player will no longer have to interact with the stairs to get to the bedrooms. They also have railings.
  • As of the Summer 2019 update, the man with the sickle can now sprint. He starts off with 0 stamina and after a while it will begin to rise up. Once it hits 100, he will dash towards the player while making Howard's jump scare sound.

Specimen 13

  • She now moves faster than the player's sprinting speed while they're in the water but no longer goes through walls.
  • On the 2021 Halloween Update, she received a rework to her chase: new chase rooms have been added, her chase duration was increased to match the one from the original game, and has received some new mechanics. She no longers spawns from the entrance door, now spawning somewhere in the flooded rooms, most commonly spawning from the grates that can now appear in her chase rooms. These grates also create shortcuts for Specimen 13 which she will use to ambush the player.

Specimen 9 (Boss)

  • The balls of energy that Specimen 9 shoots sometimes look like red rings. Said balls of energy also seem to move faster than in the original game.

Endless Mode Specimen

Unknown Specimen 1 (White Face)

  • Unknown Specimen 1 does not use its "realistic" face anymore in its regular chase. It will only use it in its second chase, glitching between it and the pixelated face.
  • Unknown Specimen 1 no longer teleports when looked at. Instead, it will teleport after a fixed amount of time or after hitting the player. If it hits the player, its speed will not reset.
  • Unknown Specimen 1's death screen has a few visual changes, such as Unknown Specimen 1 approaching the player in several small jumps instead of smoothly and a keyboard appearing on the screen, where the player will choose a letter by dragging the cursor over it.
  • In its second chase, Unknown Specimen 1 is now much slower and no longer phases through walls, giving the player a better chance at escaping it.

Unknown Specimen 2 (Otto the Otter)

  • Unknown Specimen 2 now moves at the same speed as Specimen 5.
  • His attack cooldown is now 3 seconds instead of 0.40 seconds.
  • His death screen has been changed. The death screen sound will play out as normal, now accompanied by Unknown Specimen 2's 3D model approaching the screen while slices of pizza are raining in the black background.

Unknown Specimen 3 (Spooper)

  • Its chase music will now start as soon as Unknown Specimen 3 first blocks the door instead of only after being "killed."
  • Unknown Specimen 3's damage output has been significantly reduced, now dealing 0.2 damage per second but it now disables healing.
  • The player will now be slowed down while vomiting, taking 10 damage, instead of completely stopping in place. The player will not vomit if there is another enemy around.

Unknown Specimen 4 (Tisirak)

  • Unknown Specimen 4 now has her own starting room, consisting of a snowy forest with cobble walls (similar to Room 551). A cabin stands in the middle between the entrance and exit of this room. As the player approaches the cabin, the screen will turn blue. If the player walks by the cabin, Unknown Specimen 4 will spawn at the entrance door of the room and the chase will begin.
  • A dim starry blue screen overlay replaces the light blue mist that was originally present during her chase.
  • She will no longer float back when she attacks the player; she now deals 45 damage with a delay of 3 seconds.
  • Unknown Specimen 4 is slightly slower.

Unknown Specimen 5 (Lisa)

  • The amount of damage Unknown Specimen 5 deals is much smaller, dealing about 15 damage per hit.

Karamari Hospital Monsters

Monster 2

  • Monster 2 is much faster during its chase and deals 45 damage instead of 16.
  • It can be encountered in the Endless Mode now, no longer granting infinite stamina. Monster 2 also gains a fog overlay, similar to Specimen 5 or Monster 6's. It doesn't float over gaps nor acid pits. Upon hitting the player, it will teleport back to the entrance of the room. The Axe and Sword have no effect on it.

Monster 3

  • When attacking, it now makes a clanking sound instead of the regular damage sound, and deals 20 damage instead of 16.
  • Monster 3 no longer reappears when killed with the sword.
  • Whenever the player is not directly ahead of it, it stops moving and slowly turns towards them.
  • It no longer plays the ambient music of the Secret Laboratory when chasing the player.

Monster 4

  • It now makes a clanking sound instead of the regular damage sound, and deals 20 damage instead of 16.
  • It now spawns in front of the player when they leave its room.
  • The overall mechanics of the Specimen has been overhauled, causing it to sporadically teleport less and to stop teleporting in walls. It no longer slowly floats towards the player, instead, it will rotate to face the player and teleport short distances when observed.

Monster 5

  • Monster 5 seems to have proper animations, such as violently shaking its head.
  • The fog it creates is now much less rough looking, with black "smoke" covering the player's vision at times. The red ring surrounding the player's visions no longer flashes red. Instead, a second ring closes in and out of the center of the screen.
  • It now makes a clanking sound instead of the regular damage sound, and deals 20 damage instead of 16.
  • Monster 5 is noticeably slower than it was in the original Karamari Hospital, likely to compensate for the player's slower movement speed.
  • It no longer teleports or phases through walls, instead just hovering after the player.