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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars/Unused Enemies

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This is a sub-page of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

There are quite a handful of unused enemies to be found in the game's files, though most are simple palette swaps of existing enemies with a unique battle script, but no proper stats. It also shows how the battle script format was likely different during development, as some of the unused enemies attack themselves and power you up.



While they appear in the Pipe Vault, they are simple overworld hazards which normally just take some coins from you. Apparently, you were meant to engage in battle with them at one point in development.

Japanese name: プチパックン (Petit Piranha)
Psychopath thought: (None)
Attacks: (Physical attack)

Baba Yaga


A palette swap of Fautso. Interestingly, it was this color variation that was made into one of the official art renders for the game. He even shows up on the back cover of the game's Nintendo Power Player's Guide.

Japanese name: ポット (Pot)
Psychopath thought: Feelin' kinda round...
Japanese thought: 「あたまのクルクルかわいいっしょ? いいっしょ?」 (Isn't it cute the way my head is curled up? Well? Isn't it?)
Attacks: (Physical attack), Sand Storm, Mega Recover, Thornet (itself)



A palette swap of Hippopo. The Japanese name indicates that it was intended to be a stronger version of Hippopo.

Japanese name: ヒッポポスーパー (Hippopo Super)
Psychopath thought: (None)
Attacks: Lightning Orb, Doom Reverb, Thornet (itself), Vigor Up! (you)

Drill Bit


A palette swap of Jabit. It is alluded to in the Factory and only appears in a cutscene during the first Smithy battle. "Machine Made" versions of Drill Bit (or potentially Jabit) can also be fought while encountering a Machine Made Yaridovich, but there are no true battles with the actual Drill Bit. There are two values in the battle modifier mode (one for a single Drill Bit, and one for five of them). Their value appears between the Sea/Sunken Ship monsters and the Land's End monsters, and this placement, along with their Psychopath quote, suggests that Drill Bits were probably meant to be seen in the Yaridovich battle. Drill Bit actually has an entry in the Nintendo Power Player's Guide, where it is listed as being found in World 5 and in the "Bosses" section. However, Yaridovich is considered the final boss of World 4.

Japanese name: ツッツン (Tsuttsun)
Psychopath thought: This is for Yaridovich!
Japanese thought: 「ヤリドヴィッヒさまのカタキ! オカクゴ!」 ("Prepare yourself, enemy of Master Yaridovich!")
Attacks: (Physical attack), Skewer



A palette swap of Jester.

Japanese name: スティング (Sting)
Psychopath thought: Kekekekekekekekekeka!
Japanese thought: 「ケケケケケケケケケケッケケケケケケッケケケケK」 ("Kekekekekekekekekekekkekekekekekekkekekeke-K.")
Attacks: (Physical attack)



A palette swap of Reacher.

Japanese name: グレイバー (Graver, where Reacher is グレイビー, Gravey)
Psychopath thought: K-9 is after my bones!
Japanese thought: 「この間、ハイイヌに さこつ取られた‥‥シクシク。」 ("A K-9 stole my collarbone the other day... *sob*")
Attacks: (Physical attack), Mush Funk, Scream, Knock Out, Silver Bullet



A palette swap of Stumpet. The Japanese name suggests that it was meant to be an ice version.

Japanese name: クールフンガー (Cool Fungar, where Fungar is Stumpet's name)
Psychopath thought: Grrr!
Japanese thought: 「フンガー! ンガー! ンンンガー! ガーー!」 ("Fungah! Ngah! Nnngah! Gaaaah!")
Attacks: (Physical attack), (Birdo's three-egg attack), Crystal



A palette swap of Mastadoom.

Japanese name: ジュラマンゾー (Jura-Mamzo, where Mamzo is Mastadoom's name)
Psychopath thought: Life is tough, ain't it?
Japanese thought: 「生きるって、つらい事だよなぁ~~。」 ("Living ain't easy, is it?")
Attacks: (Physical attack), Crystal, Blast, Storm, Eerie Jig

Pile Driver


A palette swap of Corkpedite.

Japanese name: ジダタンダー (Jidatander, where Corkpedite is ジタンダ, Jitanda)
Psychopath thought: (None)
Attacks: (Physical attack), (Hammer throw), Fear Roulette

Pile Driver Body


It has no name, but this is Pile Driver's body.

Psychopath thought: ......
Japanese thought: 「‥‥‥。」 ("...")
Attacks: (Thorn attack used by Bowser)

Purple Bahamutt


An unnamed palette swap of Bahamutt with black sunglasses edited on its face. Shares some resemblance with Boshi, an antagonistic purple Yoshi with similar sunglasses who lives on Yo'ster Island.

Psychopath thought: (None)
Attacks: Somnus Waltz, Flame, Bolt



A palette swap of Carroboscis.

Japanese name: ラディッシュ (Radish)
Psychopath thought: (None)
Attacks: (Physical attack), (Water droplet), Endobubble

Super Spike


Identical to a standard Spikey in every way but name. It was probably intended to accompany a boss.

Japanese name: トゲへいスーパー (Togehei Super, where Togehei is Spikey's name)
Psychopath thought: (None)
Attacks: (Physical attack), (Spike shot)

Yellow Gunyolk


A nameless palette swap of Gunyolk.

Psychopath thought: (None)
Attacks: (Physical attack), Lightning Orb

Scrapped Enemy

The tile layouts of the animations perfectly fit the cactus enemy seen in these early screenshots.

An enemy with no stats nor attack script, but with surviving animations for standing, being hurt, attacking, and performing a special attack. The index for this sprite animation set in hexadecimal is 30, between Mukumuku and Enigma.

While no graphics for this enemy survived in the final release of the game, conceptual artwork reveals a design which perfectly lines up with these animations. Known as "Sabon", this large cactus sucking on a pacifier was originally conceived as a "guardian" of a given area, which was a term used for bosses which weren't part of Smithy's Gang and were related to a given area, here the "Desert". This critter was also seemingly able to summon miniature versions of itself called "Boten". The names Sabon and Boten come from the Japanese word サボテン saboten, meaning "cactus".

Pre-release screenshots would later give us a glimpse of this enemy in battle, showing it located in Booster Pass alongside a Boten. Ultimately replaced with Artichoker, from the design and the animations above, it can be inferred that this enemy would have stuck its spines out for its physical attack, and stuck out its pacifier for special attacks, with one of the latter two being used to summon its miniature copies.

(Animation Discovery: Mattrizzle)

Unused Enemy Palettes

The unused enemies and other characters show by far not all of the unused palettes there are for the enemies in this game - there are many more palette swaps which are never used by any enemy in the game. Even Smithy's first form has an unused palette!

Sprite Enemy Based On
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 28.png
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 27.png
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 35.png
Arachne / Spinthra
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 06.png
Artichoker / Kriffid
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 33.png
Bandana Red / Bandana Blue
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 05.png
The Big Boo / Li'l Boo
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 18.png
Birdy / Bluebird
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 04.png
Bob-omb / Rob-omb
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 03.png
Buzzer / Stinger
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 07.png
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 32.png
Corkpedite + Body
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 01.png
Crook / Sackit
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 08.png
Crusty / Star Cruster
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 02.png
Enigma / Gorgon
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 16.png
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 14.png
Forkies / Jawful
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 37.png
Frogog / Ribbite
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 23.png
Gecko / Geckit
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 31.png
Greaper / Glum Reaper
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 10.png
Guerilla / Chained Kong
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 20.png
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 19.png
Hobgoblin / Straw Head
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 21.png
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 39.png
K-9 / Chow
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 22.png
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 25.png
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 38.png
Orb User / Orbison
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 11.png
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 29.png
Piranha Plant / Chewy
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 15.png
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 30.png
Remo Con / Puppox
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 17.png
Shadow / Doppel
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 24.png
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 09.png
Shogun / Armored Ant
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 34.png
Smithy (First Form)
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 13.png
Snapdragon / Fink Flower
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 12.png
Sparky / Fireball / Pyrosphere
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 36.png
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 26.png
Terrapin / Jagger / Terra Cotta
SuperMarioRPG AltCrook 40.png