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Survival Kids

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Title Screen

Survival Kids

Also known as: Stranded Kids (EU), Survival Kids: Kotou no Boukensha (JP)
Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Sapporo
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Game Boy Color
Released in JP: June 17, 1999
Released in US: October 1999
Released in EU: December 10, 1999

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Survival Kids, known as Stranded Kids in Europe, is a game about a boy or girl who gets trapped on an island and tries to survive and escape.

To do:
Possibly unused Items/Item Names/Item Icons. [[1]]}.

Possibly more text-related differences.

Regional Differences

Japan US Europe
SurvivalKids Title JP.png

Survival Kids: Kotou no Boukensha (lit. "Adventurer of the Solitary Island").
SurvivalKids Title US.png

The US version got rid of the sub title, instead showing an island.
SurvivalKids Title EU.png

The title font was slightly changed and the island redesigned.
Japan US Europe
SurvivalKids Text JP.png

Japanese text boxes support 2 lines...
SurvivalKids Text US.png

...whereas international ones support 3 lines.
SurvivalKids Text EU.png

The arrow indicator was moved.

Text Differences

Item Text

US Europe
Matches Match
Heal Grass
Antidote and recovers life level
Heal Grass
Antidote and recovers life levels
Full Fruit
Hunger and fatigue both recove
Full Fruit
Hunger and fatigue both recover

(Note: "Heal Grass" and "Full Fruit" are unused items.)

Stat Letters

The Japanese version's stat display shows F (Food), W (Water) and T (Tiring).

The international version changed this to H (Hunger), W (Water) and F (Fatigue).

Ending Cleared

After reaching an ending, the text that will show on the final screen is different between the Japanese and the international versions.

Japan US/Europe

Gameplay Differences

Skipping the Intro

On the international versions, you can press Start during the beginning cutscene in order to skip directly to gameplay. The Japanese version doesn't have this feature so players have to sit through the whole intro cinematics.

Item Locations

The Japanese version generally contains many more item locations compared to the international versions. Some examples:

Japan International
SurvivalKids ItemLocation5 JP.png SurvivalKids ItemLocation5 International.png
SurvivalKids ItemLocation6 JP.png SurvivalKids ItemLocation6 International.png
SurvivalKids ItemLocation8 JP.png SurvivalKids ItemLocation8 International.png