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Talk:Dragon Quest III (SNES)

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Unreachable chest that contains an item

Throughout the game are chests that cannot be reached that could be assumed to be decoration (as behind shop counters in most RPGS) however using a walk through walls code (or the debug menu option) these can be opened. Most will simply be empty, but I found one that cannot normally be reached that had an item. Its one of the 2 chests you see when facing Kandar and his henchmen at the tower of Shanpane and fall into the trap door. When you reenter that room the chests have already been opened. If you walk around the tile that would trigger the trap door event, you can open the chests and even speak to the henchmen and Kandar. The NPCs will all say "No message". The left chest will be empty. The right chest however, contains a helmet. This screenshot is from the unofficial English translation. --Teo (talk) 04:52, 14 July 2016 (EDT)