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Talk:Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Game Boy Color)

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Box templates

You haven't learned any spells yet! You don't know any Card Combinations!
These messages show up if you port to a map and enter a battle using the CHEAT menu without getting your wand. They are not normally seen during the game.
You don't have enough Spell Points to cast this spell!
Additionally, this message shows up if you know some spells, but don't have enough MP to use any of them (only the spells you can use normally show up). This never happens, as the first spell you learn is Flipendo, which doesn't require MP to use.
You cannot pickup any more cards as your Folio Brevis is full!
At no point in the game is it possible to pick up too many cards. This message also refers to the Folio Magi as the "Folio Brevis", showing that this is from early in development.
You will be collecting the Gryffindor Deck! You will be collecting the Ravenclaw Deck! You will be collecting the Slytherin Deck! You will be collecting the Hufflepuff Deck!
These four messages refer to the four deck types Harry can choose from in the beginning of the game. They are colour coded to represent each house as well. In the final version, they are replaced with Justus Pilliwickle, Gulliver Pokeby, Gregory The Smarmy and Merwyn The Malicious respectively.

How do these look? Might get a bit messy, looking at them again :/ --Sanky-sig.gif Sanky ~ talk 20:08, 11 February 2012 (EST)